Leaks About the Latest Qualcomm Chipset, 20 Percent Better

Qualcomm Chipset Illustration

Qualcomm Chipset Illustration

NetgenzTechnology | Qualcomm is reportedly preparing the latest chipset, namely the Snapdragon Chipset whose performance has been increased by 20 percent to meet the needs of mobile phone users in the world. The chipset is predicted to be called "Snapdragon 895 or Snapdragon 898". The new chipset was first revealed by a gadget expert, namely Abhishek Yadav. He said the chipset will be produced using Samsung's 4nm architecture.

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Not much is known about Samsung's 4nm nodes, except it's an iterative upgrade from Samsung's 5nm technology and it will deliver better performance. Reporting from Beebom, the latest Snapdragon chipset leak has a code-named 'taro'. This list is based on Vivo-type phones with model number Vivo V2102A. The device also has 8GB RAM and runs on Android 12.

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The chip features an Adreno 730 GPU, which was recently claimed by a Lenovo executive to be a significant upgrade over the Adreno 660 Snapdragon 888 GPU. Abhishek Yadav claims that he has seen the Snapdragon 898 Chipset, but the information does not match what was previously known. The Snapdragon 898 chip has one alleged Arm's Cortex-X2 core - clocked at 2.42GHz, three mid-tier CPUs, and possibly Arm's Cortex-A710 with a frequency of up to 2.17GHz, four high-efficiency cores, presumably Cortex-A510 - running at 1.79GHz.

Reporting from Phone Arena, with these specifications the chip is capable of much higher speeds, and that's why the single and multi-core chip scores of 720, and 1,919, respectively, were used to conclude the performance of the Snapdragon 898 Chipset. But there are conjectures. the chip is not necessarily the Snapdragon 898, considering the chip in question appears to be based on the older ARMv8 architecture and not the latest v9 design.

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Based on previous reports, From the Main Core the Kryo 780 Snapdragon 898 chipset will offer a clock speed of almost 3.09 GHz. While the Snapdragon 888 Plus Chipset version offers a maximum clock speed of 2,995 GHz. The chip appears to be internally known as the SM8450 and will integrate Qualcomm's 4nm X65 5G modem. The chipset is expected to be launched next year for Android phones.

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