Latest WhatsApp Feature Leaks, iOS and Android Chat Transfer

The WhatsApp instant messaging program is improving the feature of migrating messages from iOS to Android or vice versa

The WhatsApp instant messaging program is improving the feature of migrating messages from iOS to Android or vice versa

NetgenzTechnology | The instant messaging application WhatsApp is developing a message migration feature from iOS to Android and vice versa. The feature update is expected to come on Android version The leak of the update was first revealed by WA Beta Info. After announcing the chat migration feature from iOS to Android, WhatsApp now makes it possible to move chat history from Android to iOS. This is considered very good news because many users have complained that chat transfer is only available on iOS to Android.

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In its blog post announcing the launch of the feature, WhatsApp said that it is one of the most requested features by its users. "We've been working hard with the operating system and device manufacturers to build it securely and reliably," WhatsApp said. Based on the screenshot shared by Wa Beta Info, the chat history switching display is clearly visible. Two phones are denoted as iOS and Android phones. In addition, there is an inscription 'Move messages to iOS'.

The screenshot also states that this feature does not only move message history but all messages and media can be transferred to iPhone phones.

Screenshots of Twitter / WABetainfo

Screenshots of Twitter / WABetainfo

However, until now we do not know the details of the process of using this feature. In comparison, the working steps of migrating conversations from iOS to Android are only available for Samsung-branded Android devices running Android 10 or above. But WhatsApp has announced that the feature will be available for all other Android phone users without limitation. 

Besides that, WhatsApp reveals what elements can be migrated from iOS to Android or vice versa. One of them includes voice messages, photos, and videos. Taken by the Times of India, unfortunately, until now the launch date of the latest feature has not been known, and there is only information that the feature is still in the stage of upgrading.

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