Former deputy head of BIN says Taliban will imitate Saudi Arabia

Prince Mohammad bin Salman who runs the current government of Saudi Arabia

Prince Mohammad bin Salman who runs the current government of Saudi Arabia

Netgenz - Politic International | Former deputy head of the State Intelligence Agency (BIN) and former deputy chairman of the Nahdlatul Ulama Executive Board (PBNU) As'ad Said Ali said Afghanistan under the control of the Taliban might implement a government system that imitates Saudi Arabia today. "Afghanistan under the Taliban will implement the implementation of Saudi Arabia's Islamic law under Prince (Prince) Mohammad bin Salman," As'ad said when contacted by, Thursday (2/9). As'negaraad explained, Saudi Arabia today is not as strict as it used to be in implementing Islamic law in its own interpretation of religion. He continued, the Taliban may follow Saudi Arabia which will no longer form an institution that is considered irrelevant at this time.

the ministry is Amar maru Nahi Munkar to oversee and force the public to comply with the Taliban's version of Islamic law. The rules for women in Saudi Arabia, As'ad added, were also relaxed. Women who wear headscarves by looking at the face and watching the show. "One day the Taliban will be like that (in governing the State of Afghanistan)," he said. As'ad even believes in the Taliban's claim that it will involve women in the current government, as an inclusive form of government." Because I believe because he (Taliban) needs money, international cooperation is needed, if there is no (women's involvement), it can't be done," he explained.

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Today, in Afghanistan there are no more foreign troops pacing back and forth. The last US military plane took off from Kabul on Monday (30/8) evening local time. Meanwhile, other foreign troops had already arrived in their respective countries. After the foreign troops left, according to As'ad, the challenge faced by the Taliban was how to improve the welfare of their people and no longer carry out jihad. "The challenge is how the welfare of the people in a very poor situation," said As'ad. When the Taliban took power, the economy in Afghanistan was crippling. Many lots have closed, currencies have plummeted, and fuel prices have soared. Anticipating an acute economic crisis, the Taliban ordered to work a maximum of US $ 200 or Rp. 2.8 million in a week. When Afghanistan was still led by Ashraf Ghani, in September 2019, he had talks with the Taliban when they visited Indonesia. I'd told the Taliban representative, "You make peace, otherwise, you have to lose momentum," As' recalled facing the meeting.

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in a country now controlled by the Taliban, there is the Afghan NU organization. It has more or less the same values   as NU in Indonesia. Such as tawasuth or moderation, tasamuh or tolerance, and tawazun the middle way. According to As'ad's explanation, the NUA only exists in two provinces in Afghanistan. As long as they are standing, they can approach the Taliban from the Akhundzada group.

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