Elon Musk A Futurist Produces Tesla Bot - About Tesla bot

Netgenz -  Techno | Elon Musk again stirred the world with his idea for the production of robots in the form of humans. This robot will be fully operationalized by artificial intelligence (AI). The idea was stated by the CEO of Tesla, a world-famous unmanned electric car company, on Thursday (20/8/2021) in the Tesla AI Day presentation.

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Tesla Bot Spesification - Elon Musk

Tesla Bot Spesification

About Tesla Bot

Musk said the robot, called the Tesla Bot, would use the same AI used in Tesla's fleet of unmanned electric cars. Tesla Bot is planned to be the size of an adult human, with a height of 172 cm and a weight of 56 kg. Musk explained, the robot will be made using lightweight materials.

The side of the robot's head will be equipped with an autopilot camera for automatic navigation and will be equipped with a monitor to display a series of information. "This robot is built to be friendly to humans and to mix in the world we inhabit," Musk said. He added, the prototype (prototype) of the Tesla Bot will be launched next year.

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Not as loud as Terminator

In a question-and-answer session after the presentation, Musk answered questions about whether the robot would ever come back to challenge humans, as has happened in several well-known science fiction films, such as Terminator. He explained that the robots were not planned to be as hard as humans, if the robots came back to attack, therefore humans could easily defeat them.

"We control it in such a way on a mechanical level, on a physical level, that you can run away from it and possibly conquer it," Musk said, quoted by Forbes, Friday (20/8/2021).

Musk explained that Tesla Bot is aimed at automating repetitive human tasks, and creating a future where physical tasks can be an option, no longer an obligation. He admitted that in the end the arrival of this robot will bring implementation to the workforce and the world of work as a whole. According to Musk, Tesla Bots will soon be able to complete the most complex and challenging tasks for a robot, such as obeying orders to grab a bolt and attach it to a machine with a suitable key. Tesla's latest prototype? A humanoid robot named Tesla Bot.

Teslabot goes next year

Released The Guardian, Friday (20/8/2021) Musk explained that he plans to release the first prototype of the Tesla Bot next year. Musk explained that the robot could have major implementations for the economy by closing the gaps in the workforce, created by labor shortages. He made it clear that it was important to make sure the robot was not "very expensive".

However, Musk shows no sign that his company has made any real progress to actually make such a powerful robot. In the Tesla AI Day presentation, Musk has not yet brought the physical form of the robot. He even brought in an artist who wore a bodysuit and did breakdancing along with the EDM soundtrack.

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