EHang 216 Flying Taxi Spends IDR 8 billion from China to Jakarta

Passenger drone or flying taxi EHang 216

Passenger drone or flying taxi EHang 216

NetgenzTechnology | The passenger drone, also known as the EHang 216 flying taxi, which landed in Jakarta before being tested in Bali next month, is said to have spent Rp 8 billion to be brought in from China. This was said by one of the government officials who supported the arrival of flying taxis in the country, Bambang Soesatyo (Bamsoet). "Yes, Rp. 8 billion, currently it is still one unit," said the chairman of the MPR as well as the chairman of the Indonesian Motorcycle Association (IMI) in Jakarta, Friday (10/9). Bamsoet explained that Ehang's flight permit is currently being processed through the relevant directorate so that it will air at least in October as an experimental period.

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The General Importer (IU) of Prestige Motorcars who brought the EHang 216 chose Bali as the place of experimentation. "So now it's still being taken care of," he explained. Bamsoet added that this type of vehicle is expected to get full support from the government so that the number will increase. He said the flying taxi operation mode could be a means of transportation from one point to another. This vehicle can also be used to support Indonesia's tourism model.

Bamsoet continued that he gave full details of the technical operations of Ehang to Prestige. "Technically it will be from Mr. Rudy (President of Prestige)," he said. Before being brought to Bali, Ehang 216 was found to be displayed openly to the public at the Prestige Gambar Motorcars dealer in Pluit territory, North Jakarta starting Monday (14/9). The flying car that Prestige brings is the Ehang 216, an Autonomous Aerial Vehicle (AAV) with electric and mechanization technology and made by Guangzhou EHang Intelligent Technology Co. Ltd.

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This vehicle can be called a giant drone that can carry 2 people. The EHang 216 has eight arms and 16 propellers. This vehicle can take off and land vertically, then its arms can be folded so that it only requires a parking space of 5 meters wide. The dimensions of this vehicle are 1.7 meters high. and a width of 5.6 meters. The carrying capacity of the EHang 216 is about 220 kg, then it can travel at a speed of 130 km/hour. This vehicle does not need a pilot because it is controlled from a control center on the ground via 4G or 5G connectivity.

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