Synopsis of Drama She Was Pretty Episode 9 Part 1 English Subtitles

Drama Synopsis She Was Pretty Episode 9 part 1

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Drama Synopsis She Was Pretty Episode 9 part 1

Drama Synopsis She Was Pretty Episode 9 part 1

Synopsis of Drama She Was Pretty Episode 9 Part 1 English Subtitles

Hye Jin goes to salons and salons to get attention. Despite spending 400,000, Hye Jin still wants to get rid of her obstacles because she wants to start something new. Hye Jin's hair is straight and beautiful. As she was walking along the mall, she saw a beautiful dress that impressed her. The clothes immediately spread all over his body. Hair did, popular clothes, now Hye Jin went to the makeup section. There was a makeup promotion going on at the time, and Hye Jin joined the movement as a model.

After Hye Jin got the perfect look, she proudly entered the closet. While passing through the lobby, manager Boo and his team saw Hye Jin. Manager Boo says he thought the woman passing by was Hye Jin, but only Bi denied it, calling manager Boo. When Hye Ji walked into the newsroom, all the staff worked independently, so they didn't have access to a phone. When she heard Joo Young ask for the phone to be picked up, Hye Jin immediately approached the phone which was immediately picked up.

When they heard Hye Jin's voice, everyone's eyes fell on her. They were shocked when they saw Hye Jin's vision. Joon Woo, pleased with Hye Jin's return, rushes over to her and hugs her. Seeing Joon Woo and Hye Jin kissing, Shin Hyuk and Han Sul did not accept it. Han Sul immediately approached and let go of their embrace. Everyone admired Hye Jin's new look, they said Hye Jin is beautiful now. Unbeknownst to Hye Jin, Sung Joon looked at her and smiled.

Joo Young then tells everyone to stop thanking Hye Jin, because they are going back to work. Before returning to work, Joo Young sees Hye Jin and smiles. Hye Jin then returned to her office and Shin Hyuk immediately approached her. Shin Hyuk complains about Hye Jin's change. He chose Hye Jin over Jackson's style. Jackson has special hair with red spots on his cheeks. The funny thing is in Shin Hyuk, he called the red spots on Hye Jin's cheeks "sesame fruit". Dissatisfied with Shin Hyuk's words, Hye Jin asks him to return to work. Han Sul approached Hye Jin and called her "Ronnie". In fact, the call suddenly surprised Hye Jin.

"Ah who? Ronni?"

"Then what? Do you want to call us Oppa? Han Sul answered and left. It turned out that the reason Han Sul was so kind in Hye Jin's eyes was that he called her "Ronnie" because he was so guilty. He thought that was why Hye Jin was fired. Onion Hye Jin is looking for long-stemmed onions now. When Hye Jin sees onions growing, she probably thinks that someone often replaces water and onions when she doesn't.

Hye Jin then sees a sad emo movie on her bunion. He knew that the artist was Sung Joon, so he looked around to see Sung Joon who was right at the same time looking at him. Seeing Sung Joon, Hye Jin immediately got up and greeted him back and replied with a smile and Sung Joon. Shin Hyuk saw what the two of them were doing, he smiled. Joo Young tells Hye Jin to come into the room to pick up their program. On her way to the event, Hye Jin runs off with Mrs. Kim. Seeing Hye Jin's appearance, of course, Madame Kim was happy and said that Hye Jin's appearance was the most contemporary.

Hye Jin continued, Shin Hyuk joined in. He wanted to take Hye Jin to dinner, but Hye Jin refused because he was doing something. Since Hye Jin is at work, Shin Hyuk invites Hye Jin to talk outside. Shin Hyuk is a little disappointed when he finds out that Hye Jin has returned. Several times Sung Joon met him. Hye Jin immediately corrected him by saying that the reason he came back to Most was that he wanted to be a full-time employee and he could buy his father a printing press. So Hye Jin borrowed to keep working hard and stopped acting.

Hearing that, Shin Hyuk said that now Hye Jin wants someone to be by his side. Shin Hyuk added that it was him. They take Sung Joon's cell phone and he helps Sung Joon. A few days ago, ever since Shin Hyuk talked to you, Ha Ri tried to avoid Sung Joon. Sung Joon threatens to come to the hotel to meet up, but Ha Ri quickly refuses, promising to meet somewhere else. After Sung Joon's phone call, Ha Ri has a stomach ache again.

who are not happy are Sung Joon and Hye Jin because they know the words they will face the most if they don't get the first score.

The editorial team met for the 20th anniversary of the Highest.

The editorial team met for the 20th anniversary of the Highest. Everyone suggested big events and was happy to share their thoughts. The only ones who are not happy are Sung Joon and Hye Jin because they know the words they will face the most if they don't get the first score.

Joo Young saw Sung Joon and Hye Jin sigh and let out worried words. This prompts Joo Young to ask why. Hye Jin revealed that according to her, celebrating birthdays is too important because it doesn't match their imagination. What Hye Jin said to Sung Joon was immediately accepted by someone who said that their idea was that the world would be different if they changed their minds, so if they focus on something big, Sung Joon doesn't feel right. So they wanted something different.

Joo Young then asks for an example of what Sung Joon said. Sung Joon looked up and thought, then Hye Jin answered silently. He says they have to do something about beauty. Based on Hye Jin's statement, Sung Joon immediately got the idea to create other aspects of beauty, for example with the intention of showing a beautiful figure on the catwalk of a fashion show, there is an artist in one event or a specialist. for the world of popular sports. Sung Joon suggests they investigate this. The people behind the guys are fine.

After hearing Sung Joon's statement, Joo Young goes on to say that they are like that too. For the sake of publishing a beautiful newspaper, many people do not sleep and do not have time to take a shower. Poong Ho concludes that their current theme is bright stars in their shadows as if they were shadows. Shin Hyuk added that the one that comes out in the shade to make more people shine is a real beauty. Shin Hyuk also gave the title "Beauty of Shadows".Sung Joon is good at it as well as other people are good at it. Before the meeting closed, Shin Hyuk said that all ideas had been put forward because of Hye Jin's idea, so they should praise Hye Jin.

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Hye Jin enters Sung Joon's room to report the results of the meeting. Sung Joon then brought back Hye Jin's newspaper and claimed to have read the book from beginning to end. When he reads, he has some ideas, which he immediately writes down on a piece of paper and writes on the page. Sung Joon then gave Hye Jin's ID card as a gift to welcome his colleague. Hye Jin wants to leave but Sung Joon calls her back. Sung Joon said he was very happy that Hye Jin was back to being the best.

Sung Joon had thought Ha Ri and Ha Ri himself were at the restaurant but didn't go in to see Sung Joon. She herself saw Sung Joon from outside and made a call that she couldn't come because of the contacts. As usual, Shin Hyuk ate ramen at the small market across the street. While just eating soup, he sees Ha Ri passing by a nice shop. Without hesitation, Shin Hyuk takes Ha Ri to the hospital.

The doctor who treated them told Shin Hyuk that Ha Ri was under a lot of stress because she couldn't eat or sleep, so she was dehydrated and without food. When Ha Hy is stressed, Shin Hyuk can guess the cause. Before Shin Hyuk tells Ha Ri what he knows, Ha Ri already has a stomach ache. Ha Ri who finally died. Shin Hyuk tells Ha Ri that he will be angry if he keeps it a secret. Shin Hyuk reminds Ha Ri that Hye Jin is Sung Joon's first love and Sung Joon is also Hye Jin's first love, so Ha Ri can't be between the two.

Ha Ri who doesn't want to be blamed immediately replies that Sung Joon is also his first love. She doesn't love people as much as she loves Sung Joon now. After hearing this, Shin Hyuk fell silent. Ri had gone to her house when she woke up. Since he heard a noise outside, he came out. Translating the voice of Hye Jin showing Ha Ri's porridge. Hye Jin can tell that Ha Ri is worried, after seeing Ri Ri's stomach ache medicine.

Remember what he thought of Hye Jin. They Ri immediately approached Hye Jin and hugged her from behind. They say that Hye Jin is a drug. When he hugged Hye Jin, he was no longer in pain.Ha, Ri then said that he really loves Hye Jin. When Ha Ri says this and sees Ha Ri crying, Hye Jin asks what really happened to Ha Ri. They Ri don't have a boyfriend? Are you having problems at the hotel? They kiss Hye Jin and say there is no reason for her to feel better. Hye Jin works in various fashion styles. The only thing that hasn't changed is his pants. Haha ...

Poong Ho thanks Hye Jin's new style of dress and Hye Jin replies that she bought the dress for only 30,000 wins. Hye Jin proudly said that her fashion idea was better when she joined the editorial team. Seeing Hye Jin's positive change, Han Sul asked why Hye Jin decided to change her appearance now. Hye Jin replies that all along, she had an idea to pay for her tuition. “Please accept my decision as the majority. Hye Jin said other people praised her.

The editorial team held another meeting. During a tough session, before Sung Joon leaves the hall, Joo Young asks who will open the door. Poong Ho replies that the one speaking is Mrs. Kim, but they all can't let that happen. I don't want Mrs. Kim to ruin the film with her logo unless Mrs. Kim doesn't speak English, even though almost all of the guests for herbal medicine are foreigners. So Sung Joon will come forward to speak.

Just as Sung Joon is about to leave, Ah Reum shows up and apologizes for being late because his car broke down. But Sung Joon doesn't want to accept Ah Reum's apology, he begs Ah Reum to come on time. After Sung Joon leaves, Poong Ho tells Ah Reum to call the driver, because if Ah Reum drives him alone again, he's afraid of an accident.

Hye Jin also left the hall but Shin Hyuk called out to her. He contacted the person with Hye Jin's ID card. Shin Hyuk asks for an old ID card, Shin Hyuk is not happy with Hye Jin's change. Hye Jin proudly replied with the word ID from Sung Joon as a welcome gift. "Very good? Thank you! I got goosebumps! Congratulations! That makes no sense! You bastard!" Shin Hyuk in one voice and in Hye Jin's way when she denied that she had a relationship with Sung Joon. Shin Hyuk who didn't come out, went back inside and said, “Evil! Your prayer has received a gift! Depends! No point in telling you now - I don't want to spoil the surprise. Base! Shin Hyuk said and left.

"Stupid." Hye Jin's words, hehe that's what Shin Hyuk said when he saw Hye Jin say that. Yes, Hye Jin knew exactly who her best friend was. He knew that Ha Ri would have a stomach ache if he worried. Like when they were still in high school. At that time, Ha Ri experienced stomach pains and broke out in a cold sweat because of anxiety. Knowing Ha Ri is sick but hasn't eaten, Hye Jin also comes with porridge to give Ha Ri some food. Getting Hye Jin's attention like this made Ha Ri cry and immediately hugged her. With tears in her eyes, Ha Ri thanks Hye Jin for her constant 

Hye Jin on the bus listens to music through her headphones.

Hye Jin on the bus listens to music through her headphones.

Hye Jin on the bus listens to music through her headphones. Suddenly Shin Hyuk got out of his car, riding his motorbike beside the car. Hye Jin descending the Shin Hyuk ladder for what she once did was amazing. Shin Hyuk himself didn't care, he immediately took out his bag and handed it to Hye Jin. He also wanted to give Hye Jin a welcome gift. Did Hyuk not want Sung Joon to beat him. But Hye Jin doesn't want to accept it, so Shin Hyuk says he'll throw it away.

As the ahjussi passed the dog, Shin Hyuk told the dog shyly. Shin Hyuk wants to give the bag that Hye Jin refuses to give to his dog. Seeing Shin Hyuk's behavior, the dog's owner said Shin Hyuk was angry and Hye Jin immediately agreed. Not wanting the problem to drag on, Hye Jin also called the dog owner to accompany her dog. Not wanting Shin Hyuk to embarrass her again, Hye Jin is forced to take over the role of Shin Hyuk. This of course made Shin Hyuk happy. Shin Hyuk asks Hye Jin to eat udon, and Hye Jin refuses to eat with him.

Morning greeting and Sung Joon getting ready to come to the biggest birthday party. the others were already in the restaurant, they were preparing the place, the food, and everything. Outside, the visitors were arriving. Among them are UEE, Seo In Guk, Lee Jun Ki and Park Hyung Shik. Beautiful camera. Shin Hyuk joined his colleagues and shared photos of celebrities who came to his show. Joo Young then asks Han Sul when Sung Joon will come because Sung Joon hasn't come so far. Hye Jin hears that Sung Joon isn't here yet, so she's immediately in trouble.

Joon Woo then asks Hye Jin to help him approach the film MC. Who's the MC? It turned out to be Kim Jae Dong. Www... Especially with a famous MC in Korea. Euum...try Jae Suk...hehe. By Jae Dong, Hye Jin knows that the rain is too heavy and it worries her for Sung Joon. Yes, Sung Joon can't drive his car properly when it's raining heavily.

The whole team is confused because Sung Joon hasn't come yet and the call hasn't been sent. Joo Young then asked Joon Woo to ask the program team to postpone the event. Joon Woo also did the right thing, but Jae Dong misunderstood. This show talks about procrastination. But Jae Dong thought he would not delay the film, so Jae Dong immediately started the film. Www... it sucks, people.

The show has started and has scared the whole team. Hye Jin herself immediately looked at the building and said honestly, it was raining heavily. Hye Jin is more worried about Sung Joon. Does Hye Jin really hope nothing happens to Sung Joon? What happened to Sung Joon? How about the Biggest birthday? Go everywhere while waiting for another short game. Continued

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