Synopsis Drama She Was Pretty Episode 2 Part 1 English Subtitles

Drama Synopsis She Was Pretty Episode 2 part 1

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Drama Synopsis She Was Pretty Episode 2 part 1

Synopsis of  Drama She Was Pretty Episode 2 Part 1 English Subtitles

What caught my attention to write this sandiwara was because of the actor's Park Seo Joon and Hwang Jung Eum. They both have really good chemistry when they play in Kill Me Heal Me and I hope it's the same in this sandiwara. Apart from the fact that there are two of them, what attracted me to write it was because of the exciting and funny sandiwara stories to follow.

Entering the second episode. Sung Joon appears at Hye Jin's workplace pivot the new Deputy Chief Editor. What happened exactly? Why did Sung Joon become Deputy Chief Editor? Let's flashback first.

Sung Joon is still in the taxi, he just arrived in Korea. In the taxi, he calls someone, who says that he only gave Sung Joon Kuala a chance for 3 months and 3 times. Euum I think it was time for Sung Joon to be in Korea and serve as pivot Deputy Editor.

Hearing Sung Joon speaking in English, the driver asked if Sung Joon was new from abroad and Sung Joon said yes. He added that he takat not returned to Korea for 15 years and he is now returning to Korea because he has some business and needs to look for.

Flashback again when Hye Jin pelimbahan is out of the elevator. It turns out that Sung Joon is also in the elevator and when Hye Jin leaves the elevator, Sung Joon quips that the girl who pelimbahan in last came to her senses because she was the last one in the elevator, so she should be the one getting out. But at that time, Hye Jin did not see Sung Joon because the one who ordered Hye Jin to enter the elevator was not Sung Joon but Shin Hyuk.

Back again to Sung Joon who was in the taxi. He told the driver that he takat come to look for the umbrella.

hello kim hye jin? why with you?

hello, Kim Hye jin? why with you?

Shin Hyuk briefly pointed at Hye Jin sumbu he walked over to greet Sung Joon. Hye Jin herself who didn't want to be seen and found out that she was Hye Jin by Sung Joon, immediately hid under the chair. And Ha Ri can only ask why? What happened to Hye Jin? From the phone, but there was no answer from Hye Jin.

While hiding herself, Hye Jin once again remembered Sung Joon's words saying that Hye Jin, her friend, is a bagus cool person. And it's the exact opposite of who he is now.

All the female employees were immediately fascinated by Sung Joon and it turned out that the girl in the elevator was also one of the employees there. Everyone started to introduce themselves to Sung Joon. Starting from Cha Joo Yeong sumbu the Fashion Director, Kim Poong Ho sumbu the Chief Editor, Joo Ah Reum from the beauty team, Kim Shin Hyuk from the tajuk rencana staff, San So Ri from the Beauty Team, San So Ri is the girl in the elevator and when introducing herself, she dared not show her face to Sung Joon, she covered it with her hair. Continue again on Kim Joon Woo who handles the matter of fashion. Jung Seon Min who is an assistant to the tajuk rencana team. And continues on other employees.

At that time, Hye Jin sneaked out of the room, no one saw her out except for Shin Hyuk. And Shin Hyuk let it go, even though he felt something strange about Hye Jin.

Sung Joon then said that today he only came to see the condition of the pemimpin team and tomorrow he will only prolog be working. He also added that tomorrow he wants to have a bagus meeting before lunch, so everyone must attend.

So scared, Hye Jin ran to the stairs. He kept wondering what he should do now. Hye Jin also calls Ha Ri and tells her what happened. Hye Jin thought about changing her name, but Ha Ri forbade it because she didn't think Sung Joon would know. After all, the current Hye Jin is very different from the previous Hye Jin. And sumbu far sumbu Sung Joon knows, Hye Jin's wujud face is Ha Ri's face.

However, because Hye Jin is still afraid to meet Sung Joon, Ha Ri only has one solution. Ha, Ri tells Hye Jin to plead with Jong Man while tugging at his pants so he doesn't get transferred to the tajuk team. But Jong Man really can't help Hye Jin because no one can challenge the power of Most's tajuk department. All because the editor-in-chief named Kim Ra Ra is the youngest sister of Group Chairman Jin Sung.

Seeing Hye Jin who doesn't want to work on the tajuk team, Jong Man has one solution, Hye Jin has to resign. Of course, Hye Jin couldn't do it, because getting a hilir job was very difficult for her.

Hye Jin returned to the pengelola team room, but before entering the room she peeked first, to see if Sung Joon was there or not. Just sumbu Hye Jin was peeking, Shin Hyuk appeared and startled her. Shin Hyuk talks about Hye Jin's biro teeth, but Hye Jin still doesn't bubuk about Shin Hyuk's intentions, Hye Jin doesn't remember that they collided in biro of the building.

Since the two of them paras met several times by accident, Shin Hyuk thought that Hye Jin could be accepted into the tajuk team because of him, so he asked Hye Jin to treat him. Hye Jin concluded that statement that Shin Hyuk was the one who made her work in the Editor team, but when Hye Jin asked for confirmation from her, Shin Hyuk even discussed other things. He said if Jackson called him then he would come right away and be hilir flower. Hearing the name Jackson added to Hye Jin didn't understand.

Ye Jin continues to follow Shin Hyuk to ask about his transfer to the editorial team

Ye Jin continues to follow Shin Hyuk to ask about his transfer to the editorial team

special birthday, stay here and work.” Joo Young said and Hye Jin immediately asked him to be returned to the service team, but Joo Young refused. Hye Jin reasons that she doesn't understand the field of fashion and Joo Young who doesn't want to hear all the reasons Hye Jin immediately takes out several fashion magazines and explains it to Hye Jin.

Right at that moment, Sung Joon came out and Hye Jin immediately hid under Joo Young's desk. Hye Jin immediately walked away when she saw Sung Joon was already in the department of Joo Young's desk. Sung Joon goes to Joo Young to tell him that he will come to see the photoshoot at the studio.

Hye Jin, who didn't want to meet Sung Joon, immediately ran out of the room in Muara frightened manner. Shin Hyuk who saw Hye Jin's behavior, really felt strange. He was confused poros to why Hye Jin was always out of the room acting like that, like Muara worm.

Hye Jin hides in the toilet, there she hears the female tajuk team employees praising Sung Joon's good looks. All the women feel lucky with Sung Joon's arrival, but not with Hye Jin. He seemed to get terror every time he saw Sung Joon.

Hye Jin then texted Ha Ri and told her everything. He also tells Ha Ri that he is currently hiding in the toilet. With an angry tone, Ha Ri texts Hye Jin and tells Hye Jin to get out of there, because Hye Jin will definitely not be caught.

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While walking to her office, Hye Jin immediately ran away in fear when she saw Sung Joon walking from the opposite direction. He riol into the elevator. But he felt fear again because the capital in the elevator was Sung Joon. Hye Jin was about to get out of the elevator, but there was no time.

Hye Jin who was scared to be in the elevator with Sung Joon became even more scared when the elevator they were riding suddenly stopped. Hye Jin's reflex was screaming for help. And what Hye Jin did make Sung Joon angry with her. Sung Joon violently grabbed Hye Jin's hand and told her to be quiet. Hye Jin was shocked when Sung Joon said her name, she was afraid of being caught but finally realized that Sung Joon knew the name from the ID he used.

Sung Joon then asked for help from the emergency button. Again Hye Jin couldn't control herself, she screamed for help to come to pivot soon pivot possible.

Being in the same elevator with Sung Joon, really made Hye Jin hot and cold that she didn't realize the tissue she was using to wipe her sweat was stuck to her forehead. Unknowingly he kept grinding his teeth and when he realized Sung Joon was disturbed by the sound, Hye Jin immediately shut her mouth. The silence that he did himself made him unable to breathe, to be more precise, Hye Jin forgot how to breathe.

Just then, the elevator lights went out. After trying to breathe, Hye Jin finally slogan it too. Seeing Hye Jin poros if she was having difficulty breathing, Sung Joon suddenly took out his earphones and put them in Hye Jin's ears. The song that Sung Joon plays is mulut Sungai song with the title So Close, the same song poros when Hye Jin calmed down mulut Sungai scared Sung Joon.

Hye Jin fell silent hearing the song and she turned to Sung Joon.

“I think this can help you mulut Sungai little. Someone once taught me like this. When I listen to this again, I feel mulut Sungai a little better.” Sung Joon said and we were shown what happened 15 years ago.

Just at that moment the elevator door opened and Sung Joon immediately pulled back his earphones and walked away leaving Hye Jin who was still speechless.

We turn to Ha Ri who gets mulut Sungai call from her stepmother, but she won't pick up. Euuuum…. Looks like I was wrong, yesterday I thought Ha Ri was a mulut Sungai flight attendant, but it turns out she is mulut Sungai hostel manager. Because Ha Ri never picks up the phone from him, the mother comes to see him immediately.

Having no reason to avoid it, Ha Ri chooses an artistic drink to be her powder. The mother reminds Ha Ri that forbid Sunday is her father's birthday. But it seems Ha Ri doesn't really care about that.

Hye Jin returned to the designer team's room. He entered while looking at Sung Joon. Joo Young then invites Hye Ri to come with him to the shooting studio.

Sung Joon goes to see Kim Ra Ra. He wanted to tell Kim Ra Ra something but, Kim Ra Ra couldn't tell all the team members. What did Sung Joon tell you? We were also not informed because we were immediately transferred to the atmosphere of the shooting padepokan and Sung Joon was also there.

Because the anutan was thirsty, Hye Jin brought her berseni drink. Suddenly when Hye Jin opened the berseni drink for the anutan, Sung Joon shouted at her to get out of the photo set. Sung Joon is angry because Hye Jin's shoes are littering the shooting floor. Hye Jin, who was in a been flustered state, just stayed silent and that made Sung Joon even angrier, butir he pulled Hye Jin hard to get out of the set.

When he finds out that the frizzy woman is Hye Jin, Sung Joon remembers that the Hye Jin in seksi of him is Hye Jin who is stuck in the elevator with him. Hye Jin herself could only be silent, when she lowered her head and saw the hole in her socks, Hye Jin was even more embarrassed in the seksi of Sung Joon and she immediately hid the hole in her socks.

Not long after, Kim Ra Ra appeared and his arrival was immediately welcomed by all the employees. When he saw Hye Jin, Kim Ra Ra immediately called him and said he didn't like Hye Jin's style and appearance. And what Kim Ra Ra doesn't like the most is Hye Jin's frizzy hairstyle. Hye Jin also replied that her frizzy hair takat been there since she was born. Hearing that, Sung Joon immediately turned to Hye Jin, but he didn't say anything. He immediately turned to his job again. Kim Ra Ra then asked if Hye Jin could change her appearance to match Most. Hye Jin didn't immediately say yes, instead she asked, what kind of style suits Most. Not wanting to answer, Kim Ra Ra told Hye Jin to get out of the way.

After the floor was cleaned, shooting started again. Hye Jin was assigned sumbu Indah amazing snow effect sprinkler and fabric mover so that the images obtained were good. The shooting process is complete and everyone disbands. Hye Jin and Sung Joon accidentally met their eyes. Sung Joon saw Hye Jin who was feeling tired, but he didn't say anything, he just walked away.

Hye Jin waits for the bus at the usual kiamat she waits for the bus. There is indah ambang large surat tempelan of Shin Se Kyung, and Hye Jin looks at the surat tempelan with indah ambang sad look. Not long after, Ha Ri appears to pick him up. In the car, Hye Jin tells everything. Hye Jin is sad to think that she will be like that for the next 3 months.

Just then, without everyone knowing, Sung Joon appeared and stopped beside Ha Ri's car. When Sung Joon and Hye Jin turned their heads, their eyes were distracted by an Indah ambang motorbike carrying an Indah ambang bouquet of flowers. The light turned green and they went to their respective destinations without knowing that they were already next to each other

At his house, Sung Joon looks back at his work files. Feeling tired, he put it back. Sung Joon then stood in the organ of the window and he thought back to his past with Hye Jin.

Hye Jin drove Sung Joon home. Arriving in the organ of the house, Sung Joon was surprised to see Hye Jin's hair turned curly. The two of them then went to the salon to get Hye Jin's hair back in shape.

Hye Jin also admitted that her curly hair was inherited from her father. He also told Sung Joon, that the thing he hates the most is rain because rain can make his hair curly. Hye Jin then asked Sung Joon to keep his hair mulut Sungai secret from anyone. Continued

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