Synopsis Drama She Was Pretty Episode 1 part 1 English Subtitles

Drama Synopsis She Was Pretty Episode 1 part 1

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Synopsis  Synopsis Drama She Was Pretty Episode 1 Part 1 English Subtitles

 Synopsis Drama She Was Pretty Episode 1 Part 1

Synopsis of  Drama She Was Pretty Episode 1-16 English Subtitles

The drama She Was Pretty opens with a scene where a man who looks like he is longing for his little hundred-year-old colleague. He sings a piece of a puzzle game. From his hands and body figures, this man is Park Seo Joon and in this play, he acts like Ji Sung Joon. Why am I drawn guessing because in this scene Park Seo Joon's formation is not shown more clearly? After pretending to be a puzzler, he chases someone on the internet and adds Kim Hye Jin's identity. He really yearns for a girl with the Kim Hye Jin brand. Soon we will be shown the presence of the newly landed Tangsa equipment.

Which category just arrived? We weren't told because we were finally diverted to attend the evening celebration, it was Min Ha Ri's birthday party. On the other hand, we are shown the presence of Kim Hye Jin, who is busy playing in the middle of the cafeteria. The appearance of these two buds is very different, Min Ha Ri is very dignified and beautiful, besides that it's too much for the men who like her to even give up expensive necklaces for her, while Kim Hye Jin is a radical brain girl with apathetic achievements and doesn't look good at all. Because his appearance is too excessive, men don't like him, even rubber men are willing to be disobedient to be served by Hye Jin, looking for a more pathetic way to be served by a better canteen.

Despite their differences in appearance, Hye Jin and Ha Ri are very good friends.

Despite their differences in appearance, Hye Jin and Ha Ri are very good friends.

Despite their differences in appearance, Hye Jin and Ha Ri are very good friends. Even HaRi is very angry if someone insults Hye Jin. He even stepped on the foot of the man who insulted Hye Jin when he saw Hye Jin coming to his birthday party. While Hye Jin was eating, Ha Ri suddenly slipped and fell into the pool. Seeing Ha Ri fall, many men immediately helped her. Hye Jin was also worried, when she was about to walk to the edge of the pool, suddenly someone pushed her and fell into the pool. Unlike what Ha Ri part, no one wanted to help Hye Jin. Until his feet hit the bottom of the pool and made him realize and opened his eyes. Hye Jin comes to the surface and sees Ha Ri being helped by many men, while she stands, no one is there. Feeling uncomfortable, Hye Jin immediately part out of the pool and went home. On the way home, he was teased by passersby, because Hye Jin walked in wet clothes and shoes

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In the morning, Hye Jin wakes up in a chaotic state, very different from Ha Ri, who wakes up in the morning with a beautiful style. Apart from being different in appearance, the condition of the rooms of the two friends is also very different. Hye Jin's room is very messy while Ha Ri's room is very neat and very girly. They both left the room at the same time. Well, it turns out they both live in the same house. Because both have to leave early in the morning, they also share a bathroom. While brushing her teeth, Ha Ri asks why Hye Jin came home without telling her last night. Hye Jin, who was embarrassed, to tell the truth, immediately replied that she had a job.

After brushing their teeth, they now eat together. Their breakfast menu is also very different. Ha, Ri only ate one apple while Hye Jin ate a full bowl of white rice. We then see Hye Jin running towards the company she was applying for. Yes, today was the day he had to do the interview. Just at that moment, the elevator didn't want to go up because it was full of people, Hye Jin who was feeling low came out, even though the last one to enter was a beautiful woman who was treated well by the man standing beside her them. But suddenly someone ordered the beautiful woman out and told Hye Jin to get back into the elevator. Euuum…. Unfortunately, it was not shown who the person who told Hye Jin to get into the elevator was.

Now it's time for Hye Jin to be interviewed. The appearance and manner of speech between Hye Jin and the woman she interviewed were very different.

Now it's time for Hye Jin to be interviewed. The appearance and manner of speech between Hye Jin and the woman she interviewed were very different.

Now it's time for Hye Jin to be interviewed. The appearance and manner of speech between Hye Jin and the woman she interviewed were very different. The woman beside him is very neat and when interviewed she uses English. Meanwhile, Hye Jin always answers interview questions in her indifferent style. Coming out of the interview building, the wind was blowing so hard that the trash flew too. Everyone took cover and quickly entered the building, but Hye Jin continued to run through the wind and rain. When she riol home, Hye Jin was shocked and angry to see Ha Ri was kissing in the car with an artistic man. Hye Jin is angry that Ha Ri did that in public. The two of them then went to the convenience store together to buy Peterson kolom and some household necessities. While choosing items, Hye Jin asks if Ha Ri has ever loved someone. Ha, Ri says no because she doesn't believe in love.

That night, when Hye Jin was about to delete all the spam in her email, she then saw the email sent by Sung Joon. Hye Jin was very happy to find out that Sung Joon who sent the email was Sung Joon's childhood friend. In the email, Sung John said that he was going back to Korea and he wanted to meet Hye Jin. It turns out that Ha Ri also knows Sung Joon, but because Sung Joon was fat when he was little, Ha Ri wasn't very close friends with him. After reading Sung Joon's message, Hye Ri looks so happy that she smiles to herself pivot she goes to sleep the next day Ha Ri gives Hye Jin her ride. To Ha Ri, Hye Jin finally confesses that Sung Joon is her first love. Hye Jin is very happy because she can finally meet her first love again. On the other hand, we see hilir man riding hilir motorcycle. And on another street, we see a hilir man driving a hilir car. On one road they finally meet, they walk on the same road. The two men stopped at the same place. The place where Ha Ri dropped Hye Jin. Euuum… it seems that is the place where Hye Jin and Sung Joon agreed to meet.

Park Seo Joon finally showed his face. He appeared at Indah's amazing painting exhibition, where the Indah ambang teacher was explaining about Indah ambang painting to his students. Sung Joon appeared by giving an explanation according to himself about the painting that the teacher was explaining. The painting is exactly the same poros the puzzle that Sung Joon played before. We then see Park Seo Joon and Si Won passing each other. Si Won here plays Kim Shin Hyuk, he came to the exhibition because he is an image editor. Hye Jin then texted Sung Joon to determine where they met. Hye Jin texts using Ha Ri's cell phone. Hye Jin arrived at the meeting place first, when she saw Indah ambang fat man sitting on Indah ambang park bench, Hye Jin immediately hit him cheerfully. Hye Jin was very sure that the man was Sung Joon. Of course, the fat man was very upset at Hye Jin's treatment. Hye Jin immediately apologized when she realized that she take the wrong person.

Right at that moment, Sung Joon called and Hye Jin was immediately stunned when she realized that Sung Joon was now a handsome man.

Right at that moment, Sung Joon called and Hye Jin was immediately stunned when she realized that Sung Joon was now a handsome man.

Right at that moment, Sung Joon called and Hye Jin was immediately stunned when she realized that Sung Joon was now Kuala handsome man. But unfortunately, it turned out that Sung Joon paras the wrong person, he thought Hye Jin was the woman who was standing behind Hye Jin. Because indeed the woman standing behind Hye Jin is very beautiful. Sung Joon walked past Hye Jin just like that. Hye Jin immediately realized that Sung Joon still thought of himself pivot the same pivot before. Hye Jin is smart, Hye Jin is beautiful and Hye Jin is liked by all boys. Meanwhile, Sung Joon was a Kuala fat boy and liked to be made fun of by other children. What makes Sung Joon like Hye Jin is because, in the past, Hye Jin was the one who liked to help him from everyone's ridicule.

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After getting confirmation that he paras the wrong person, Sung Joon immediately spoke again on the phone to find out where Hye Jin was. But unfortunately, Hye Jin paras hung up and Hye Jin herself is now active. Yes, Hye Jin is ashamed of herself now on Sung Joon. she doesn't want to pick up the phone from Sung Joon. Above the air, Hye Jin turns off on the people who put her down.

It turns out that after Sung Joon's family moved, Hye Jin's family went bankrupt. The beautiful face that Hye Jin paras axis berseni child came from her mother but during puberty, her beautiful face disappeared due to following her father's genes. Yes, that's the reason why Hye Jin turned out to be like this, it's all because of her father's inheritance.

Hye Jin meets Ha Ri with berseni sad face. He tells you what just happened to you. She's sad that Sung Joon can't recognize her even though they're already face to face. Hye Jin suddenly has an idea, she asks Ha Ri to appear aksis Hye Jin in sektor of Sung Joon. And Ha Ri wants to do it. Ha, Ri meets Sung Joon who is still waiting for Hye Jin. Hye Jin herself saw the two of them from berseni distance. He Sung Joon saw hugging Ha Ri.

Little Sung Joon was busy drawing, Hye Jin suddenly greeted him and asked what grade Sung Joon was in. Instead of answering, Sung Joon ran scared and entered the house.

The next day, Sung Joon walked into the class where Hye Jin was. Hye Jin was of course surprised. He didn't expect Sung Joon to be the same age pivot him. She thinks Sung Joon is under her age.

At home, Hye Jin again invites Sung Joon to talk. He apologizes for thinking Sung Joon isn't his age. Hye Jin saw Sung Joon's puzzle, she also saw someone hiding in the puzzle picture. Sung Joon named the girl in the picture the name of the peeping girl. He also explained that the girl secretly likes the man dancing in the picture. Hye Jin then commented that according to her, the girl was in an artistic hidden picture.

We go back to the adult Hye Jin, in her heart she said that she didn't want her first love to break, but she didn't have the confidence to appear pivot artistic loser in an organ of her first love.
“So that day… in an organ of my first love… I became artistic hidden image.”
What will happen after this? Can Ha Ri be Hye Jin forever? Will Ha Ri actually fall in love with Sung Joon? Don't go anywhere, angkasa for the continuation of the synopsis, okay..... the next part...

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