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Kim Dong Wook

Kim Dong Wook

Kim Dong Wook

Kim Dong-Wook is a South Korean artist who was born on July 29, 1983. After appearing in several stunt short films as minor jobs, Kim Dong-Wook became a star through his work in famous films. dramatization of Coffee Prince (2007), and followed by the film Take Off (2009). After that, he appeared in the films Happy Killers (2010) and Romantic Heaven (2011), apart from the acclaimed executions of a transfixed and tortured ruler in the 2012 period show film The Concubine which earned Kim Dong-Wook the best survey of his profession.

Personal data of Kim Dong Wook

  • Name: Kim Dong-Wook (김동욱)
  • Birthdate: July 29, 1983
  • Place of birth: South Korea
  • Training: Korea National University of Arts
  • Height: 175cm
  • blood type: B
  • Dramas and Movies

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Films played by Kim Dong Wook:

  • Exchange Your Love (2019) as Seong-Suk
  • The Accidental Detective 2: In Action (2018) as Police Captain Kwon Chul-In
  • With the Gods: The Last 49 Days (2018) as Soo-Hong
  • With the Gods: Two Worlds (2017) as Soo-Hong
  • Three Summer Nights (2015) as Myung-Seok
  • Concubine (2012) as King Sungwon
  • Commencement (2011) as Nalpari
  • Cat (2011) as Joon-Suk
  • Heaven Full of Heart (2011) as Ji-Wook
  • Finding Mr. Destiny (2010) as Dr. Jung
  • Cheerful Killer (2010) as Det. Jeong-Min
  • Seoul Bistro (2009)
  • Takeoff (2009) as Hong Cheol
  • The Five Senses of Eros (2009)
  • Live Each, Happy Together (2008)
  • Lost and Found (2008) as Han Ji-Hoon
  • Loft (2006) as Shin Jung-Soo
  • No Regret (2006) as Ga-Ram
  • Just for Love (2005) as an entertainer
  • Flying Boy (2004)
  • My Wife Is A Gangster 2 (2003) as Na Nam-Ja
  • Cylinder (2003)
  • Seoul (2002)

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Dramas played by Kim Dong Wook:

  • You Are My Spring (2021) as Joo Young-Do
  • Think that I'm in Your Memory (2020) as Lee Jung-Hoon
  • Superintendent of Labor Mr. Jo (2019) as Jo Jin-Gab
  • Brilliant Office (2017) as Seo Hyun
  • Riders: Catch Tomorrow (2015-2016) as Cha Ki-Joon
  • Cheo Yong 2: Paranormal Detective (2015) as Lee Cheol-Gyu (ep.1-2)
  • Over of a Maid (2014-2015) as Kim Eun-Gi
  • I Believe Him (2011) as Moon Hyun-Soo
  • Like Dandelions (2010)
  • Korean Ghost Stories (2009) as Eul-Soo (ep. 7 "Tranquil Village")
  • Partner (2009) as Yun Jun
  • Endless Marriage (2007)
  • Prince Espresso (2007) as Jin Ha-Lim

Interesting facts about Kim Dong Wook:

    Kim Dong-Wook dated actress Kim Go-Eun in 2016. The two were photographed in front of the camera during a diving vacation in Cebu, Philippines. Many witnesses who saw the two also mentioned that Dongxu and Gao En looked very close while holding hands. However, both sides denied the rumors.

  Even though he hasn't found a life partner yet, Tunghsu frankly says that it's okay to get a girl's number. In fact, he claimed to have the numbers of all the Girls' Generation members. Because he and SNSD's Sunny are good friends.

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