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Kim Jae Wook

Kim Jae Wook's personal data:

  • Name: Kim Jae Wook (김재욱)
  • Birthday: 02 April 1983
  • Zodiac: Aries
  • Height: 183 cm
  • Blood Type: B

has acted in Movies:

  • Antique | (2008) as Min Seonwoo (2008)
  • C'est si Bon | (2015) as Cameo
  • Planck Contestant | (2015) as Kim Woo Joo
  • Two Rooms, Two Nights | (2016) as Insung
  • The Last Princess | (2016) as Takeuchi
  • Another Way | (2017) as Soowan
  • Butterfly Sleep | (2018) as Chanhae

Drama Series:

  • Ruler of Your Own World | (2002) MBC as Indie Rock Band Member
  • Dalja's Spring | (2007) KBS2 as Kang Taebong's Friend
  • Coffee Prince | (2007) MBC as No Seonki
  • The Land of the Wind | 2008-2009) KBS2 as Chu Balsu
  • Give Me Your Memory ~ Pygmalion's Love | (2010) BeeTV as Kim Gyeon
  • Bad Guys | (2010) SBS as Hong Taesung
  • Marry Me, Mary! | (2010) KBS2 as Jungin
  • Who Are You | (2013) tvN as Lee Hyungjoon
  • Inspiring Generation | (2014) KBS2 as Kim Soo Ok
  • Sweet Temptation | (2015) Web drama as Seokmin
  • Voices | OCN/ (2017) as Mo Taegoo
  • The temperature of Love | (2017) SBS as Park Jungwoo
  • Quiz from God: Reboot | (2018-2019) OCN as AI Joo On
  • Her Private Life | (2019) tvN as Ryan Gold

Awards Received:

  • As an outstanding performer, Kim Jae Wook undoubtedly has several awards, for example,
  • First Korean Drama Award 2007
  • Netizen Popularity Award (Coffee Prince)
  • Sixteenth Korean Cultural Entertainment Awards 2008
  • Best New Actor (Antique)
  • 2008 Asian Model Festival Awards
  • Fashionista Award (N/A)

Interesting facts about Kim Jae Wook:

  • He has a brother genre brother.
  • Jae Wook is also an expert in Tae Kwon Do's military expertise.
  • Kim Jae Wook is a Korean entertainer, model, and vocalist under the Soop Management office.
  • Baseball, reading, and soccer became Kim Jae Wook's entertainment from an early age.
  • Jae Wook is one of those individuals who are very fixated on neatness. When there is energy, he likes to clean the house because it feels good.
  • He also has a basic style, but Jae Wook once did the unreasonable thing by not washing his pants for a long time.
  • Before getting acquainted with Korean, he was first able to speak Japanese since he lived in Sakura Country until he was 7 years old.
  • Since moving to Korea, she has attempted to become acclimated to the school environment like uniform standards and short haircuts. 
  • He once pursued the band Kaksital when he was a rookie enroll in his first year of secondary school.
  • Jae Wook also framed the WALRUS music crew as guitarists and entertainers, which at that time consisted of only three people (2011-2014).
  • He also appeared on the MBC TV show Akdong Club and was offered to try a bunch of icons, but he turned it down.
  • During his second year of middle school, Jaewook started demonstrating for the design magazine 'YuHaeng Tongshin' and rarely appeared in style shows.
  • Despite being a model, Jaewook actually needs to aim for his music profession and study music while studying at the Seoul Institute of the Arts.
  • In 2002, MBC Producer Park Sungsoo recommended Jaewook think about his calling to become a show entertainer.
  • He eventually made his acting introduction through the MBC drama Ruler of Your Own World by teaming up with the band Indie Rock. Indeed the experience was not very charming and Jaewook chose to leave the world of acting.
  • In early 2007, Jaewook chose to return to acting and he got a job in the KBS2 drama Dalja's Spring as a companion to the main character.
  • At the same time, he also acted on MBC's Coffee Prince as a supporting actor named No Seon Ki. This dramatization received high ratings and he began to gain recognition as an entertainer.
  • The public refers to Jaewok as "꽃미남" which means "Master Perfect".
  • His calling didn't go true to form, where he was once known as "Gay" while acting in the film Antique.
  • After playing in Antique, he needed a year's break from acting.
  • In 2010, Jaewook returned to the small screen with the SBS drama Bad Guy, someone who has more unique traits than before.
  • Furthermore, in April 2013, Jaewook completed his tactical assistance.

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