Coldplay Brings BTS When Bringing My Universe on Stage

Coldplay Brings BTS Hologram When Bringing My Universe Song Live in Front of Viewers

Coldplay Brings BTS Hologram When Bringing My Universe Song Live in Front of Viewers

Netgenz - Netizen buzz | For the first time since its launch, Coldplay brought the song My Universe directly in front of viewers at the Global Citizen Live festival, Sunday (26/9). My Universe itself is Coldplay's latest song in collaboration with the famous K-Pop boy band BTS which was launched a few days ago. Chris Martin and their friends brought several BTS members digitally on the stage monitor. Suga, Jungkook, and others sing a side of BTS through a video.

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Besides that, some BTS members came in hologram form as far as to show. In a similar stage, Chris Martin performed the song Final You, and the song Finneas with Billie Eilish. The song My Universe can be sampled on several song streaming services since September 24 yesterday.

My Universe was recorded by Coldplay and BTS and produced by Max Martin. The song is sung in English and Korean. The collaboration between Coldplay and BTS is the 2nd single from Coldplay's latest album, Music of The Spheres, which will be launched on October 15 next. The song was launched after the first single Higher Power. Through social media, Coldplay and BTS shared a video of Chris Martin and seven BTS members together when they produced the song.

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The song was launched in two verses, verses original and instrumental. The collaboration between the musicians of the two continents immediately received a lively response from netizens. Before launching this collaboration, Coldplay and BTS performed together at the 'Released' event which appeared on Youtube. At the event, they both threw flattery. Chris Martin personally expressed his praise for BTS for giving joy through the Permission to Dance Shorts Challenge which was participated by several people around the world.

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"I feel throughout the epidemic you have given happiness to some people. Right now, it's really hard to do that," said Chris praising several BTS members. This song has just been launched in the Video Lyric pattern on Youtube, there is no info on when the music video or MV My Universe will be launched.

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