Chinese fighter planes breach Taiwan territory, 4 bombers

Chinese fighter planes breach Taiwan territory, 4 bombers

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Netgenz - Politic International | Taiwan Air Force reported at least 19 Chinese fighter jets, including nuclear bombers, entered their air defense zone (ADIS) area on Sunday, (September 5). Taiwan's Defense Ministry said the 19 Chinese military aircraft consisted of 10 J-16 fighter jets and four Su-30s, four H-6 bombers that can carry nuclear warheads, and an anti-submarine aircraft. Taipei said it "will soon deploy several warplanes to intercept the maneuvers of dozens of Chinese military aircraft". Taiwan's military also activated its missile system to monitor the movements of dozens of Chinese jets. According to Taiwan's Ministry of Defense data, dozens of Chinese fighter jets flew to the southwest of their ADIS zone, which borders the "Bamboo Curtain" country.

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Quoted by Reuters, this is China's latest military maneuver against Taiwan, which has been considered by Beijing as a territory of dissident because it wants to gain independence. Until now, President Xi Jinping's administration has not commented on its military mission to Taiwan. So far, China has often deployed dozens of military aircraft to Taiwan as a bluff to stop Taipei from seeking international recognition and ways to achieve independence.

China is determined to do anything, including military means, to protect its country's sovereignty and deal with collusion between Taiwan and Western countries, especially the United States, which has been close to Taipei. In 2020, Taiwan's Ministry of Defense noted dozens of Chinese fighter jets breached their territory hundreds of times.

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China's largest military maneuver occurred on June 15 last, in which 28 planes crossed Taiwan territory in a day. Taiwan's Ministry of Defense warns that the military threat from China continues to grow. Taipei said China's armed forces could "cripple" Taiwan's defenses at any time and fully monitor its military deployment.

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