China's Advanced Drone Facts, Protecting the South China Sea from the United States

China exhibits the CH-6 Advanced Drone which will be used to protect the South China Sea area from the US and also the Allies

China exhibits the CH-6 Advanced Drone which will be used to protect the South China Sea area from the US and also the Allies

Netgenz - Technology | China shows off their powerful drone or drone CH-6 which is thought to be prepared in the case of the United States (US) in the South China sea territory. These drones will be used to improve reconnaissance and carry out more precise strikes on military targets. One of them is a powerful unmanned drone (unmanned aerial vehicle / PUNA) CH-6 which is reported to be able to target and accelerate attacks.

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In addition, this PUNA can also fly really agile up to an optimal speed of 800 km / h. In addition, this unmanned aircraft can also be detached, either engine or wings. PUNA CH-6 as one of the military capabilities displayed by China at the China Airshow in Zhuhai, Guangdong Province until Sunday (3/10).

In addition to the CH-6, the event showed the PUNA WZ-7 drone and the J-16D fighter jet that could interfere with the role of electronic devices. This jet is said to be a competitor to the United States Navy's Boeing EA-18G Growler. Malcolm Davis, a senior research fellow specializing in China's security at the Australian Institute of Vital Regulations in Canberra, Australia, said the two Chinese drones could increase China's strike power and defense strategy, particularly in the South China Sea area.

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"Operationally, these bases - WZ-7 and CH-6 - will be used alongside Chinese drones and other autonomous mechanisms, and piloted aircraft, to provide them with reconnaissance and strike power on the US and allied forces working in the Indo-Pacific," Davis said, as taken by SCMP. Furthermore, according to Davis PUNA-PUNA is planned for monitoring and reconnaissance, and is planned to locate and locate US naval forces.

Can fly long

CH-6 is claimed to have long-lasting operations and can fly up to 20 hours. This long enough time allows this drone to perform various types of vision.

Agile to avoid the onslaught of the opponent

In addition, this drone is said to have reliable performance. Besides being able to fly for a long time, the CH-6 can fly up to a height of 15 km and has a maximum speed of 800 km/hour. With that power, this drone is able to avoid the onslaught of opponents on the ground.

Powerful engine

In the engine section, this drone has 2 fuel tanks and the turbofan engine has a small to medium size that makes the drone can fly for a long time. But if the CH-6 receives an attack and destroys one of the engines, this drone can still return to base with only one engine. This is said to be proof of the CH-6 as a highly durable drone.

Modular, detachable

The CH-6 drone was delivered as an unmanned aircraft with the idea of ​​modularization. In that idea, devices such as engines, wings, and payloads could be replaced as needed.

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For example, replacing a turbofan engine with a turboprop engine. Some of these changes can improve the performance of the CH-6, making this drone usable in a wider field of vision again. CH Series Head of Mechanical and Design, Shi Wen explained that the high-performance CH-6 drone is a drone with easy maintenance, so it can always be ready to be sent to any vision.

Developed China

The CH-6 drone as part of the CH series unmanned aircraft was developed by the CH Unarmed Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Company based on the needs of future warfare. The technical head of the development team explained that the CH-6 has excellent and reliable performance.

PUNA has a big payload

Besides that, this drone is said to have a large size, can fly at optimal heights, has high speed, and has good resistance. Quoted from Globaltimes, this drone has a wingspan of 20.5 meters wide and can take off with a maximum weight of 7.8 tons.

Furthermore, the Ch-6 can carry a fairly large payload, including electro-optical mechanisms, synthetic aperture radar (SAR), early warning radar, electronic reconnaissance mechanisms, air-to-ground missiles, bombs, anti-radiation missiles, and some ammunition. up to 450 kg. Quoted from Chinaarm, some visions require a reconciliation of the transport capabilities of this drone, such as reconnaissance vision. In that vision, this ship can carry a load of only 300 kg.

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