Calories Breakfast for the Recommended Diet

The number of calories for breakfast, lunch, and dinner varies, including when dieting. The following are the recommended diet breakfast calories and menu recommendations

The number of calories for breakfast, lunch, and dinner varies, including when dieting. The following are the recommended diet breakfast calories and menu recommendations

Netgenz - Health | Paying attention to calorie consumption when dieting is an important point so that eating is still monitored. Because excessive calories can contribute to an increase in body weight. However, you should know that the daily calorie count for breakfast, lunch, and dinner is different, counting when you are on a diet.

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Dietitian Julia Zumpano explains that the recommended dietary breakfast calories are around 300-500 kcal, according to the Cleveland Clinic. Furthermore, Julia made it clear that the most important thing when dieting is not just the number of calories. But also make sure you eat healthy and balanced nutrition, especially for breakfast.

Benefits of having breakfast while on a diet

Even though you are on a diet, you are not recommended to underestimate breakfast. If you just pass it, this can slow down the work of metabolism. Breakfast is also important to replenish the energy reserves that enter the body so that you can move during the day.

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Quoted by WebMd, many research results relate to the benefits of eating breakfast with better health, including increasing focus to lowering bad cholesterol (LDL) levels. Another benefit of eating breakfast in the morning can help suppress excessive hunger so that it can regulate lunch rations.

The Impact of Skipping Breakfast

Skipping breakfast does not directly affect health problems. But there's an opportunity to spur weight gain, says Healthline. This is related to the emergence of excessive hunger at lunch, to have the desire to eat until full.

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The possibility seems trivial, but it must be understood if skipping breakfast spurs the heart to want to snack which results in an increase in body weight. Breakfast is not always accepted easily by some people for various reasons. But at least don't leave the stomach on an empty stomach before doing the activity.

Breakfast Menu Ideas for Diet

After knowing the number of calories in the breakfast diet, a reference is made to the food menu that you can consume in the morning. The key should consist of foods rich in protein, whether from animal or plant origin, have healthy fats, and are rich in fiber. Here's an example menu:

  1. Plain or Greek yogurt given fresh fruit (strawberries, blueberries, raspberries), or nuts and seeds.
  2. Cottage cheese or cheddar is eaten with whole grain bread. You can also make sandwiches with tomatoes, a little olive oil, and lettuce.
  3. Chia seed pudding topped with sliced ​​banana or a spoonful of peanut butter. Another option is to have a breakfast of 5 whole wheat crackers and peanut butter.
  4. Make an omelet with a combination of vegetables. You can use two or three eggs, add chopped kale, carrots, tomatoes, or spinach.
  5. Protein smoothie made from low-fat milk, 1 cup frozen berries, 1 cup spinach or kale, 1 tablespoon low-sugar protein powder, and Greek yogurt.

The idea of ​​a breakfast menu diet above the average contains 300-500 calories. You can also try to change it every day or create it as you wish. Apart from paying attention to the calories of the breakfast diet, it does not mean ignoring the calories of lunch and dinner. Still keep an eye on the amount and determine nutritious food and balance the exercise.

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