BTS Invites Chris Martin to Discuss Permission to Dance Challenge

BTS and Chris Martin's appearance aired on the Youtube series entitled Released

BTS and Chris Martin's appearance aired on the Youtube series entitled Released

Netgenz - Netizeb buzz International | Korean boyband BTS will appear on the Youtube Originals series titled Released on September 9. There, they will talk with Coldplay vocalist Chris Martin. The Released episode with Chris Martin will coincide with the release of the Permission to Dance MV (shorts challenge version) video. In the broadcast, BTS and Chris Martin will talk about the Permission to Dance Challenge which is broadcast globally on Youtube Shorts.

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The special broadcast will feature Permission to Dance challenges from around the world, including the United States, India, Russia, England, and South Korea. The Permission to Dance challenge started on July 23 on Youtube Shorts, which lasted 15 seconds.

The participants of the challenge can look forward to their presence in the Permission to Dance challenge compilation which will be shown in the episode. Last Friday (3/8), BTS released the trailer for the Youtube Released episode. The song Permission to Dance is the latest song released by BTS. The song is BTS' third song to use English overall, after Dynamite and Butter. The song "Permission to Dance" was released last Friday (9/7). As of Monday (6/8), the music video has been viewed more than 295 million times.

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The song Permission to Dance carries the cheerful pop dance genre as in previous BTS songs. In this song, the members appear in a cowboy-style such as wearing wide hats, similar leather shoes to tassel jackets that are identical to the cowboy style like in the movie. The concept is supported by a bar background in a savanna area with a stretch of grass and a bright blue sky. In this clip, BTS joins in performing a passionate dance followed by the people in the music video. This is following the theme of the song Permission to Dance which tells about the joy of people welcoming a new day.

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