Synopsis Drama Oh My Venus Episode 2 Part 4 English Subtitle

Synopsis Drama Oh My Venus Episode 2 Part 4

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It turns out that Woo Sik actually intercepted Joo Eun, and they both talk.

Synopsis Drama Oh My Venus Episode 2 Part 4 English Subtitles

Woo Sik intercepts Joo Eun, and the two of them talk.

Joo Eun said that "He has no relationship with that guy, after seeing you two together of course I misunderstood, If that's the case let's end our 15-year relationship now"

Woo Sik tries to explain about Soo Ji, but Joo Eun screams and tells Woo Sik to leave. Woo Sik explains that Soo Jin is not wrong.

"Do I need to kill you?" Joo Eun snapped.

Woo Sik said, "You wanted to be Cinderella's daughter-in-law, you succeeded but you lost a lot."

Joo Eun says that her beautiful face has disappeared but her intelligence has not, with this intelligence she can refuse and send Woo Sik away.

"You need to know that I also don't like our situation like this, let me take you".

Joo Eun didn't care so she left, in the taxi, the driver asked where she was going, Joo Eun who was thinking about something didn't answer, then the driver called her again and then Joo Eun came to her senses and said, "Airport."

Joo Eun is cleaning things in her car when she sees her photo with Woo Sik throwing it but her shoulder hurts

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Joo Eun is cleaning things in her car when she sees her photo with Woo Sik throwing her but her shoulder hurts. She also threw away her corset and ring.

In flashback, Woo Sik wonders why Joo Eun wanted to become a cinderella. Joo Eun said it was because Cinderella was the first book her father bought, and I liked the ending.

At the office, all his photos with Woo Sik are thrown away

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At the office, all her photos with Woo Sik are thrown away. Sek enters, Joo Eun tells Sek about someone's habits.

"Now at 12.00 he must be here ..," Joo Eun exclaimed.

Then Joo Eun went to Soo Jin's room. Joo Eun said that we met in the toilet at that time.

"I didn't recognize you," Soo Jin said.

Joo Eun was annoyed, Soo Jin said, "At that time I wanted to meet someone..."

Then they have lunch at where Hyun Woo works

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Then they have lunch at where Hyun Woo works. Hyun Woo mumbled why not order a steak here. The steak was thick for a thick-faced person, but Soo Jin only ordered a salad.

"Hyun Woo hasn't changed," Soo Jin said.

Soo-Jin says if Woo Sik tells him to be quiet, he will take care of it.

"Do you want me to explain everything" That we can fall in love with anyone and Soo Jin justifies this relationship?

Joo Eun holds the knife in annoyance, I didn't do anything wrong so I have to apologize.

"You're beautiful so you can be gentle with me like this."

Soo-Jin just smiled and said, "You are the one who should realize your beauty. You used to be a queen but what am I, if you want to be a queen, look for a time machine."

"Are you taking revenge because of Ji Hoon??," asked Joo Eun

Soo-Jin just smiles and says that it's been a long time since I paid for your heartache and left.

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