Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 1 Part 2 English Subtitles

Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 1 Part 2

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Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 1 Part 2 English Subtitles

Synopsis Drama Birth of a Beauty Episode 1 Part 2

"This is the last time I protect you as a husband," Lee said while looking at Geum

While letting go of the handheld by Geum, Lee continued his words...

"Our relationship as husband and wife is over."

“My dear...I will be better. If there's something you don't like I'll fix it. I will take better care of your parents and grandmother. I'll be nicer to your sister, won't I?" Geum replied while feeling sad...

“Go home, I will cook and iron your shirt. I will support your work” still said Geum Ran :v

"That's not it.." Lee said as he opened their wedding ring and gave it to Geum Ran.

Geum Ran just stared at the ring and Lee continued his words...

"I just want... to be with the person I love," Lee said.

Lee stood up and picked up the phone from his mother and said that he was in the hospital and Chae Yon was fine. Geum Ran who found out the truth between her husband and Chae yon was devastated. And all this time her in-laws have known that her husband is having an affair with Chae Yon...

"My wife.. with me," said Lee then left Geum
After arriving home. Geum asks her two in-laws if she already knows that her husband has returned and has another woman.

"Hey. Your eye makeup is off. What's with your hair? You're a mess... Kang Joon might be chosen as CEO of HBS but it's not confirmed yet.. you ruined everything.." said his father-in-law

"MOTHER !!" said Geum while annoyed

"Just showing up and beating you really isn't classy at all" replied her mother-in-law

"How dare you do all this. How could you trick me.. you should have told me!!” Geum Ran sheds her tears

The sisters-in-law who were originally just sitting at the dining table watched while playing. Now approaching them both...

“Honestly, how do we tell you? You always send him stuff and videos. How should we say it.. we are in such a

Geum Ran's heart hurt so bad... it hurt so much...

Birth of a Beauty Episode 1 PART 2

difficult position..” sister-in-law 1

"Even more. I understand Oppa's feelings.." said sister-in-law 2

"You two know it too? You all???" replied Geum Ran

“Chae Yon goes to high school with me. How did I not know I already knew clearly.." sister-in-law 2
"You can't do this to me. Someone has to help me." Geum Ran said while crying.

"Do not Cry. It's so ugly" said the mother-in-law

Then they heard a man's voice that surprised them.. he said...

“When our society tries to downsize and cut food delivery, even the homeless ones from Yongsangu come, it's a huge success. It's been 3 years since we started. But everything is better than the organization 10 years ago... but why is everyone gathering? What happened"

"Of course not. We just came in.." replied her mother-in-law while telling her 2 daughters to clean their room

"Why are you crying.. are you in trouble? When I come home after this important work who greets me? Don't make me worry. Take care of yourself," said the man, it turned out to be his father-in-law.
And then the two of them left and told Geum to go to her room. Geum who was in so much pain in his heart just fell silent and went to his room. A blank stare filled his face. And then he sat in front of the mirror and remembered ChaeYon's words...

"Have you ever looked in the mirror?"

Then Geum took a lipstick and put it in front of the mirror while crying. After a while, his grandmother came into Geum Ran's room and said...

“Geum Ran, you dress up. I will make you beautiful.” Grandma said...

Grandma doesn't see if Geum Ran is crying like that -_- see it on SS :v

"If you do, your husband will like it." Sinek again said.

But it turns out that Sinenek dresses up as expected guys!! Look at this

 It's really bad sinner -_-.. I'm laughing,,, let's continue now...

Birth of a Beauty Episode 1 PART 2

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Back to the beautiful girl whose name is not yet known.. she is still reading the story from her email message. With teary eyes he said.

"How is this..I feel sad for ahjumma".

And then ahjumma came to ask...

"what's wrong? are you crying"

“There is a poor ahjumma. But no one has pity on him.. my heart hurts,” said the beautiful girl.

"Here's a letter," said ahjumma as he left the room.

The girl reads the letter which contains


And he went to the indicated place and met a woman.

“What happened to Geum Ran?” he asked...

"Geum Ran... Died.. he is no longer alive in this world, it's been 49 days Geum Ran died" replied the woman

"When?" asked the beauty.

"After he resigned from the show, he committed suicide .." he answered while crying...

He said he saw something he shouldn't have seen. He went to his parents' house to feel better. But they brought her husband's mistress home. After he saw him Geum Ran couldn't bear to see his mother-in-law. No one was paying attention to him. Geum Ran had nowhere to go. Geum Ran's car was found at sea.

"How can he die? The affair is living happily." The girl is talking like annoyed

“Shh.. Lower your voice. It was Geum Ran's mother. He doesn't know about the affair..". replied the woman he met

"I have to go. I have to take care of Geum Ran's mother.” He said while leaving the beautiful girl...
The story is sad too.. :3 sorry for laughing earlier

Birth of a Beauty Episode 1 PART 2

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"Even so ahjumma, you shouldn't have died right" the girl was talking to herself...

But not long after he walked alone, there was a man who hit him suddenly from behind until he passed out. And he was taken into the car not knowing where .. after he realized the girl immediately got out of the car and ran fast without a goal...

But he was chased by the man and the girl fought back... but unexpectedly the man mentioned the name of the beautiful girl..  it...

“What if this is bad medicine?”

"Doesn't GeumRan look famicurious right...? The beautiful girl's name is SA GEUM RAN!!! But why doesn't he remember himself?

Then Geum Ran was told when he had an accident. His car almost hit the truck and he swerved until he finally turned into a ravine. Turns out he didn't die, even though he said the sea could drown sharks. But he survived. After a few days, Geum Ran was not found, he was declared dead. During the funeral, her husband and brother-in-law did not shed any tears at all. Then she went to see Doctor Change. She wants to be beautiful and wants revenge.

Then Geum Ran risked her life for plastic surgery from head to toe. She implanted her voice and hair.
"You're imagining ahjumma! You think you're a celebrity!" the man said.

He said Geum was under anesthesia too much and the side effect was that he mistook himself for someone else.

Then the man gave him a bottle of medicine. This would happen if he didn't take the medicine. And he's been chasing her all along.

But Geum Ran doesn't believeliar when you see him on tv? And what's more, you kicked my leg, twisted my arm.. what is it?"

"what is it??"

"Geum a judo until high school, you're really confused. But it's your intuition until your judo skills come out."

"wait a moment.."

Geum Ran practiced some judo moves then he just believed in himself...

Birth of a Beauty Episode 1 PART 2

After arriving at home Geum Ran made food for the doctor and apologized for everything that had happened. He said he did something wrong...and won't do it again.

GeumRan seduced the doctor with the food he made so he wouldn't be angry anymore...

But the doctor gave me a book...

"This.. what doctor?" he asked...

"your contract". Answer the doctor.

It was full of unimaginable requirements. It was 50 pages in total with 99 clauses. And if the contents are summarized... Geum Ran must obey what the doctor says.

And Geum Ran agreed to the contract.

In a moving car. "Her husband" Geum Ran calls Gyo Chae Yo saying he will meet him now...

Back again to Geum Ran... The doctor gave the news about Lee Kang Joon. He said Lee KangJoon would go out with Gyo to go abroad on the 49th day of Geum Ran's death.

Geum Ran asked why it had to be on the 49th day of his death. And the doctor said that they don't care about fat ex-wives...

The doctor also made a plan to avenge Geum Ran, he explained what was in Lee's brain.
And then the doctor said.

"If you appear beautiful, in front of Lee Kang Joon who is married, you think revenge can happen automatically?"

"Help me.." said Geum Ran...

"Because you are my work of art... I will help you to take revenge.."

Birth of a Beauty Episode 1 PART 2

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Lee who came to meet Gyo surprised Gyo he said he didn't expect Kaludia to come to his studio..and said a photo of the two of them appeared on the internet. Without answering Gyo's question... Lee immediately gave Gyo flowers and congratulated him because it was his first time being the main emcee. And Lee said it was time to make their relationship public...

Geum Ran saw them getting into the car... but before Lee got into the car. He saw Geum Ran and looked at each other then Lee got into the car. Geum Ran wanted to follow him but the doctor stopped Geum Ran...

Geum Ran said that he would change to his bones...
Look forward to the next episode bro.

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