Album Titled Even Me, Iwan Fals Personal Strokes for Family

Album Titled Even Me, Iwan Fals Personel Strokes for Family

Iwan Fals releases new album Even Me

Netgenz - Regional | Senior musician Iwan Fals has released a new album titled Pun Aku to coincide with his 60th birthday on Friday (3/9) afternoon. The age of 60 did not dampen Iwan Fals' enthusiasm to continue to prove his existence as one of the singers who continued to work during the pandemic. Although it was done during the Covid-19 pandemic, Iwan admitted that the process of making this album was quite special. Apart from being prepared in a fairly short time, this album also involved some of Iwan Fals' closest people." This album (Even Me) is very personal, thank God, Raya is involved in the drums and also Cikal is the producer. myself, it's like I'm in the mirror," said Iwan Fals. This condition is clearly different from the work on Iwan's previous albums. Iwan said that the production process for the album Pun Aku was carried out by his biological daughter, Cikal Rambu Base, together with a contemporary music producer, Lafa Pratomo.

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The name Lafa itself is not a new figure in the Indonesian music world. In recent years, Lafa Pratomo has been a producer for Danilla's works, namely in the albums Telisik (2014) and Lintasan Time (2017). Armed with the same background, which is close to the music world and the same age gap, Cikal admitted that the discussion process in determining the songs for Iwan Fals' latest album was fairly easy. "Thank God I was always taught not to follow other people's words because music is the oldest language on the planet, there is no seniority, music is music," said Cikal.

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"So, while working on this latest album, I didn't think about whether this album could be accepted by millennials or not, the choice was good or not, if it's good, anyone can listen to it," he continued. Not only when choosing songs, Cikal and Lafa also did not encounter many obstacles when determining the collaborators who would be involved in this album. Cikal said that the names of the chosen singers just came out of nowhere. "So the song called them, first when I heard the song Wood Flower, I remembered Rara Sekar, then Papa [Iwan Fals] wanted Danilla's voice, and Sandra, I talked to them, Nadin was the same, it just happened," said Cikal. "except Mrs. Ria, so there is a song from Ayah [Iwan Fals] when we listen to it together, there are no 10 seconds of this song for Mrs. Ria, for the others because they already know, because they are already in a circle," he continued.

From Family To Family: (Even Me)

After going through a smooth discussion process even though they had to be far apart, Cikal and Lafa finally managed to collect 12 songs consisting of several old and new songs and their collaborators. Starting from Rara Sekar in the song Bunga Kayu, Danilla in the Entertainer Heart, Nadin Amizah in the song For You, and Sandrayati Fay for the song 16/01. For Iwan, these names are not new because they are close friends of Cikal. Iwan also often listens to their songs even though they come from the current generation. Iwan admitted that the singing style of young musicians, especially those who became his collaborators, gave a new color to his musical career.

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"Even though there is Nadin, Sandra, but this [is what makes the album] fresher. I also listen to indie songs in the car. I didn't know before but [after hearing] how delicious it was, the choice of the lyrics of the song, apparently carried over to my subconscious, I want to be familiar with this song, eh Cikal heard it," said Iwan. That's what Iwan Fals feels in his new album, titled Pun Me. He considered that the songs in the album were more personal than in the previous albums. He also dedicated this album as a tribute to his family. "That's why I want to say that not only can I compose songs about the government, only songs about Bento, but I can also make songs about Raya, Cikal on this album., so after all this time making [songs] for other people, now for myself and my family. ," said Iwan Fals.

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