Agency Leaks BLACKPINK Lisa's Solo Album Track List

Photo From twitter / BLACKPINK

Photo From twitter / BLACKPINK

Netgenz - Netizen buzz | YG Show gave him a leaked list of songs that will be included in Lisa BLACKPINK's solo album. This was revealed by YG Performances via uploads on their Twitter account on Sunday (5/9). In the upload, YG Show announced that BLACKPINK's Lisa's solo album contains two songs with the titles LALISA and Money. The song LALISA was recorded by Teddy and Bekuh Boom. 24, Teddy and Bekuh Boom were chosen as composers for the song. Meanwhile, the song Money was recorded by Bekuh Boom and Vince.

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The two songs were made an instrumental version and will complete Lisa BLACKPINK's solo album which will be launched on September 10, 2021.

Screenshots from twitter / ygent_official

Screenshots from Twitter / ygent_official

Ahead of the album launch, YG Show initially launched the latest teaser for Lisa BLACKPINK last Thursday (2/9) last week. In the teaser video, Lisa with her black hair shows prestige while hanging on a chain and watches the sharp plate towards the camera. Also, read BLACKPINK Lisa Brushes 2 Guinness Records Thanks to LALISA.

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At that time, the first single album with the theme of LALISA had already set a brilliant record even though it had not yet been launched. As quoted by Sports Chosun via Naver on Tuesday (31/8), the album has requested more than 700 thousand copies. That figure made Lisa break the record for the largest pre-order marketing or pre-order for a K-pop solo actress. The pre-order marketing round opens on August 26, 2021.

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LALISA's album orders don't just arrive from South Korea. Listed several orders arrived from the United States, China, Japan, Europe, and several countries in Southeast Asia. Lisa is the 3rd member of BLACKPINK who wants to take part as a solo actress. It is known, Jennie had already made a solo move in November 2018. Then followed by Rose BLACKPINK who just launched her first solo album with the theme R in March 2021. Also, read Coldplay Brings BTS When Bringing My Universe on Stage.

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