A boom in the Riau sky shocks the residents of Rokan Hulu

Illustration of a boom in the sky of Riau

Illustration of a boom in the sky of Riau

Netgenz - Regional | The loud bang in the sky of Riau surprised some residents in Riau province, especially in Rokan Hulu, Monday (6 September). Some residents claim that when the boom in the Riau sky occurred, they saw like there was a meteor. One of them was Warsono, a resident of Rokan Hulu who said, "I saw a meteor falling from east to west. It was visible in the sky, with a tail and bright light." In just seconds, the oil palm farmer saw a glowing object shattered. The object burst into flames until it was finally out of sight.

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Warsono admitted that he saw the unusual phenomenon on Saturday (4 September), around 16.00 WIB. At that time he was cleaning his garden in Rambah Muda, Rokan Hulu. "It happened at around 16.00 WIB, it looks like it was burnt 2 times. I saw it in person," said the person who claimed to want to capture the moment of an object in the sky with his cellphone but failed because it suddenly disappeared.

On the one hand, Rokan Hulu Police Chief AKBP Wimpiyanto said he had received reports from residents about the boom in the Riau sky. Police officers have also descended to the location to confirm the banging sound. "Yes, (there has been a report). The explosion occurred around Rambah Muda Village, Rambah Hilir," said Wimpiyanto.

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