7 WhatsApp tricks that are not often found

Illustration. Behind the convenience provided, there are still many cool WhatsApp tricks that are not widely known

Illustration. Behind the convenience provided, there are still many cool WhatsApp tricks that are not widely known

Netgenz - Technology Tips | WhatsApp is the most popular and frequently used instant message sharing program. Since its existence, many features have been developed to give it comfort and ease of speech for its users. However, behind the convenience and lightness of using WhatsApp, many users do not understand some of the cool tricks of the features provided by WhatsApp. Here are 7 cool WhatsApp tricks that can optimize your WhatsApp usage.

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1. Write a message with a voice recording

In general, some people will write messages using the alphabet letters on the keypad. But, did you know that you can write WhatsApp messages without having to touch the WhatsApp keypad? The trick is to take advantage of the voice recording feature on the WhatsApp keypad. Here's the trick.

  • Open the contact you want to send a message to
  • Tap and hold the microphone icon
  • Then say the message slowly with clear pronunciation
  • Automatically messages will be registered
  • Then send that message

You can use this trick if your phone keypad is crushed or your hands are dirty when you have to write a message.

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2. Identify important messages

Similar to Google Chrome, WhatsApp can identify important messages received. Messages marked with an asterisk can be a sign that the message is important. As one of the cool WhatsApp tricks, this step will make it easier for you when you need it.

  • Search and get messages you think are important
  • Tap and hold the message
  • Then specify the Star icon
  • Messages are automatically followed as important messages

3. Read messages without being found

There are steps so that the sender of the message does not understand the message has been read other than disabling the 'Last Seen' feature. You can read messages from WhatsApp pop-up message notifications. The trick is to activate the message notification settings on WhatsApp or cell phone. When the notification is there, you can drag down the message notification to view the message in its entirety.

4. Modify text

Modify text as one of the Whatsapp tricks that have been around for a long time but are still little understood. Modification of text on WhatsApp can be in the form of bold, italics, and checked. The direction of this text modification is to clarify the content of your message. Here's the trick.

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Thick (Bold)

Put an asterisk (*) at the beginning and end of the word or sentence

Italic (Italic)

Put an underscore (_) at the beginning and end of the word or sentence

Strike Out (Underline)

Put a tilde (~) at the beginning and end of the word or sentence


Put quotation marks (') in both terms of the word or sentence

5. Send a message without putting a number

In the past, to exchange WhatsApp messages, one had to save the mobile number first. However, WhatsApp recently added a special feature where users no longer have to bother entering names and saving. WhatsApp has summarized all those ancient steps with barcode scanning. This feature is in the latest WhatsApp series. The trick to using it is as follows.

  • Open the Whatsapp program
  • Go to the settings menu then go to profile
  • Tap the Barcode icon next to the profile photo
  • Then ask someone to scan the barcode
  • You are ready to exchange messages

6. Find out the most frequently contacted contacts

Another trick is to know which contacts are frequently contacted. Here's the trick.

  • Opens WhatsApp Settings menu
  • Then specify the Data and Storage Usage menu
  • Next, specify the Storage Usage option
  • You will find out who the contacts you often contact. Contacts can be in the form of groups or individuals

Groups or individuals who are often contacted can be seen from the amount of data you spend on exchanging messages with that group or individual.

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7. Find the location of other users in real-time

The last cool WhatsApp trick is to find the location of other users in real-time. This feature seems to have been developed by WhatsApp to increase the security of its users, when in a foreign location. Here's the trick.

  •  Looking for a contact who wants to share the location
  • Then specify the Paperclip icon, then select the Share Direct Location option
  • Set search period time
  • You can end the location search at any time

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