7 Creepy Things That Happen When The Earth Stops Spinning

Experts reveal how the face of destruction that occurs on earth if the planet stops spinning

Experts reveal how the face of destruction that occurs on earth if the planet stops spinning

Netgenz - Technology Sains | Experts gave him an explanation of what collapse could happen on Earth if the planet stopped spinning. James Zimbelman, the Senior Geologist at the Smithsonian's National Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.Cl, United States, reveals the considerations of the trials he is working on. "This is a trial consideration," he said.

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"There is no force of nature that would stop the Earth's rotation. It's been really disturbing and has been a part of this planet ever since it was created," he said. The earth continues to spin on its axis like a top. Various opportunities can also occur if the earth stops spinning. In one day, the Earth makes one complete rotation on its axis every 23 hours, 56 minutes, and 4.09053 seconds. So what can happen if the Earth suddenly stops spinning?

All the contents of the Earth ejected

If the Earth stops spinning, then everything above will crumble. Because, no gravity makes rocks, topsoil, trees, buildings, and even oceans stick to the bottom of the Earth. If this planet stops suddenly, then everything on it will be thrown and fly to the east. Think people, houses, trees, boulders, and other objects going sideways at a speed of several hundred miles per hour.

A hurricane sweeps across the Earth

Because the atmosphere is still rotating at the same speed as the Earth, because of that, the wind is really strong and will sweep the Earth's surface clean. Because, when the Earth stops spinning, that's why a corner moment can occur. Until the air, water, and rocks as far as the equator continues to move at the original rotational speed of the Earth, which is 1,100 miles per hour.

The corner moment is an analogy of the moment that occurs in the linear motion of a rotating body. For example in linear motion, the passenger of the car will be ejected in front when the car brakes suddenly. Because the passenger was in the moment liner style.

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"One of the basics of physics is the conservation of corner moments. As something goes round in circles, you have to exert a similar force [in the opposite direction] to stop it spinning," Zimbelman said as quoted from Live Science.

The same thing happens at the moment of rotation. The region at the equator will continue to spin when the Earth stops rotating. The next movement will sweep the surface of the Earth while tearing and destroying what already exists. The fragments of this collapse will then be ejected into the atmosphere and outer space.

Broken Earth

Broken Earth

Day and night happens every 1/2 year

If the slowdown occurs more gradually, the effects are still stressful but will be felt over a longer period. The first thing we're likely to see is that the sun will shine longer and longer, as the Earth slows down. This means that the time of day on Earth will be longer.

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If the planet Earth stopped rotating, it could cause day and night on Earth to run each for half a year. This will disturb the biological rhythms of the human body and other living things on Earth which are trained in one 24-hour day. The following biological rhythms tell the body when to wake up and sleep based on the setting sun.

The plains lead to the poles

If the earth slows down for so many years, it doesn't stop suddenly, it still causes disaster. Without centrifugal force, the oceans would move towards the poles. As a result, the depth of the sea will drop to 8 km around the equator. So, Earth's water will consist of two large polar oceans separated by a land belt in the middle. As a description, everything in northern Spain would be underwater and all of Antarctica.

Afternoon 100 degrees

After the earth does not rotate on its axis because of that a day goes throughout the year. Some places will experience 6 months of daylight, then gradually geothermal heat will reach more than 100 degrees Celsius.

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The great central continent could be the hottest and the remaining lakes and rivers would boil and be blown to the poles by hurricanes. In fact, primitive life is only possible along a narrow strip of coast, as taken from the Science Concentration.

No storm

After the hurricane hits the Earth, it stops suddenly, the atmosphere on Earth will become chaotic. When the planets stop spinning, this will change the pace of the moving air currents. The wind schemes we see today play an important role in driving rainfall and temperature around the world. Earth without rotation means the end of a storm. Because a huge swirling storm was created by the Coriolis style of rotating planets.

Earth is not protected

If the Earth does not rotate, then the chance of the Earth is no longer protected by the magnetic field shield that has so far kept living things from being attacked by solar storms.

Chances are really small

Even so, the chances of the Earth stopping in circles were really slim. Because so far not found a planet that does not rotate the same though. Because the processes that make planets and other celestial bodies naturally produce rotation. Until the corners of the world revolved since it was originally created.

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But many celestial bodies appear to be non-rotating, something some astronomers call tidal lock This is the same as what happened on the Moon. So, the side of the Moon that faces the Earth is always the same. Therefore there is a side of the Moon that is called the farthest side of the Moon. This is an aspect that is never seen from Earth. This results in a fixed, day and night facet on the Moon, Discover Magazine says.

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