Netgenz | For those who are interested in the world of stocks, of course, you are already familiar with the term blue-chip stock, right? Yes, many experts and investment brokers recommend blue-chip stocks to beginners. There are many examples of blue-chip stocks on the market, and we will discuss them one by one. It is advisable to buy blue-chip stocks because they come from well-known companies, have a good reputation, and are easy to trade on the exchange. From 2020 to 2021 blue-chip stock enthusiasts are huge, liquidity is high, blue-chip stocks have a high market value ratio, and they are leaders in their respective industries. By buying blue-chip stocks, investors will get regular and regular dividends. The hallmark of blue-chip stocks is that they are safe and can provide good returns in the long term, here are the blue-chip stocks that we will present.



1. BCA

Compared to other banks, this bank company is managed effectively so that it has the highest ROA or return on assets. That's why the number of BCA shares is 11,378,100 shares, and the final price is 31,950 rupiah. In 2020, Bank BCA will distribute a final dividend of IDR 455 per share for 2019. Previously, IDX has distributed an interim dividend of 100 per IDX share in December 2019. So the total dividend paid by BCA is IDR 555 per share. Good and strong fundamentals make BCA shares included in the 2020 list of non-sharia blue chips that are worth buying.

2. BNI

National Bank of Indonesia (BRI) -BBRI Another blue-chip stock that many investors are interested in is the stock of Bank BRI or Bank BBRI. BBRI shares have good performance and are classified as active shares on the stock exchange. As of March 31, 2020, the market value of these shares reached IDR 372.35 trillion. In fact, the number of BRI shares outstanding in the market reached 123,345,810,000. One of the factors that affect the performance of the “Belt and Road” stock is a strong commitment to continue providing credit to small businesses (such as MSMEs). BRI often conducts stock splits to arouse public interest in these shares. The dynamic and extraordinary performance of BRI's blue-chip shares stems from a good commitment to continue to provide credit loans to MSMEs. BRI's stock fundamentals are very good and consistent, so it deserves to be included in the blue-chip stock list.


Unilever-UNVR Unilever is the largest consumer product company in Indonesia, and its products are well known and used by the public. Since 2014, Unilever's return on equity has reached 100%, and in 2018 it reached 14%. Unilever's profit reached 9 trillion rupiahs in 2018. The high return on net assets proves that Unilever can regularly generate profits that can be distributed to shareholders. Unilever stocks do not have bank loans because they already have a very large income compared to the company's assets. This situation shows the efficiency of the company's business operations. Therefore, Unilever shares are classified as blue-chip stocks with good fundamentals and are suitable for long-term investment.

4. PT Gudang Garam Tbk-GGRM 

PT Gudang Garam Tbk-GGRM Another company that is classified as blue chip is PT Gudang Garam Tbk. PT Gudang Garam Tbk is a well-known cigarette company in Indonesia that was founded in 1958. Gudang Garam's cigarette products are well known both at home and abroad. Gudang Garam's stock performance is expected to increase next year and beyond. This is in line with cigarette sales in the second quarter of 2020 and remained stable even during the COVID-19 pandemic. Gudang Garam's revenue fell by only 0.6%, surpassing Sam Sameerna HM, which fell 21.8% year on year. In terms of valuation, although people's purchasing power is declining, Gudang Garam is quite attractive. Mirae Asset Sekuritas provides advice on the purchase of shares of cigarette issuer GGRM. The company's performance is expected to increase next year. In addition, GUDANG GARAM Airport in Kota Gediri is under construction, long-term prospects OK!

5. PT Astra International Tbk-ASII

PT Astra International Tbk-ASII PT Astra International Tbk shares are also classified as blue-chip shares. The company is classified into six business fields, namely automotive, financial services, information technology, heavy equipment, infrastructure, and logistics. With the support of several Astra subsidiaries engaged in the assembly and distribution of cars, heavy equipment sales, mining, planting, and information technology, making this company is a strong company in Indonesia. That's why shares must be collected from Astra shares because they have a high potential for capital gains, especially during a pandemic like this, when share prices fall, Astra shares can be bought at low prices. In the long term, due to good fundamentals, blue-chip stocks have the potential to continue to grow, especially since the automotive industry is always developing in the future, click to read articles about the economy and other businesses.

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