5 Easy Ways to Clean Flashdisk from Viruses

Netgenz - Technology Computer and Internet | Flash disk is the most practical storage media. This object is not bothered to carry everywhere because of its small size. Moving data is also quite easy. That's why even though there are now many external hard disks, flash drives are still popularly used. Moreover, more are moving light data using a flash

Because flash drives are so popular, it's not surprising that virus makers then target flash drives to spread viruses, worms, or trojans. Mainly because more flash disks move from one computer to another.

Viruses on the flash generally target files on the flash which then cannot be read when opened. Or a shortcut virus that suddenly appears on the flash drive out of nowhere. So, if your flash drive is infected with a virus and you are confused, don't worry! Carisignal will provide a way to clean the flash from viruses.

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5 Ways to Clean Flashdisk from Virus

1. Scan using antivirus

Scan using antivirus

Viruses that are spread can always be overcome using an antivirus. Especially if your antivirus has been updated (update). Well, before opening the file on the flash disk, the easiest step is to directly scan the flash disk when it is read on your PC operating system.

If after scanning the flash drive and no virus is found, it means that your flash drive is fine. If it turns out there is a virus, just select "delete" to delete the virus permanently.

For the antivirus program, you can install Kaspersky, Avast, Windows Defender, or BitDefender. The antivirus program that has been mentioned is quite effective in eradicating viruses and has been included as the best antivirus program.

If you want to maximize virus eradication, you can use a local SMADAV antivirus. This antivirus is also effective in eradicating antivirus spread in Indonesia.

2. Delete with CMD

Viruses that attack flash disks are generally viruses that create many shortcuts. This is a type of virus that cannot be removed even if you press “del” or “shit+del”. This virus usually displays your data files in the form of shortcuts. While your data is hidden by the virus. This virus does look harmless but it is quite annoying because it often hides data.

To get rid of this type of virus, you do not need to use an antivirus. Just use the "CMD" printer. With this command, your virus can disappear without losing your important stored data. To know, sometimes some antiviruses work to clean data by deleting all data on the flash.

To get rid of this virus, pay attention to the following points.

  • Plug the flash drive into your computer or laptop
  • Enable show hidden files. This will display files or folders whose status is “hidden files”.See the image for how to activate it.

  • show hidden files show hidden files
  • After that, open the CMD program. In Windows 10, you just type "CMD" in the 'search' section. In other versions of Windows, just press the "Windows + R". write the address of your flash drive.
  • If it's on partition F., then type "f:", if it's on partition "G" then type "G".
  • Then type "-s -r -h /s /d". After that press enter. Look at the picture for an example.

After doing these steps, check on the flash, your data will usually return. The shortcut virus is still there but you can delete it. We recommend that after this, first move your important data from the flash. Then format flash. This method is effective so that the shortcut virus does not return because usually after it is lost, check on another computer, the shortcut virus will reappear.

3. Remove using Removal Tool

If you are not satisfied with removing viruses with an antivirus, you can also take advantage of a program called "removal tool". You simply search for a program removal tool on Google. But to do this, you need to know the type of virus that infects your flash. If the name of the virus has been detected, usually removing the virus using a removal tool is more powerful than the antivirus itself.

4. Delete manually

You can remove viruses manually without needing an antivirus program. But to do this, you need to remove it using another operating system. The easiest way to use Linux.

Many Linux distributors are small in size so they are easy to install on a flash drive and boot immediately using the flash that is installed on Linux. The question is why remove it should use another operating system?

The answer is easy because viruses generally attack the Windows operating system. The virus alias on the flash will only be active if the flash is attached to the Windows operating system. With Linux, you can easily remove viruses on the flash without fear of the Windows operating system that you are using is infected.

5. Take advantage of portable antivirus

In addition to these four methods, you can also remove viruses on the flash using a portable antivirus. This antivirus can be useful if you use another computer, such as your friend's computer. You don't have to bother installing an antivirus. Just download antivirus portable, run it, and do a scan on your flash disk.

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