4 Types of Telkom Compensation for Loyal Indihome Consumers

Telkom Explains Four Losses given to loyal Indihome consumers Affected by the JaSuKa submarine cable problem

Telkom Explains Four Losses given to loyal Indihome consumers Affected by the JaSuKa submarine cable problem

Netgenz - Technology | Telkom Group gave him four types of compensation related to network problems due to the disconnection of the JaSuKa (Java, Sulawesi, Kalimantan) submarine cable that has been felt by loyal IndiHome consumers since Sunday (19/9) last week. Telkom's Vice President of Marketing Management, Edie Kurniawan, explained that four types of compensation will be given to loyal IndiHome consumers.

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"So actually we have 4 compensation... starting from delaying the payment date, eliminating late payment fines, opening free channels, and compensation related to the October bill for affected loyal consumers," Edie wrote to CNNIndonesia.com via text message. on Monday (27/9).

1. Payback Time

The first compensation is in the form of a delay in payment for the affected loyal customers. The payment time for loyal customers was previously from September 20 to September 25.

2. Remove lag penalty

Telkom abolished late payment penalties for loyal customers. 'We have twice given him compensation in stages, when the service was disturbed because it happened on September 19, and the obligation to pay loyal customers which should be September 20, therefore we took the method of delaying the payment period until September 25, and eliminating the late payment penalty. ," he explained.

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3. All Indihome TV streams are unlocked

Telkom gave him compensation in the form of opening all channels on Indihome TV. This compensation is valid from September 26 to October 15 for all loyal customers. To get this compensation, loyal consumers need to re-start on their respective STB or Set Hebat Boxes

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"Because of the problems that occurred and have gradually recovered, as compensation, we are giving him a free open channel starting from September 26, 2021, to October 15, 2021," Indihome noted in his official Instagram account, Sunday (26/9). "To activate, you need to restart the STB by pressing the On/Off (power) button on the STB," he continued.

Screenshot Instagram Indihome

Screenshot Instagram Indihome

4. Compensation for the October bill

In addition, Edie explained that his faction will compensate loyal customers affected by the bill in October. However, for this particular compensation, this will be equated with the loyal consumer group. "The segment of loyal IndiHome consumers is different based on the subscription package and the length of the subscription.

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Nach, bill compensation is carried out based on the affected loyal consumers, as explained in the subscription contract," said Edie. Edie explained that to obtain compensation, loyal consumers need to contact the Indihome faction through existing complaint channels. "We invite loyal consumers to contact 147, Indihome, and Plaza Telkom social media accounts for this compensation," he continued.

Bandwidth Management Treatment

Furthermore, Edie explained that the Indihome service which was disturbed due to the disconnection of the JaSuKa submarine cable (Java, Sumatra, Kalimantan) had recovered since September 20, but there has been a lot of reconciliation for the affected areas. "On September 20, service was ON with a concentration on Service LFH (Learn From Home) and WFH (Work From Home).

In Vidcall for safe students and employees, we only do bandwidth management, especially for OTT shows that don't have a CDN," he said. Edie explained that the disconnection of the JaSuKa submarine cable only affects many areas, so bandwidth reconciliation only applies to that area.

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"The impact due to the disconnection of the Jasuka Pontianak-Batam Sea Cable is mostly only in Central Java, East Java, Bali, Nusa Tenggara, Kalimantan, and the Eastern Territory of Indonesia. At that location, LFH and WFH are safe, but bandwidth management is carried out to go to OTT Performances," said Edie. "For other regions, bandwidth management is not applied, meaning that the service is exactly the same as before the problem occurred," he said.

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