4 New Telegram Features, Interactive Emojis to Record Videos

Telegram released several new features ranging from chat topics to video recording and streaming

Netgenz - Technology | The Telegram messaging program released several new features on Tuesday (21/9) the other day. Some of the new features released are new topics for private chat (chat themes), interactive emoji, and a read receipt feature in groups with fewer members.

Private Chat Themes

Telegram has had an old chat themes (conversation topic) feature. The topic is still fixed and applied to all conversation rooms so that the user cannot pair a specific topic when engaging in a conversation with another person. In the current conversation topic, the user can change the topic of each private conversation room. Currently, Telegram provides eight different colored conversation topic designs that users can decide when engaging in conversations with certain individuals.

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Each topic has a unique background color and chats bubble. Each topic is equipped with a day and night model. This topic will follow the dark model applied by Telegram users, as quoted by Gizmochina.

Some steps to activate chat topics in private chat rooms for the Telegram program on iOS and Android are as follows:

  • Open private chat
  • click chat header
  • click "more"
  • click "change color"
  • choose a topic
  • click "Apply theme".

Interactive Emojis

Telegram is now bringing an interactive emoji feature after releasing animated emoji. The new feature can be applied to private conversations. Interactive emojis allow users to send emojis which can give them interactive effects and vibrations on the phone. However, the interactive emojis remain limited and only available for fireworks, love, thumbs up, balloons, party poppers, and piles of poo emojis. To use interactive emojis, users need to send one of the existing emojis to a private chat room. The conversation topic feature and interactive emojis can only be sampled if the user and someone is both already using the latest version of the Telegram program.

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Read receipt group

Telegram issued a read receipt feature (messages have been read) for groups that have few members (small groups). However, they did not describe the optimal number of members of the small groups.

Messages sent by group members on Telegram will be followed by a double tick icon if the message has been read by another member. With the read receipt feature, several users can find out which group members have read the message he sent to the chat room. The trick, the user just presses the message sent to the conversation room, then clicks the "tick two" option.

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The user can then see who has read the user's message. However, for reasons of protecting user privacy, Telegram has decided that read receipts in small groups can only be stored for 7 days after the message is sent.

Video chat recorder and live stream

Telegram features chat and lives stream recording tools. In the most advanced version of Telegram, users can activate the feature by pressing the three-dot icon in the upper right corner. The icon will open a menu related to broadcast messages. If you want to do a video recording device, then the user must adjust the broadcast to the form of photos or landscapes. After the recording session ended, the video was immediately uploaded to the Saved Messages folder, as quoted by Tech Radar.

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