4 Differences Between Cristiano Ronaldo's Two Eras at Manchester United

Cristiano Ronaldo at the age of 36 stays in shape

Cristiano Ronaldo at the age of 36 stays in shape

NetgenzNetizen buzz Sport | Cristiano Ronaldo is back at Manchester United and will continue to wear the number seven shirt. But there are some differences between the two eras. In his first time at Manchester United, Ronaldo successfully raised his name from a potential young player to become the best player and became the most expensive player in the world. Now at the age of 36, Cristiano Ronaldo is back at Manchester United. There are many differences between Ronaldo and his surroundings at Man Utd.

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In the early days of Ronaldo's presence at Manchester United, CR7 was a winger. He is popular for his dribbling and over-stages that trouble the enemy, although sometimes it's too much and feels unnecessary. Now, Ronaldo is more incarnated as a striker and the sharpest goalscoring machine. Ronaldo has been proven to be the top scorer in the Spanish League and Italian League with a frightening average of goals every season.

Ronaldo's transformation into a sharper player actually occurred in the final stages of his career at Man Utd, especially when he became the top scorer in 2007/2008. But the feeling of his goals grew even more savage when he moved to Real Madrid and then to Juventus. 

In Body Poster Form

Ronaldo's body shape at the age of 36 now does not even show a reduction. When compared to Cristiano Ronaldo's first days at Manchester United, Cristiano Ronaldo now clearly looks more muscular and bulky. Ronaldo's body shape contains this which then makes him a physically strong player and has a very high jump.

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Ronaldo shines even more in old age

Cristiano Ronaldo hopes to revive Manchester United

Cristiano Ronaldo hopes to revive Manchester United

When he arrived at Manchester United for the first time, Ronaldo was a prospective young player. But at that time Ronaldo's purchase was seen by some as too expensive for an 18-year-old player. Over time, Sir Alex Ferguson was able to show that his options were not wrong. Ronaldo was able to develop into the best player in the world and with the status of the most expensive player in the world when marketed to Real Madrid.

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In the 2nd century of Ronaldo's arrival, CR7 was greeted with joy by Man Utd fans even though he was 36 years old. This is none other than because Ronaldo was able to maintain the level of the game at the top level for a long time. In the last decade, only Lionel Messi can be compared to Ronaldo in terms of game stability and goal tally.

Manchester United situation

When Ronaldo arrived at Man Utd for the first time, the 'Red Devils' were a team that was competitive and stable every season. Ronaldo had to work hard to get a place in the main team and become a regular player. Ronaldo then got the support of a team that competed and won many titles.

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In the second century of existence, Manchester United had a star-studded team. But the 'Red Devils' have been short of titles since 2017. This is also what makes some Man Utd supporters believe Ronaldo's arrival can help the 'Red Devils' end their title drought.

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