4 Days IndiHome-Telkomsel Error Feels, Telkom Silence

The Telkom party was silent when it was confirmed that the IndiHome and Telkomsel internet network problems were still having errors four days after the submarine cable was disconnected

Netgenz - Technology | The Telkom faction did not also comment regarding the complaints of several netizens who said that Telkom IndiHome and Telkomsel internet connections still had problems four days after the cable cut case. On the 4th day, the service had problems, netizens' complaints were still flooding Twitter until Wednesday (22/9) afternoon. Initially, several Telkomsel and Telkom service users admitted that they could not access internet services. The internet connection was said to have been disconnected since Sunday (19/9) afternoon.

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CNNIndonesia.com also confirmed this problem to the Telkom Group as the parent company of Indihome but did not receive a response until the information was produced. Initially, Telkom's Vice President of Corporate Communication, Pujo Pramono, admitted that Telkom was changing internet traffic lanes as an alternative communication lane to Batam. the impact of the disconnection of the Jasuka (Java-Sumatra-Kalimantan) submarine cable.

In addition, Telkom is doing additional link capabilities in areas of Indonesia such as from Papua, Kalimantan, or Java and maximizing the international gateway in Manado so that the internet connection of loyal consumers will return to normal as soon as possible. Meanwhile, Telkomsel's Vice President of Corporate Communications, Denny Abidin, said that currently, access to Telkomsel's internet service in several areas affected by the disconnection of the Java-Sumatra-Kalimantan (Jasuka) submarine cable network has not returned to normal.

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"Telkomsel continues to optimize coordination with the TelkomGroup to always accelerate the reconditioning of internet service access in affected areas by optimizing other network infrastructure that it has," said Denny through journalists' info, Wednesday (22/9). However, he did not elaborate on which areas the internet service at the Telkomsel provider had recovered and was still blocked.

Users complain that the Telkom IndhiHome and Telkomsel network updates are considered too long, as revealed by the @ikhwanmaul account. "It's been a long time since Telkom and Indihome have been updating, productivity is really decreasing [emoji diagrams]," he said Wednesday (22/9) afternoon. Another Indihome user gave the same comment. The account @ketibanuntung explained that he had to use the university's wi-fi because the Indihome internet service had problems. "Meanwhile, Indihome is having problems again, I use Telkom university's wifi, it works fine," he said. Even so, there are also netizens who complain that internet services at the 2 state-owned companies still have problems.

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"I'm really annoyed like this, at the office I use Indihome WiFi and then I only have a Telkom package card, sorry, this is not a network for having a cell phone. Luckily, I use MNC at home, but it's still a long time coming back home... Until when sichhh?" said @iendau. I'm really annoyed like this, at the office I use Indihome WiFi and then I only have a Telkom package card, oh my goodness, this is a GK network to have a cell phone. Luckily at home using MNC, but it takes a long time to return home... How long will it take?????

Besides that, other users also shared screenshots of the monitor which included a diagram of the internet speed test using the Aon Tri provider. He explained this because he was disappointed with Indihome's service. He asked Indihome to provide compensation for the impact of the internet outage. This was revealed because the Indihome faction often imposes fines on customers who fall through the payment terms for internet services. "Loss of the same period as Aon Tri. For remote server work, fix online programs that only rely on Hotspot using Tri. Oh, @IndiHome Telkom when will the update finish? If you pay one day late, you will be subject to a fine. Asked to pay on time before JT. If available compensation dech," he said.

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