Synopsis Sweet Home Kdrama Episode 9 English Subtitles

Synopsis Sweet Home Kdrama

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Synopsis Sweet Home Kdrama Episode 9 English Subtitles

Synopsis Sweet Home Kdrama Episode 9

Synopsis Sweet Home Kdrama Episode 9 English Subtitles

Jisu is slowly recovering, he remembers Jaehun's last words. He explained that he liked it. As he sat and leaned against the wall, Jisu was overcome with sadness when Eunyoo showed and gave him some chocolates to calm his mood. In fact, he kept remembering the past Devils in his past, obviously, Jisu took the death of the event that made him the hardest to forget. Of all the residents, Eunyoo who managed to provide the encouragement needed to continue living told Jisu not to make his life miserable.

While Sangwook symbolically emptied a bottle of soju on the grave of Jaehun, Sunyoung kept counting the days remaining before he overcame such a severe infection of 5 days. Realizing they have no hope of fighting the monster head-on, Gilseob has a suggestion to go out and find an underground bunker with some descriptions. But the times he moved came and went as Jikyung pondered using his tracker.

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For now, he remains silent as Gilseob watches the truck drive toward the apartment block. The truck slams straight into the front door and unloads the pile of people who killed the runaway soldier and hunted down the other residents. Meanwhile, they take Gilseob away, and he keeps the kids safe in the vent. But all the residents are trapped in a makeshift prison on the ground floor.

The pencil outline was enough to keep them in line, especially when Jieun was photographed as an example of what happens when the rules are not followed. Jungseop greets the others as they cut time and see what happens to the person. He describes fragments of the past, including a small church he finds full of many corpses. When he smiled evilly, he told them all that the human was a real monster.

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Everyone gathered there, Jikyung and Sangwook seemed to be their only weapon to get out of the predicament of the incident. Eunhyuk was recruited for their cause when Jungseop spoke to Sunyoung who had been arrested. He holds the gun towards him and also shoots at him, apparently to kill him. Both Jikyung and Sangwook teamed up and took down the 2 soldiers before picking up their weapons and axes. They made their move like everything in hell broke.

The residents all cooperated and also captured different soldiers, one by one the soldiers began to be caught. Hyunsoo took the lead in the atrium but when Jungseop finally held Eunhyeok at gunpoint, everything came to a halt. But Sunyoung came back and he stabbed Hyunsoo in the chest after taking down another soldier. As Hyunsoo fell to the ground, writhing in pain, the other residents watched horribly as the fire began to spread and engulf Sunyoung.

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With Hyunsoo being carried away in the elevator, Jikyung was able to save and free the other residents. Unaware of the commotion below, Hyunsoo woke up and found himself on the roof. He staggers but when he does, Jungseop shoots him again. Rebellion grips the group of criminals as one of the soldiers steps up and also grabs Jungseop's neck, knocking him over the edge.

It turns out that Jungseop is not the real leader. Stretching out bloodied hands, he tried to reach an agreement with Hyunsoo, like a military helicopter flying with leaflets regarding infection. As the elevator descended, Hyunsoo prepared to meet the other occupants.

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