Synopsis Sweet Home Kdrama Episode 10 English Subtitles [End]

Synopsis Sweet Home Kdrama [END]

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Synopsis Sweet Home Kdrama Episode 10 English Subtitles [END]

Synopsis Sweet Home Kdrama Episode 10 [END]

Synopsis Sweet Home Kdrama Episode 10 English Subtitles [End]

Hyunsoo (Song Kang) appears in a robed figure from the elevator when he appears in this episode starting. He had surprised them, they met various weapons behind them. Hyunsoo told them all to drop the weapons they were carrying as he confirmed that the villain was the same as them, which was one way to exterminate the monster. With hostility quenched this time, Hyunsoo looks all over Sunyoung (Kim Hyun) and says how he was the one who fired the bullet at the killer. After that, he sat down with the leader who talked about the ordeal he had.

He went to the authorities looking for a cure but they did every experiment they could think of to keep trying and also get rid of the infection from the virus. However, they couldn't find a solution at all. The military has one more trick, namely Operation Golden Hour. Even if they hadn't taken advantage of it, if the military gave up hope of finding salvation, they could shoot anyone in sight, human or monster.

While they are talking, Eunyu (Go Min-si) and Eunhyeok (Lee Do-Hyun) contemplate what to do with the military leaflets, specifically whether to sell Hyunsoo to save themselves. However, Eunhyeok was pretty sure it was a trap and tried in vain to talk to Hyunsoo about it. Finding nothing, he instead turns to Yikyung (Lee Si-young) who shows him the tracker he has and has been considering whether to use it or not.

At the same time, Sangwook (Lee Jin-Wook) grabbed Jisu (Park Gyu-young) and carried him to the main atrium after collapsing on the floor. While doing so, the cloaked thug dropped him and prepared to leave the place. With the girl on his back, he headed for the wilderness when a range of bullets sounded around him. Jisu and Sangwook were affected, but they were not alone. Byeongil (Im Su-Hyung) fires a life-threatening shot, while Jikyung's attempts to throw him with a machine gun do little to stop the threat.

Hyunsoo just saw and snapped at them, so he could knock him down. However, he got back up and also lit a fire outside. Hyunsoo let the infection take over his body, instantly growing wings in place of his arms. However, the two fight but Doosik ends up trapped in a gunshot suit sacrificing himself trying to save Hyunsoo from the dark fate of his life. It seemed that the plan had worked, as the wings sank again and he returned to his original form. she cries uncontrollably, they hug each other. It's a big moment, especially considering Hyunsoo's lack of father figure in his later years and Doosik (Kim Sang-ho) has filled the position of being his father.

Now that Doosik died, something inside Hyunsoo changed and seemed to forget the memories of his bad past. Outside, Jisu and Sangwook both said goodbye to each other as they disappeared from each other's world. Meanwhile, Gilseob (Kim Kap-soo) recalls the gift Dusik left and brings it for Suyeong and Yeongsu.

After this action, Yuri (Ko Yoon-Jung) returns and finds Gilseob dead. When he's taken to the makeshift graveyard, they find an underground bunker when it's snowing outside. The snow turns into a blizzard when soldiers surround the apartment complex and threaten to swarm them. However, we now have more context as to what happened at the start of the first Episode. All the survivors huddled around the bonfire trying to figure out what they should do next.

They asked Hyunsoo to stay, but Hyunsoo seemed to be adamant about leaving the place. In the bunker, a grenade was detonated causing the soldiers to open fire on their positions. All the occupants scrambled to the dungeon and tried to find a way out. However, Hyunsoo did not follow them. Eunhyuk did her best to stop Hyunsoo, away from the group but it was too late. Because Hyunsoo started far away and was nowhere to be seen.

Eunyoo realized time was running out, the gates shut tight as Eunhyeok sacrificed himself for the cause, a final act of defiance to try and also help his friends. As tears started running down her face, eventually mixing with blood when the building collapsed, she opened Eunyoo's walkman and saw her family photo patched up.

Underground, Bom returned to the group and barked excitedly, leading the group to a safer place. They opened the vent and headed back outside, seeing the changed and silent world before them all. Everyone joined in, they faced the army of soldiers pointing their guns at them. Jikyung steps in when their leader explains that he hasn't pressed the button and also their deal isn't over.

Without much choice, everyone was placed in a possible truck bound for the survival camps mentioned in the leaflet. But Jikyung didn't go with them but asked them all to survive. When the Episode ended, Hyunsoo who was battered and also covered in blood recovered from his wound so he was able to open his eyes. Staring at him in the car was none other than Sangwook who happened to be driving the truck.

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