Synopsis of Drama Priest Episode 4 Part 1 English Subtitles

Synopsis of Drama Priest Episode 4 Part 1

Netgenz - Synopsis | Watch Drama Priest Episode 4 Part 1 English Subtitle - If you are confused about watching the Korean Drama Priest, you can search on the live streaming website, please refer to the explanation below, also read Synopsis of Drama Priest Episode 1-16 English Subtitles [END].

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Synopsis of Drama Priest Episode 4 Part 1 English Subtitles

Synopsis of Drama Priest Episode 4 Part 1

Synopsis of Drama Priest Episode 4 Part 1 English Subtitles

Soo Min's mother asks Soo Min to let her go. Soo Min tells Mi So that this is all Mi So's consciousness. Mi So says she doesn't have this memory, so what is this? Soo Min said that the creature inside Mi So must have reached her memory. Soo Min is going to do the ritual, he asks Mi So to come out. Soo Min performs a ritual for her mother.

So Min comes in again, she sees Soo Min tied up her mother. Soo Min said he would take his mother to church. This may be your subconscious, but taking refuge in a church may still be safe. They are about to leave, Soo Min's father sees Soo Min taking his mother. Suddenly Soo Min's father and the people around him change. They are after Soo Min and also Mi So.

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Does Kyun still assure Yoo Ri that there's nothing here? But Yoo Ri hears a noise in the room. In the room, everything shook. Finally, all calmed down. Does Kyun assure Yoo Ri that it's the sound of a mouse? Yoo Ri immediately ran away from that place.

Soo Min and Mi So are about to go by car, but Soo Min's father points at Soo Min with a gun and asks who Soo Min is. Soo Min says this is your son. Soo Min says I am God's child, he puts the gun away. And he managed to escape the gunfire. Soo Min and Mi So are getting worse, which worries Eun Ho. Yoo Ri knocks on the room.

Soo Min and his father fight each other. Soo Min gets shot, he looks like a ticket with his name on it from Seoul to Venezuela. Soo Min and Eun Ho finally came to their senses. Does Kyun finally manage to convince Yoo Ri that there is nothing there?. Mi So questions what this is all about, meaning she is possessed. Soo Min said you were possessed not because of evil or bad. Maybe you are targeted because you are kind and pious. The devil likes to spoil things that are holy and good. Soo Min saw that his hand was injured.

Ki Sun asks Soo Min to describe what happened earlier. Soo Min says he met Mi So at the hospital. But he couldn't believe it was all a dream. Suddenly people in the subconscious started chasing us. While looking for a safe place, he opened the door. After he opened the door, there was the house he lived in as a child. Ki Sun questions you met your mother, how is her condition. Soo Min said that the early stages of possession.

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Ki Sun questions how his demon form is. Soo Min said he was incarnated as his father. Ki Sun questions the exorcism failed, how did you get out. You wake up before he rings the bell. Soo Min said that his father shot him. Ki Sun says the next exorcism is our last chance. The evil spirit within you is now aware that we are attacking it. Maybe he doesn't feel the need to live inside you anymore. Eun Ho questions his meaning. Ki Sun says that he must be looking for a new body. Mi So said it was good. Soo Min said that he would not leave your body for good. They left the place.

Eun Ho and Mi So returned to the doctor's office. They see that Yoo Ri is there. Yoo Ri questions where they have come from. Mi So apologizes that she fell asleep in the restroom, she woke up because Eun Ho woke her up. Eun Ho agreed, even he said that in the past Yoo Ri also often fell asleep. He asks Yoo Ri to understand. He asks Yoo Ri to go home. He will picket in place of Yoo Ri.

Soo Min calls Do Kyun and asks if he has been to Venezuela. Do Kyun says how did he know. He asks if Soo Min remembers being there. Soo Min said no. Does Kyun say you'll remember if you've been there? Does Kyun hang up the phone? But it seems from the look on his face that Do Kyun knows something.

Scene looking for Mi So

Scene looking for Mi So

Eun Ho looks for Mi So. Soo Min saw Eun Ho running around. Eun Ho says that Mi So disappeared. They go to Mi So's house, but the house seems empty and no one is there. Soo Min questions whether it is possible to go to her parents' house. Eun Ho says considering his nature, if his family could be threatened then he wouldn't go to their house. Soo Min thinks we should go in. Soo Min called someone.

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Mi Yeon approaches Ki Sun, they eat together. Mi Yeon questions why Ki Sun is so tense. You often deal with possessed people and encounter all kinds of obstacles. You're not usually this tense. there's something you're keeping from me Ki Sun says no, he asks Mi Yeon to look him in the eye. he says why is he keeping secret from you. Mi Yeon says there are dark circles around your eyes, you are lying. Ki Sun says that he doesn't get enough sleep. Mi Yeon said the dark color was natural. Just tell me if you need treatment. Suddenly Young Pil passes by, Eun Ho doesn't realize because he keeps calling Mi So. Eun Ho is annoyed and asks how long the wait, he should have come. Young Pil gives a code to Soo Min when he's done. Again, Eun Ho doesn't notice Young Pil passing by. Soo Min invites Eun Ho inside.

They enter Mi So's house. The house looks messy. Eun Ho sees medicine in Mi So's room. Eun Ho calls Hyung Rae and asks if Mi So paid for the seminar. Hyung Rae said that Mi So just paid for it. Eun Ho questions where the place is located. Hyung Rae is not sure, you have to go to the police to find out. Soo Min calls Do Kyun and asks to investigate something. Do Kyun understands and will inform him soon.

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Soo Min and Eun Ho arrived at an address. Eun Ho said stupid, it turned out to be hiding here. They entered the hotel and it turned out that the doctor liked to go there. Eun Ho's teeth fell out and his hair started falling out. Soo Min says it's a symptom of a possessed person, the condition of the body is deteriorating. The evil spirit destroys him from within. He asks Mi So not to run and fight the creature. Mi So questions whether she can no longer be a doctor. Soo Min says you can beat him, you are strong Mi So. Ki Sun gets a call from Soo Min and says that they are heading there. Eun Ho remembers what happened that time. Eun Ho asks for a place around the hospital, he knows a quiet place at night. Soo Min calls Ki Sun again.

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