Synopsis of Drama Priest Episode 3 Part 2 English Subtitles

Synopsis of Drama Priest Episode 3 Part 2

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Synopsis of Drama Priest Episode 3 Part 2

Synopsis of Drama Priest Episode 3 Part 2

Synopsis of Drama Priest Episode 3 Part 2 English Subtitles

Eun Ho gets a message from Ki Sun asking Mi So not to fall asleep. Eun Ho goes to Mi So and invites her to drink coffee so she doesn't fall asleep. Young Jin came over to Eun Ho. Eun Ho questions where is your mother? Sun Young comes to them. Eun Ho questions you're home. Sun Young says you too. Eun Ho says that he has to work late tonight. Sun Young says that tonight is not Eun Ho's turn. Eun Ho invites Mi So to leave that place immediately.

Mi So and Eun Ho is in the break room. Mi So says that this drug makes her sleepy. Eun Ho says that he will change Mi So's schedule. Mi So calls Yoo Ri that she will replace Yoo Ri tonight. Eun Ho invites Mi So to drink, but Mi So suddenly acts strange and brings scissors. Eun Ho is shocked to see him, Eun Ho is about to be attacked. Suddenly Soo Min comes and holds him. Soo Min comes with Ki Sun.

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They take Eun Ho to a safer place. Yoo Ri calls Mi So. Eun Ho sees Mi So's cellphone and rejects the call from Yoo Ri. Ki Sun explains that Mi So is in a deep sleep phase. If this drags on it will be dangerous for them. The creature that once possessed Woo Joo has now possessed Mi So. When Mi So wakes up during the day, the creature hides in her subconscious. While Mi So was sleeping, the creature appeared. Yoo Ri goes into the security room.

Eun Ho questions his plan. Ki Sun says he will do hypnosis. Eun Ho said that this process should be carried out under the supervision of his guardian, right? Soo Min says humans who are possessed will die slowly. The devil slowly destroys the spirit of life of the person he is possessed. The devil will drain the human heart that is possessed and accompany him to commit suicide. He added that his mother was once possessed. Eun Ho says to do this under his supervision.

Yoo Ri looks at the CCTV, she sees it but the footage is cut off. Turns out it was Young Pil who cut off the CCTV footage. They are ready to carry out the process. Ki Sun explains his plan. We are during his subconscious and perform the exorcism. Once inside, whatever the shape of the place, don't do anything interesting that gets their attention. The world was created and controlled by demons. Once the devil finds out who you are, the whole world will attack you. Soo Min questions how to get out of his subconscious. Ki Sun says that first, we have to find Mi So first. No matter how Mi So looks, you can definitely recognize her. No matter how realistic the demon-created world looked, it was just a dream. There must be an error missing. The mistake was Soo Min's job to find him. Yoo Ri sees there are wheelchairs, she starts looking for them.

The process begins, Ki Sun said if you hear the sound of the bell twice you will fall asleep and enter your subconscious. When the bell rings twice after that you will wake up. Soo Min begins to weaken and he finally manages to enter his subconscious world. Soo Min is on the bus. There was a notification that the next stop was the South Catholic Hospital stop. Soo Min rang the bell because there was no reaction she shouted. But he remembered not to attract attention. he spoke quietly and asked the bus to stop. he got off the bus while crossing he had an accident.

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Suddenly Soo Min's body seemed to be thrown. Eun Ho is about to approach, Ki Sun forbids him. Ki Sun checks Soo Min's hand which is bruised. Ki Sun says that this is a stigma. Manifestations of wounds from the crucifixion. This means that Soo Min has entered Mi So's subconscious. Soo Min arrived at the hospital, he was examined by Mi So. Mi So said that she needed surgery immediately. They prepare for surgery, but they attack Soo Min. Soo Min cuts his palm into a cross and attacks them.

He manages to get out of the operating room, then he screams for Mi So. Because the screams all attack Soo Min. Soo Min asks Mi So to go. Finally, he and Mi So go to a safer place. It turned out that at 13:35 their shift change. Mi So said that she and Yoo Ri changed pickets. He is with Eun Ho at the office. Yoo Ri is still exploring the place, suddenly Do Kyun comes pretending to be a security officer. Do Kyun tries to stop Yoo Ri.

Scene of So Min's Mother Possessed by a Devil

Scene of So Min's Mother Possessed by a Devil

Soo Min and Mi So try to escape from their pursuit. they finally managed to get out of the place. But Soo Min was surprised because it was where he lived as a child. Soo Min's father comes and asks them both to come in. Soo Min's hands are shaking, Ki Sun holds her hand and calms her down. Soo Min sees her mother who is in a trance. Soo Min's father said it's been days. He says to call him if he needs help, he will be waiting outside. Soo Min's father asks the two of them to save his wife who is having a cold.

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Soo Min's mother calls Soo Min a child. Soo Min is crying. Eun Ho and Ki Sun saw Soo Min crying and said, “mom.” Soo Min couldn't help but look at her mother.

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