Synopsis of Drama Priest Episode 3 Part 1 English Subtitles

Synopsis Drama Priest Episode 3 Part 1

Netgenz - Synopsis | Watch Drama Priest Episode 3 Part 1 English Subtitle - If you are confused about watching the Korean Drama Priest, you can search on the live streaming website, please refer to the explanation below, also read Synopsis of Drama Priest Episode 1-16 English Subtitles [END].

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Synopsis Drama Priest Episode 3 Part 1

Synopsis Drama Priest Episode 3 Part 1

Synopsis Drama Priest Episode 3 Part 1 English Subtitles

In 1995

Eun Ho realizes he is in the hospital, he sees his mother who is doing CPR. His father was holding Eun Ho's hand then his father's hand slipped from Eun Ho's grip. Since there is no other doctor, little Eun Ho wakes up and performs CPR on her father. Eun Ho's voice said, “God doesn't exist, if God really exists, he won't take away the father and mother of a child at once. In the end, it's humans who save other humans."

Ki Sun meets the Pastor. He shows a photo of Woo Joo's crime scene where Jung was stabbed. The chaplain says Jung is out and isn't part of 634 Regia anymore. Why did he come, does this have anything to do with Jung. Ki Sun says that he is not sure yet. But he felt his death was not due to someone possessed. The priest questions where he is now. Ki Sun says he is sure the spirit will appear again.

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At the hospital, Eun Ho is shocked that Mi So brought a lamp to beat him. Soo Min is at the hospital thinking about the possibility that the spirit will leave. He remembered that Mi So brought Woo Joo in the car. Eun Ho fell, Mi So grabbed Eun Ho's neck. Soo Min comes, he says that he knew this was going to happen. He covered Mi So's face with a cross cloth. Finally, Mi So can calm down.
They tied up Mi So. Ki Sun says that he knows what Eun Ho thinks about us. He asked Eun Ho to let us take care of it. Eun Ho questions you mean Mi So is the same as Woo Joo. Soo Min questions that you still have doubts about after seeing and experiencing this incident. Ki Sun says you seem to need some time to think, we will wait outside. Eun Ho looks at Mi So and asks "you are also possessed".

Outside Soo Min questions are it safe to just leave him like that. Ki Sun said This matter is very difficult to understand for me. Soo Min said, I mean it's not like that, I mean the demon creature is inside Mi-So's body. The demon isn't as strong as before. The doctor is like a zombie who doesn't speak or move fluently. Is he weakened by the exorcism? Before he transfers to another body, let's end it.

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Mi So finally wakes up, she asks Eun Ho what's going on here. Mi So is holding a picture. The doctor asked, Have you guys ever heard of fatigue syndrome?. These days, it is a common disease. People who are addicted to work are physically and mentally lethargic. The sufferer is excessive fatigue and the body becomes weak. Mi So said, So, what triggered my attitude to be like this, I became worried. The doctor said This disease is a common disease among specialists. But you should not underestimate this disease. He asked for an MRI. He also asks Eun Ho not to force him to work hard. Eun Ho is grateful for the male doctor's time.

Outside Mi, So questions what's Eun Ho's relationship with the male doctor because the male doctor looks suspicious. Eun Ho said, I have no relationship at all, he's just my senior. A small child carrying drinking water hits Mi So. Eun Ho asks the little boy to be careful. It turns out that the little boy was ordered by Soo Min. Soo Min gave money to the little boy. Soo Min tells Ki Sun that he poured holy water on Mi So, but there is no sign of possession. Ki Sun says he will check out any places he might have missed. He asks So Min to keep an eye on the two of them.

Scene of Eun Ho doing surgery with Mi So

Scene of Eun Ho doing surgery with Mi So

Eun Ho performs surgery with Mi So. Soo Min and the others watched the operation from outside the room. Eun Ho asks to finish it. Mi So said the operation usually takes 2 hours, but Eun Ho finished it in 20 minutes.

At the gallery, Mi Yeon welcomes her clients. He said, that he had invited a client to help me in solving some problems. The client said, Regarding the item being held at customs this morning, what item is being held?. Mi Yeon shows her earrings. She said, That cross when she bought it in Naples, along with this earring!. Mi Yeon takes her client, the client asks "Are you really going to lend this earring?. Mi Yeon said, of course. Wear as much as you like and return when bored. The client said, No need to worry, she will discuss it with her husband alone.

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Mi Yeon takes the box containing her jewelry, she says that these earrings are made in Korea. Ki Sun comes to the gallery, he reads the file. Male doctor colleague looking at pictures. He said that he had never seen KTHP like this. The male doctor looks at Woo Joo and Mi So's MRI results. He noticed that there was something odd about the result.

Finally, the item arrived, Mi Yeon took the cross. Ki Sun looks at the file, “Jung Hyung Seo, part 3.” It had an audio recording on it. He remembers that Jung said do you remember the child who lost his life to seborrhea. He stared intently into my eyes.

Do Kyun's colleague, a woman, looks at the case file regarding Jung Hyung Seo in 2010. He is on probation due to his illegal medical practice. He's a former priest. Do Kyun questions it's still not finished. The woman shows the footage of Ki Sun entering the crime scene. Does Kyun say if he's there maybe to remember his friend, let it be? The woman remembers that Eun Ho called and looked for Do Kyun.

A recorded voice says 40 years ago, my father was a shaman in Hong Kong. There is a stubborn evil spirit that torments humans. The possessed person looks like he has rabies. It also appears in dreams and makes them like frozen corpses. My dad said it wasn't sleepwalking. It's a nightmare that comes from the human subconscious. He was forced to enter someone else's dream for an exorcism. Ki Sun commented dream, subconscious?.

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