Synopsis of Drama Priest Episode 2 Part 2 English Subtitles

Synopsis Drama Priest Episode 2 Part 2

Netgenz - Synopsis | Watch Drama Priest Episode 2 Part 2 English Subtitle - If you are confused about watching the Korean Drama Priest, you can search on the live streaming website, please refer to the explanation below, also read Synopsis of Drama Priest Episode 1-16 English Subtitles [END].

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Synopsis Drama Priest Episode 2 Part 2 English Subtitles

Synopsis Drama Priest Episode 2 Part 2

Synopsis Drama Priest Episode 2 Part 2 English Subtitles

Song and Eun Ho got out, but the ambulance had already left. Eun Ho said that they must have left first. Song called the ambulance staff. It turned out to be the one who received Soo Min. Soo Min said that the ambulance couldn't turn around. Young Pil comments that Soo Min is suitable as an actor. Song saw an ambulance, but in a different direction. Song calls, Soo Min says that Woo Joo is fine. Then Eun Ho commented that their ambulance was driving it recklessly. Soo Min sees Eun Ho's car. They chase each other.

A police officer named Do Kyun sees Eun Ho's car which is driving beyond the speed limit. He immediately chased after her. Eun Ho asks Song Mi So to immediately call 911. Do Kyun calls Eun Ho's car number plate, they finally know they're being chased by the police. Eun Ho wanders around looking for where they stopped. Finally, they arrived at the place where they would perform the exorcism. They began to prepare for exorcism.

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Eun Ho gets out of the car, he goes to Do Kyun and says that the patient was kidnapped. He said ambulances disappeared around here. He entered a place, but they could not find him. A female gallery owner approached Eun Ho. The woman said that they had misunderstood. Eun Ho is finally allowed to walk around the place. Ki Sun starts the ritual with Soo Min. Meanwhile, Young Pil watches them from outside. Woo Joo suddenly started to react. Eun Ho started walking around accompanied by the gallery owner to see the room in the Shin Miyeon gallery.

The scene where the demon writes "YAHWEH"

The scene where the demon writes "YAHWEH"

Ki Sun asks what is your name. Suddenly, it says, "YAHWEH." Then the writing disappeared. They continue the ritual. When showing the location of the gallery owner, he said that this was his personal space where he worked. Suddenly Eun Ho saw the entrance. He asks Mi So to call the ambulance officer. A cell phone sounded from the room. Eun Ho took the card from the gallery owner to open the door. Eun Ho entered the room. He looked around and saw a room in a church. He found the ambulance officer's clothes.

Woo Joo thrashed even more. Even Woo Joo calls Soo Min by her real name. Ki Sun asks Soo Min to focus. Suddenly the bed shifts against the wall and stands up, Ki Sun and Soo Min's ears suddenly bleed. Woo Joo manages to break free and continues to scream. Ki Sun covers Woo Joo's eyes with a cross cloth.

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Eun Ho arrives, Young Pil prevents entry. Ki Sun asks what his name is. Finally, Woo Joo calmed down. Eun Ho walked in and immediately hugged Woo Joo. Soo Min says that the ritual isn't over yet. Eun Ho asks Woo Joo to wake up, Woo Joo looks a little bit conscious.

Mi So is with Woo Joo in the back seat of the car. Does Kyun ask Eun Ho to take him to the hospital immediately? In the car, Mi So questions what they are doing inside. Eun Ho said that they were just praying inside. Mi So says that she thinks the ambulance attendants are real, they have everything. Eun Ho says that he will take full responsibility. Finally, Woo Joo realizes, he questions who Eun Ho and So Mi are. Eun Ho says that we are doctors who treat Woo Joo.

The gallery owner and Do Kyun approach Ki Sun. The woman said that her mother was waiting at the hospital. He also said that the ritual was successful. Do Kyun question whether the doctors will keep their mouths shut. The girl said if it happened again she would cover it up. Does Kyun ask to clean up this place? The police will be here as soon as they receive a report. Young Pil says that he will take care of it. Go back to the hospital and get your things. Woo Joo arrived at the hospital, Woo Joo's mother hugged her child tightly. Woo Joo looks happy and hugs her son. His mother is happy that Woo Joo is back to normal.

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Eun Ho and Woo Joo's mother talk alone. Eun Ho questions if you won't take action against the priests. Woo Joo's mother was silent. Eun Ho guesses that Woo Joo's mother already knows. Woo Joo's mother said that in this world there are things that can't be explained logically. Eun Ho says exorcism. Woo Joo's mother said she spoke on behalf of her and her husband who loves Woo Joo. He asks Eun Ho to keep today's events a secret.

In the car, Soo Min asks Ki Sun how he knows my name. Ki Sun says that's what the evil spirit says. They can imitate your parents and relatives. If you keep fussing and remembering everything, you won't last long forget it. He felt he had not completely left. He'll be back soon, probably to the hospital. He asks Soo Min to check again. We cannot spray every patient with holy water. He asked to spray every doorknob and refrigerator in every corner of the room. Ki Sun drops Soo Min off in front of the hospital.

Ki Sun to the crime scene. He looked around the room. He muttered Ignatius, why should you. He saw the fallen cross. He put it back on. He felt something. Soo Min is in the bathroom, she washes her face. He put in the necklace he was wearing. So Mi looks uncomfortable, Eun Ho covers So Mi. Eun Ho is still searching the internet for information about exorcisms. Suddenly a small animal came out of So Mi's ear, and more and more. So Mi's eyes changed, she got up from the chair and walked over to Eun Ho carrying a lamp to hit Eun Ho. Eun Ho is shocked to see him suddenly change as a demon-possessed.

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