Synopsis of Drama Priest Episode 2 Part 1 English Subtitles

Synopsis Drama Priest Episode 2 Part 1

Netgenz - Synopsis | Watch Drama Priest Episode 2 Part 1 English Subtitle - If you are confused about watching the Korean Drama Priest, you can search on the live streaming website, please refer to the explanation below, also read Synopsis of Drama Priest Episode 1-16 English Subtitles [END].

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Synopsis Drama Priest Episode 2 Part 1 English Subtitles

Synopsis Drama Priest Episode 2 Part 1

Synopsis Drama Priest Episode 2 Part 1 English Subtitles

Eun Ho was shocked, he left the room. But he questioned why leaving the patient. He came back, then smashed the door with the extinguisher. He walks in and takes Woo Joo to the ER. Yoo Ri says it's ventricular fibrillation, he asks for a defibrillator. When Yoo Ri is about to do a cardiac arrest, Eun Ho stops her. Eun Ho says it's cardiac tamponade. Eun Ho holds Woo Joo, finally managing to save Woo Joo.

Soo Min cleans the room. Ki Sun questions that he said don't act rashly. As a result of one mistake and a gap for them, new problems may arise again. Soo Min said if he was worried, he would run away. He intends to hold on until you arrive. But suddenly the doctor appeared. Ki Sun is annoyed that So Min keeps arguing. Ki Sun asked to clean the room.

Suddenly Eun Ho came into the room. Eun Ho turns out to know Ki Sun. Ki Sun said long time no see. Soo Min questions how Woo Joo is doing. Eun Ho questions what happened earlier. Soo Min said that he was just praying. Eun Ho smiles and asks what kind of question you need to tie him up. Soo Min reasoned that he was on guard so he wouldn't fall. Eun Ho dials 112. Ki Sun explains that the child is possessed by an evil spirit. He did exorcism. Eun Ho turned off the call the officer had answered. Eun Ho says he's a child who was recently treated for internal bleeding. He almost died again today. But doing an exorcism. Ki Sun apologizes, he knows Eun Ho won't believe it. Eun Ho left the two of them.

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After Eun Ho leaves, Soo Min asks why he told her. He also questions what you two know each other. Ki Sun asks Soo Min to ask for this. Eun Ho immediately goes home, it turns out that he lives with Sun Young. They both work in the same hospital. Eun Ho questions where Young Jin is. Sun Young said he was asleep. Eun Ho asks if there's still food.

Sun Young accompanies Eun Ho to eat. Sun Young says that I don't mind. You're an adult and don't live in your own house. Eun Ho says why are you always trying to kick me out. She's a poor, lonely girl. Sun Young asks if there is a problem. Eun Ho shook his head and said no. Sun Young says it's obvious you're very depressed, what's wrong. Eun Ho says it's nothing, thanks for the food.

Eun Ho in his room he sees the wound on his neck. He remembered when Woo Joo attacked him and injured his neck. Ki Sun goes to Woo Joo's room. Woo Joo says you came, what can you do alone. Ki Sun questions why you did that to Ignatius. Woo Joo says you are curious. When he was about to perform a simple ritual, Woo Joo's condition suddenly deteriorated. Woo Joo says why to go on. How, poor Ignatius. Ki Sun says be patient, your fate will be more unfortunate than his. Woo Joo says poor Father Peter. You poor priest running from his mistakes. Ki Sun says I will finish you off soon, he leaves Woo Joo's room. After that, Sister entered Woo Joo's room.

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Eun Ho meets his partner. He said he needed the male doctor. The male doctor accompanies Woo Joo to draw. He feels there is something strange with Woo Joo. He even heard other people whispering in the room. Ki Sung and Soo Min saw the news that Jung, the former priest who stabbed a child, was found dead in prison this morning. Jung is scheduled to go on trial in two days. Soo Min could only stare at Ki Sun.

Eun Ho asks what's wrong with the male doctor. Then the male doctor explained that when a young child is in a competitive environment while his self-esteem is lower than his peers, his stress will suddenly increase. In Woo Joo's case, the stress has gone beyond the initial stage and there are symptoms of somatization. But there was an inexplicable presence within him, a kind of mysterious figure.

Woo Joo's mother accompanies Woo Joo who is sleeping. He apologizes to Woo Joo. Woo Joo suddenly says her mother is worried because of her poor English pronunciation. I don't remember, she's all right. The mother lied to the doctor that she had difficulty breastfeeding. Woo Joo's mother said it happened before your first birthday. Woo Joo started talking strangely. Woo Joo's mother said that you're not Woo Joo. Even Woo Joo sings. Woo Joo's mother asks Woo Joo to stop.

Scene of Woo Joo being possessed by a demon

Scene of Woo Joo being possessed by a demon

Ki Sun gets a call from the priest that the Vatican has responded. They couldn't officially approve it. Just send the report afterward as usual. Woo Joo's mother came with Soo Min. They show the video that Soo Min recorded at the hospital. Ki Sun explains him using misguided phrases and words. His body movements are difficult to explain medically. In addition, he was extremely angry with the cross and prayer. People with these symptoms are called possessed. He is possessed by an evil spirit, he needs an exorcism.

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Soo Min adds that Woo Joo's mother had expected it, but ignored it. You know what time he wakes up and goes to bed. You know all the conditions and every step of the way. There's no way you don't know. You also know that Jung is an exorcist, isn't he? Woo Joo's mother says if you want to talk about it, talk to her lawyer. Soo Min says the case is closed. He was killed early this afternoon in prison. Ki Sun says that Woo Joo is not your son. The devil in Woo Joo's body will harm Woo Joo. He asked permission to perform the exorcism. Woo Joo's mother cries seeing her son change like that.

Eun Ho's boss asks Eun Ho to accompany Woo Joo to transfer to another hospital. Outside the hospital, Song escorts Woo Joo into the ambulance. He asks Woo Joo's mother to go first because she and Eun Ho will also follow. It turns out that in the ambulance carrying Eun Ho is Ki Sun, Soo Min, and also Young Pil. Ki Sun remembers that at that time Woo Joo's mother asked her to do whatever it takes to save her son.

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