Synopsis of Drama Priest Episode 1 Part 2 English Subtitles

Synopsis Drama Priest Episode 1 Part 2

Netgenz - Synopsis | Watch Drama Priest Episode 1 Part 2 English Subtitle - If you are confused about watching the Korean Drama Priest, you can search on the live streaming website, please refer to the explanation below, also read Synopsis of Drama Priest Episode 1-16 English Subtitles [END].

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Synopsis Drama Priest Episode 1 Part 2

Synopsis Drama Priest Episode 1 Part 2 English Subtitles

Ki Sun immediately heads to the police station to meet Jung. He questions what is going on. Jung is scared, he asks do you remember the kid who lost his leg as a result of an inevitable incident. He looked at me crying, screaming, then his body bleeds. Ki Sun questions you stabbed the child. Jung said it found me, the bloody cross. At the hospital, Soo Min is looking for Woo Jin. The officer gave a paper containing the place where Woo Jin was treated. Woo Jin's mother got a call saying that Woo Jin had fallen asleep. She told her husband that her condition was not so good. The doctor kept asking about his wound, he didn't know what to say.

Woo Jin is in his room, suddenly the door closes by itself and the lights go out. he saw a terrifying black shadow. The terrifying shadow suffocated Woo Jin. Woo Jin finally sprawled out on the floor, and his eyes suddenly turned red. As he was about to enter the elevator, Soo Min caught a glimpse of a small child passing by. Soo Min arrives at Woo Jin's infirmary, but the room looks empty. There was an announcement that Woo Jin had disappeared. Soo Min remembers the kid who passed by when he got into the elevator. Eun Ho looks on CCTV, he finds Woo Jin. Eun Ho immediately ran to find Woo Jin.

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Ki Sun questions he's the devil, that's the reason you stabbed him. The officer said that Jung will be transferred to the detention house. Ki Sun questions Ignatius, that's all. He questions about the bloody cross. Jung said that he stabbed her. Soo Min sees Woo Joo, and she immediately chases after him. He saw Woo Joo. When he saw Woo Joo who began to change. Eun Ho arrives, Woo Joo turns back to normal. Soo Min brings Woo Joo and says that something is wrong with Woo Joo. The officer comes, Soo Min gives Woo Joo to Eun Ho. The officers immediately chased after Soo Min.

Ki Sun gets a message from Soo Min informing him that he found the possessed child at the Southern Catholic Hospital. On the phone, Soo Min explains that he believes the child is being possessed. Ki Sun asks Soo Min to keep an eye on him until he receives the bishop's approval. He warns even Ignatius can't beat him, you can't fight him alone. Ki Sun goes to the priest to be given permission to fight the demon. Soo Min finds an empty room, he prepares everything in that room.

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Eun Ho's colleagues question whether Eun Ho is serious about returning to Colombia after his contract expires next year. Eun Ho said to Venezuela. Their NGOs need a lot of doctors. Eun Ho's colleague says that we also lack surgeons here. Eun Ho says rather than a place like this that focuses on instructions and numbers, he fits better where he can focus on saving people.

Soo Min pretends to be a doctor and brings a wheelchair. Soo Min looks around, she goes into Woo Joo's room and takes her. Eun Ho went to Woo Joo's room, he saw Woo Joo was gone. Eun Ho sees Soo Min carrying Woo Joo. Then he immediately chased after her. Soo Min ties up Woo Joo, he prepares a ritual. The changed Woo Joo questions what Soo Min's name is. Soo Min says, Michael. Woo Joo questions Soo Min's authenticity. Soo Min says a secret, Woo Joo groans.

Scene checks Woo Joo and sees the wound

Scene checks Woo Joo and sees the wound

Eun Ho finds a hidden place, he finds a wheelchair and a doctor's coat. he was sure they were here. He kept looking for them. Soo Min continues to do the ritual and asks what the name of the spirit that is possessing Woo Jin is. Soo Min keeps trying, Woo Joo finally starts to calm down. But Woo Joo asked what your name was. Eun Ho enters and finds them. Eun Ho finally notices Woo Joo's change. Suddenly the lights go out and Woo Joo suddenly disappears. The lights come back on, Woo Joo on the roof then comes down and attacks them.

Soo Min let Eun Ho outside. Soo Min is still being attacked by Woo Joo. Until finally Woo Joo has started to calm down again. He checks Woo Joo and sees his wound. Eun Ho walks in and says it's his turn now.

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