Synopsis of Drama Priest Episode 1 Part 1 English Subtitles

Synopsis Drama Priest Episode 1 Part 1

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Synopsis of Drama Priest Episode 1 Part 1 English Subtitles

Synopsis Drama Priest Episode 1 Part 1

Synopsis Drama Priest Episode 1 Part 1 English Subtitles

In 1999, Summer Arrived

A woman struggling held by several people, including the doctor. A boy enters he questions if his mother is fine. Seen from his mother's eyeballs changed from white to red. After that, his father took his son out. The boy says his mother is not sick, it is useless to call the doctor. He saw something inside his mother's body. His father asked not to talk carelessly. The boy said he wasn't lying. The father then beat his own son. After that, the father asked his son to come into the room. The boy then went to church. He arrived at the church drenched in heavy rain. after that, He called the priest. The priest said, “Soo Min.” They immediately rushed away. then they arrived in front of Soo Min's house.

Scene The father takes his son out

Scene The father takes his son out

The priest introduces himself to Soo Min's father. The priest's name is Moon Ki Sun. Soo Min's father thanks him for taking his son home. Ki Sun says that you are in a dangerous situation. Soo Min's father says that his wife is being investigated, he asked Ki Sun to come home. Ki Sun says that what you need is not a doctor but prayer. Suddenly Soo Min's mother fell from above. Ki Sun tries to heal him by praying. Soo Min's mother wakes up and calls her son, but suddenly changes again. Ki Sun asks Soo Min to close his eyes. Ki Sun closes Soo Min's eyes. Her mother kept changing until Soo Min's mother was lying on the floor.

In the Present

In the ambulance, a child was seen injured, the bleeding did not stop. The patient was brought to the ED. Ki Sun gives a cassette to the priest. The priest said it was troublesome, sir. The nuns are scheduled to visit Korea. It's terrible if there's a commotion in the Vatican. Ki Sun says it's not that important, but it's a very serious matter. He felt that not everything would be allowed now. Until Sister Lee Hye Min's visit is over, let 634 Regia decide to act.

A young man was asleep in the room. Surprised he woke up, he pretended to join in praying. The priest questions you not Soo Min. How strong are you mentally? He questions Ki Sun how long have you been here. Ki Sun goes to Soo Min and says that he has been there for two years. He's still reckless and stupid. The priest says that he is your choice and that it is also your responsibility. He asked you to be careful and also take care of yourself. He asked not to act rashly and not to be stubborn. In the ER the doctor performed CPR on the pediatric patient. Suddenly Eun Ho came and treated the patient. Eun Ho says that he is going to do emergency stomach surgery. He suspected there was internal bleeding.

They perform emergency surgery, it turns out that the child is named Woo Joo. Woo Joo's mother came and approached the doctor. The doctor enters and prevents Eun Ho from performing emergency surgery. He informed me that his guardian had arrived. Eun Ho says there is no time, soon his heart will stop. He asks Yoo Ri to get out of the surgery. Yoo Ri was finally out of the place. Eun Ho had surgery, finally, the bleeding started to stop. Eun Ho gave a heart shock, but it didn't change at all. after that, he did CPR, no change either.

Eun Ho immediately meets Woo Joo's mother. Woo Joo's mother questions how the operation was successful or not. Eun Ho and the others could only be silent. Eun Ho is about to explain, but suddenly the lights go out. Finally, the light was back to normal. Eun Ho is called in, they all come in too. Finally, they see Woo Joo's heart is beating again. Woo Joo's boss explains that Woo Joo's grandfather is the prime minister. You dissected him without his guardian's permission. Eun Ho says it's been almost four minutes since his heart stopped. If the operation is started after permission from the guardian according to the procedure, the patient will experience brain damage even if he manages to regain consciousness. Woo Joo's boss says maybe you think this isn't a problem since the patient is safe, for what the procedure is.

Suddenly the director came. He said that he was contacted by the prime minister. He said his grandson was hospitalized yesterday. He credits Eun Ho as his surgeon. Soo Min and Ki Sun start eating together. Suddenly his cellphone vibrated, Ki Sun immediately checked it. He immediately turned on the tv. It was seen on the news that a BK teacher stabbed an elementary school child who came to him for counseling. After it was revealed that the BK teacher was a former priest, people were even more surprised that the BK teacher's behavior had changed. Jung was a former priest eight years ago. Ki Sun says he will go. Soo Min is about to come along, but Ki Sun forbids him. Soo Min sees the news that the child has been taken to the Southern Catholic hospital.

Eun Ho meets Woo Joo in his infirmary. When he saw Woo Joo's wound. Outside the room, Woo Joo's mother questions what's wrong, because Eun Ho is not the doctor in charge of Woo Joo. Eun Ho said that he was just worried. Woo Joo's mother questions whether Eun Ho will take care of Woo Joo from now on. Eun Ho said yes because the director asked him to. Eun Ho questions about the wounds on Woo Joo's body. Looks like it wasn't the wound on the day Woo Joo was admitted to the hospital. He questions whether Woo Joo hurt himself. If so, you should consult a psychiatrist. Woo Joo's mother said that she has a habit of scratching herself. He says Woo Joo needs rest, can you go. Eun Ho finally left the place.

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