Synopsis of Drama The Guest Episode 1 Part 2 English Subtitles

Synopsis of Drama The Guest Episode 1 Part 2

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Synopsis of Drama The Guest Episode 1 Part 2

Synopsis of Drama The Guest Episode 1 Part 2

Synopsis of Drama The Guest Episode 1 Part 2 English Subtitles

The next day, I investigated two scholars who had just drowned from a bus. The goal of seeking reason was none other than Grandpa Yun's address. Pastor Yang took off Hwa Pyung's clothes, swelling appeared all over his body. Grandpa Yun asked about his grandson. "He didn't panic..."

"...He didn't respond to the gospel or the cross..."

" evidence found"

Master Yun lacked patience, "If he isn't possessed by a begu in what face?..." “..My family died because of him!..”

“…You are to the brothers a scholar of the demon barrier body!”

Grandpa reminds his unethical behavior towards scholars. Priest Yang kept Hwa Pyung's element, "By the way, what kind of swollen container is this?"

"He did it body..."

"..He practices it, his body uses his strength," said Grandpa.

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The young priest, Choi Sang Hyun reassuringly said, "Was it caught who tortured him without your knowledge?" Master Yun didn't follow the baseless accusations, "You mean beta did it?!"Grandfather was holding his body, he was holding onto Master Yun because, at that time, Master Yun was venting his anger. Reverend Yang and Sang Hyun mistook each other for ages before Reverend Yang suggested that Grandpa challenge Hwa Pyung to the doctor, "Unfortunately we didn't find what poison we did."

"Dad, don't be like that"

"Send him off! What a sect expert! Demon barrier body priest!!", Master Yung forgot himself who was stuttering a face. Master Yun's death. Pastor Yang and Grandpa Yun also ignored Hwa Pyung's porch, while Sang Hyun was busy. drawing equipment. He tore through his wallet and found the comment to Hwa Pyung's element, "If you find the equipment you need to talk about..." "..Come to the great church or my place.."

"..Close from here. See you later"

Sang Hyun rolls a stay salute, Hwa Pyung throws his arm away. With the behavior of his mouth he spoke, “I need to tell you the equipment” Sang Hyun squinted his ears. Hwa Pyung spoke softly, "Sohn..." The scene changed. Two scholars pressed the bus. Priest Yang pointed at Sang Hyun who thought over and over again the moat swept away cold sweat.

"Are you sick?"

Sang Hyun uses his mind to refute, "I'm just worried about the pitcher"

"That tense happened..."

“..Part of the blueprints prove the brutality of the inside of the staircase auditorium..”

“..Very few are rightly evil vitality panic”

"By the way, big brother turned out to be too weak for this action..."

“..You poison let it control you”

Sang Hyun is busy writing something

Sang Hyun is busy writing something

Sang Hyun who was originally investigating the backside suddenly looked up. He suddenly appeared offended, “No. Today beta is more steadfast part in beta belief." "Faith? Suddenly?"

"I think beta should go home..."

“..I suddenly really want my family”

Sang Hyun is wearing out on the village streets. Priest Yang merely scanned without chasing. Sang Hyun arrives, his stomping behavior smells fishy. My father was thrilled because his eldest pitcher suddenly came home.

“There is a good unit”

Dad gasped, "What's the news?"

“Father will be too late to find out

Sang Hyun asks where Yoon is.

"He's busy going to class"

"He didn't skip school, did he?"


My sister guessed right. Yoon, who realized his name was being called, blushed and slowly closed the gate of the foyer. He smiled before his tail took shelter in the kitchen that was used to sleep accompanied by game entertainment. In the guest hall, the tone is tense. Sang Hyun muttered doomsday despair, "For the first time, beta sure of the threshold of my faith" Dad did not understand, he crossed the threshold of his dog barking. Sang Hyun persisted, “I'll check it out.” Sang Hyun got his batting bandage. He appeared to the period highlighting the dog.

Yoon who rushed to run slowly closed the bedroom door.

Yoon who rushed to run slowly closed the bedroom door.

The old man, who was still on the inside, woke up after catching his pet's bluff. Hwa Pyung recovered and looked into his eyes. He followed Master Yun to appear adding a misleading aura. Hwa Pyung spoke that his eyesight had guessed back to normal. Father did not respond because his mind was filled with Shaman's talk. "He must be killed."

“… The misleading urges possess people and entice them.”

"..He's the only crime"

Father slowly knelt down, his crazy mind cultivated his hands suddenly gripping his son, "You misleading impulse!..." "..You are not my son! Die!" Hwa Pyung groaned in pain. Luckily Grandpa Yun made an appearance, he quickly had Master Yun's constituents.

"What are you doing! Let me go!"

Hwa Pyung runs without a leg. Feeling that he was guessing on a life of long-distance exploration, he dug into his pockets before making Sang Hyun's comment. Sang Hyun proceeds slowly to get the goodies full of seeds. From the mirror mirage, the root bowed lifelessly. Sang Hyun goes to his father's constituents who are still active, "When I was a kid.."

"..Father for my faith is not strong enough.."

"...But why did my parents force me to work as a priest?"

Sang Hyun cries, “I told you I hate it!..”

“…I don't need to work as a priest! I'm done for!"

You can follow the mirage of Sang Hyun hitting his father blindly. After the massacre, Sang Hyun walks into the kitchen. In an instant, he managed to destroy a bottle of the faucet solution design. The hall phone rang. Sang Hyun grew hoarse.

"Is this Yoon's hall?"

“..Yoon is not appearing in parliament again this year”

Sang Hyun suddenly sits on his brother's unlocked ledge. Yoon worked early before sneaking the early crossing at the gate before it was useful to strengthen his resilience from the moment Sang Hyun suddenly choked the gate pin before turning. Hwa Pyung proceeds, he doesn't trace the scratches on his feet. He suddenly stopped, his eyes hard to realize that he had followed Sang Hyun's residence from a distance.

A woman who followed Hwa Pyung hardened and held her vehicle. He looked up and was amazed to marry what was born there. Hwa Pyung didn't budge, the therapist approached him, "Hey, are you just disrespectful?"

Hwa Pyung entered instructions, the girl was the theme of watching pimples all over Hwa Pyung's men. "There, there" The woman recovered into the car before putting forward a peaceful seat for the boy, "Wait in the car. Mother will recover." The cadet ignored him.

"You don't need to say add root?"

The root is not too worried about adding to the boy's lust. After his mother died, Kang Gil Young loved loud music. Sang Hyun lays eggs calling the gate of Gil Young's root tempo gate sailing to the gate. Yoon was lying on the backside of the sleeping container, blocking his mouth. Sang Hyun crouched down, his eyes horrified, "I forbid you to skip class!"

Sang Hyun is on guard before contacting his sister, but the meter at the gate stops him.

The face that was originally abundant with seeds is now not clean, "Is there anything we can do to help?"

“There is a young cadet at your house. Is he sitting here?”

“My sister was found in the hall”

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Mother gave him probing insight. He put the file carrying customs on Sang Hyun's shirt. Sang Hyun hastily planted his bloody hand. Mother smiled, "Oh I see.."

"'s hot outside. Can we have a glass of water please?"

Mother pushed aside ID, "Ahh. I flower overseer"

Sang Hyun watched to the end before his tail let go. The woman did not detect that she thought it was accompanied by a deadly mark. He dispersed on the cross, his thirst for ijtihad needs to understand growing. Sang Hyun was stunned to come without warning. Mother made the glass, “Thank you. No group found in the building.."

“..I'll be leaving after sipping this”

Sang Hyun didn't answer, he just begged physically because he needed to take a bath. Gil Young's mother is wary. He simply removed his glass and slowly stomped around the room. Mom wanders alone but is caught off guard by the member of the Yoon family head who has died. He didn't really care about observing the corpse, but the mula had a hard time stuffing his nose when the double cleavage smelled. Sang Hyun lazier and lazier grabbed his hand. He muttered categorically as he observed himself in the mirror.

With the lowest goals achieved, he began to call out, "I'm in a separate building on the threshold of Yoonmyeon crossing .."

“..Bring the role of many accomplished” Mom goes down Yoon's porch and puts him on a boar of fear. The starter acquires the expertise to take on the role.

"Come here.."

"..Does not matter"

Yoon turned his head, he was stunned for a moment. Mother scanned her gaze. But finished late, he slumped after embracing the confidence of a single blow. Mother added all her strength to restrain Sang Hyun. He stuns Yoon to carry himself as fast as he can. "You trash! Why did you hide it!"

Sang Hyun finds it easier to parry the past expert smacking him and strangling him to the floor. Sang Hyun made the award alarm. There was a splash of split spout blowing when the sound of impact was heard. Yoon runs breathlessly through the still flabbergasted Hwa Pyung. Gil Young crashes into the car, he grabs Yoon's hand to ask where his mother is. Yoon waved his head. Gil Young gasped, "Where's my mom?!"

"I do not understand!"

Gil Young wants to go to his mother. Hwa Pyung grabbed his arm to stop him from leaving, "You will die if you enter there." Not long after, the watcher's alarm signal sounded. Gil Young wept bitterly as he reached the end of the procession that invited his mother's element to be clenched. Hwa Pyung squirmed and drifted away with the scary scars, but his steps were stopped after observing Sang Hyun's look at the distant flower.

Flashback End

Adult Hwa Pyung is seen driving a taxi.

Adult Hwa Pyung is seen driving a taxi.

2018, Sangyong City Hwa Pyung is grown up so very capable of taking taxis. He then raised his voice as he pursued the former chime in the restaurant, "One round of menus!"


Two cronies of the same kind were greeted, “Hi new pitcher. Have you finished fulfilling your quota?”

"Not yet. I'm not a new group..."

“..I'm moving” The long shirt added, “He fits. You're taking a taxi to another castle, aren't you?”

Hwa Pyung allows because he is chasing someone. "It's not public to a young man..."

"..You are being chased by moneylenders?", said the bespectacled man.

His friend disagreed, "Hyung. Maybe he's after his girlfriend who ran away hahahahaha"

"I'll tell you if beta installs your wife who takes herself away from you", Hwa Pyung finished. "Hahaha, damn it. He's a funny guy."

Hwa Pyung's heart caught the note of the book, "A 40-day-old man surnamed Jung.."

"...Stab and destroy any depot employees who are caught..."

“…With a sickle after arguing. After practicing that cruelty…”


The disbanded information appears because Hwa Pyung is currently in the media complacent driving after passengers. “Take me to any guest house. Hurry up.” Hwa Pyung complied.

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The man stepped on the act of sliding the girl beside him who stopped very drunk. Hwa Pyung always uses the ideal mirror. He suddenly disconnected the car. The evil man was surprised, "Why? What's wrong?"

"She's not your boyfriend, is she?"

"That is none of your business"

"You have to be careful if you don't need to be found out"


“Her sister is a police officer. You don't know?", Hwa Pyung's speech was scattered with certainty. The man stomped squeezing his arms, "How do you know?"

"I hold psychic prowess..."

“..I was supposed to play a fortune teller but it's a long story..”

“..Looks like you even keep a grumpy lover”

The man revealed how long the girl's cell phone would find. Without the screen, Hwa Pyung even more excitedly said, “Try beta see. He was contacted by his brother..." "...What are you going to do?"

Suddenly the feeling of the man stuttered, he felt himself fish.

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