Synopsis of Drama The Guest Episode 1 Part 1 English Subtitles

Synopsis of Drama The Guest Episode 1 Part 1

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Synopsis of Drama The Guest Episode 1 Part 1

Synopsis of Drama The Guest Episode 1 Part 1

Synopsis of Drama The Guest Episode 1 Part 1 English Subtitles

Hwa Pyung's adult narration, “That creature...”

“..From the East Sea” was near the beach, a middle-aged woman was exhausted while distributing flyers for a sushi restaurant. then the girl tossed the sheet and glanced at it. "Those creatures possess people..."
"...he entered the human body from his weakness."
“..And possessed them.” Aunt sat down to relax. His face had a strange look, a ghastly gaze looking directly at the impudent woman."People who are possessed by evil spirits are no longer human"

Aunt then approached her, she grabbed the girl's head and stabbed her knife many times viciously. "He likes the death of someone, who deceives him..."
“..And laugh at them”
"Sohn is from the East Sea"

Episode 1
In 20 Years Ago, Gyeyangjin
the villagers were busy preparing for the ceremonial rituals. Grandpa Yun called his grandson and told him to come out to help the parents. Hwa Pyung, who was watching the cartoon, was very upset, hearing his name being called, he made the television volume louder. “Hwa Pyung, stop being so rude.”

Hwa Pyung is watching television

"..Turn off the sound of the TV!", scolded Mr. Yun. Hwa Pyung immediately turned his head, "the appearance of that woman scares me" Everyone is amazed. Grandpa Yun asked which woman he meant. Hwa Pyung pointed at him, "The woman hiding behind grandpa.." There was a scary figure behind the bespectacled grandfather. “…That woman has no hair”

Grandpa Yun suddenly froze. Preparation complete. Master Yun immediately approached the boy and advised him. "You're going to do it again?..." “…Father forbid you to say that in front of the villagers!! Grandpa corrected, "20 years ago, the first daughter of an elder died of lung cancer." "...She screamed in pain..."
“…That's what they saw…” “…a psychic present who came from a shaman family” Grandma understood, "We have to accept it because it's psychic destiny".

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Master Yun didn't care, he was even more shocked. Hwa Pyung is shaking. Mom told dad to do something Grandma said. My father, who was still angry at the time, had to step aside. Hwa Pyung asked his mother. what's wrong with him. Mother denied convincingly, "No, but from now on. If you see something, pretend you don't see..." “…And look at mom. Understand?" Hwa Pyung nodded, mom was happy and then fed her sweets.
“I don't want those mints” “Why? This is mom's favorite candy." Residents walked hand in hand on the streets. Hwa Pyung suddenly crouched down to pick up weeds. Woong Jin stopped. Hwa Pyung asks why they have to worship water and rain.
"We begged to get lots of fish." “..and our ship was spared from the accident. There are other reasons too.”
"What's that ?"
"You know a ghost named Park Il Do?"
“Park Il Do?” Woong Jin crouched down, he whispered in fear, "I heard this when I was a child..."
" that time, a strange man came to our village.."
“…He that man has mental problems. After that man came…”
"...Some of the villagers then disappeared..."
"...Rumors say that the missing person was killed by that man..."
"..But it turns out he was possessed by a ghost" Hwa Pyung focused on listening while playing with weeds.
"The ghost said his name..."
Hwa Pyung immediately replied, “Park Il Do?”
Woong Jin excitedly confirmed, "The villagers performed the exorcism ritual but failed..."
"...the villagers tried to force him to leave and the man went crazy..." "He then stabbed a knife into his eye and ran into the East Sea..."
"..He's not dead even though he's floating in the water and still looking."
“..while looking at the villagers” Woong Jin glared at Woo Joon, "Since then people have said, 'Park Il Do' is coming.."
"..' Sohn Comes'" "Sohn?"
"Yes, you know, Sohn means guest..." The explanation was cut off by my angry mother hitting Woong Jin's shoulder, "What did you tell my son? I want to know!!!"

villagers send offerings to the sea

villagers send offerings to the sea

Mother pulled her son away. Night falls, the ritual is held. The psychic (Hwa Pyung's grandmother) led the ceremony. Byeolsungut Mountain and Fire, a village ritual that worships peace and good luck. Started.“Go south of the river..”

"..But things got worse.."
"...We humans are a river..."
“…We humans are mountains. winding river…”
“..Mountain too high”
The sacred ceremony is over. The voice of a middle-aged woman's prayer accompanied Woong Jin's steps and several villagers delivered offerings to the middle of the water.
"Now we gather to pray for our well-being."
"...Please give our village water and light."
"..we ask that the harvest this year is very good.."
"...Please provide our boat with abundant fish..."
"..Please give us peace for our family.."
“..And bless us with a happy life.”
"..We ask that all our wishes will be granted.."
“…Every member of our family. We wish you…”
"Allow us to use the blue and red flags on our ships as our flags."
“…we want our boat to be filled with abundant fish. We pray for you,” Grandpa Yun added as he pushed the ceremonial offerings.

Woong Jin fell into the water, the villagers laughed at him. Woong Jin tells that he's okay. some people are starting to move away from the beach but Woong Jin is still walking leisurely on the beach. Woong Jin turned his head because something caught his attention. Suddenly his body was attracted. all the villagers called his name. Woong Jin's head then came to the surface, his breath gasping for air. A resident rushed to help him. The white tassels suddenly moved quickly.

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Mom hugs Hwa Pyung, while Grandma closes her eyes and dreams, she mumbles, "Sohn is coming.. He's coming!". not long after that grandma screamed hysterically and saved her grandson. He is now sitting on the terrace of Hwa Pyung's house while waiting for some villagers, but his behavior is a little crazy. Woong Jin scratched his neck until his skin bled and beat his right eye mercilessly. Grandpa Yun was worried and asked how he was.

"...You can't see with those eyes yet?"

Woong Jin fell silent and glanced sharply at Grandpa Yun who was bothering him from a distance. Woong Jin went to get a knife and stabbed the knife into Grandpa's stomach. Screams broke out, About five men were ordered to hold Woong Jin's body. However, the obstacle was very easy for Woong Jin to cross, his right eye blackened. It easily broke the barrier. Woong Jin laughed, he started to aim the knife. The new grandma immediately shouted, "You!!"

Woojin looked up.

“Remove that knife! right now!"

Woong Jin did stop but without hesitation, he immediately stabbed his changing eyes. Master Yun, who was carrying Grandpa at that time, was frightened and could not speak. Hwa Pyung is curious, he goes out but is blocked by Woong Jin. Woong Jin shouted at the boy then his body fell. Hwa Pyung suddenly faints. Master Yun who was confused, immediately put his grandfather down and ran to take the child inside to be examined. Dad said that the doctor said that Hwa Pyung was fine. Mother asked, "You can't see with your right eye yet?"

Hwa Pyung tries to close his left eye and looks through his right eye and says that his right vision is blurry. Hwa Pyung looked sharply at the sky. Mother gently told him to speak. but hwa pyung stay silent

"..If I say it, he said he will kill everyone", Hwa Pyung trembles making mom and dad startle while Grandma follows Hwa Pyung's eyes.

In the middle of the night, mom checks the bed and wakes up because she can't find Hwa Pyung. The mother repeatedly called but there was no answer. Mom comes out, she sees Hwa Pyung walking alone in the dark. The mother continued to follow where her child went until she came to a sea filled with large rocks. He lost track of his son and called out to him until his voice was hoarse.

While Hwa Pyung looks shaky, he hides behind a boulder and looks at his frustrated mother. Hwa Pyung was silent and slowly stood up. The next day, Hwa Pyung's mother's body floated on the seawater. Master Yun ran and was stopped by several people. some neighbors pulled him away from the water.

Hwa Pyung walks towards the sea

Not long after, my grandmother also died with my mother. His body was hanging from the tree. The battered Master Yun could only drink alcohol in front of Grandpa's late wife and mother's photo to relieve his stress.

At the same time, the exorcism ritual was taking place outside. The shaman recited several prayers. Hwa Pyung sits huddled and sad. From a distance, Master Yun looked at the boy. Hwa Pyung's body trembled even more as the Shaman danced. The shaman stuck two blades in his grip before finally slamming them into the pig's head. He fiercely bit the raw meat earlier.

The shaman crouched down and approached the child, his lips filled with fresh blood. Hwa Pyung is getting scared. The shaman continued his mantra, "Poor child possessed by an evil spirit.."

“…He was possessed by a spirit that came from a suicidal person. Get away from this kid."

"...If you don't go then I will send my leader..."

“...Separating your meat from your bones and then cooking it in a cauldron…”

"...Evil spirit escaped!!!!!!", shouted the Shaman who then made a movement as if stabbed two knives into Hwa Pyung's body.

shouted Hwa Pyung and then gave a horrible look. The shaman whose eyes had changed color suddenly fell backward and spurted blood from his mouth. The shaman glanced at Hwa Pyung who was already in grandfather's arms, he said, "He must be killed"

Master Yun approached because it was not clear. The shaman continued, "He..."

“… An evil spirit came in and killed him”

"He's one of them..."

"...He controls the little ghosts..."

"...And let them into the weak..."

" the possession of a powerful ghost that is difficult to exorcise.."

"..He must be killed!"

The shaman raised his knife to stab the ghost but immediately collapsed Hwa Pyung also lost consciousness but Master Yun did not react. He looked at her with hateful eyes.

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