Synopsis Drama Kingdom Season 2 Episode 6 English Subtitles [END]

Synopsis Drama Kingdom Season 2 [END]

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Synopsis Drama Kingdom Season 2 Episode 6 English Subtitles [END]

Synopsis Drama Kingdom Season 2 Episode 6 [END]

Synopsis Drama Kindom Season 2 Episode 6 English Subtitles [END]

Starting with the remaining survivors, working together, and also contemplating how they will survive. Chang says not to die for him while the Queen sits on the throne and also watches as the zombies flow. Seo Bi opens fire and lights a torch in an attempt to guard them, as the angry Queen allows herself to be attacked and eaten by zombies. Seo Bi takes care of the surrounding mob, picks up the baby, and uses the burnt robe to escape from the room and keeps her safe from zombie attacks.

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Meanwhile, the rest of the guards decide to try and get Chang out through the back garden. He formulated a plan to use themselves as bait, dropping blood into the gutter as a nuisance as it marched across the roof. Beom Pal slips, leading Young Shin to save him with a precise bullet that hits the Zombie's head. But one of the other soldiers is unlucky, and the zombies use it as a stepping stone up to the roof.

Once there, Chang and the others battled the zombies one by one trying to cross the roof. With zombies following them on the roof, that's all Seo Bi needed to escape from the place. However, he found the child bleeding and when he put it down, he looked surprised as he was bitten on his arm. Meanwhile, Chang and others made it to the frozen lake, To survive. A storm of zombies crosses the lake, the troops use their remaining bullets to shoot at the ice, in an attempt to make them all completely collapse into the icy deep waters, while the rest of the group engages in battle with other zombies.

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Chang received a bite on his shoulder, while the rest of the group was overwhelmed, Chang used his fists to try to break the ice. As all hope seems lost, another wave of zombies is enough for Chang to try and redouble his efforts as Ha Joo's zombie demands are right for him. As he did so, Chang took advantage of his momentum to drop the man into the lake first and eventually break the ice as everyone plunged into the water. The broken ice and parasitic worms in their wounds disappeared, the victims gasping for air to reach above and also make it to the surface.

In the aftermath of the battle, they make it to the palace where Chang is told he must kill the child to avoid rebellion from others. Chang wanders around the palace to find Seo Bi and the child. He asks him not to kill Moo Young's son but Chang raises the sword looking to kill. Until finally jumping into the next 7 years to see the zombie threat has disappeared. Chang clearly saves the child and in turn, helps him make him the viceroy of the land.

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Locked records as well as the true nature of what happened to the young King are kept secret. The survivors decide to do their best to prevent him from discovering the truth about zombies. At Hanyang, Young Shin comes to greet Beom Pal whereupon flashbacks see Chang clearly didn't kill the child and also makes a promise that he will definitely recover from the infection. With her telling him that the worms left his body, Chang realizes that one person needs to die and that person himself. He tells Kim Sun to help guide the boy to become the best King for the country and sacrifice himself, disappearing into the light and perhaps never being heard from again.

During the scene to Seo Bi and Chang, we see them working together, heading to Hwanghae to try and track down someone who is trying to shed the infection once again. Young Shin gives him a journal and he also gives him an ominous warning that there might be a zombie virus in the future. Seo Bi and Chang made it to their destination where they heard a bell ringing when they were ready. An infected man demands payment for them but Chang decapitates the zombie. But more bells rang in the distance because another plague might have occurred.

As the scene traverses the destroyed buildings, we see inside the house where the zombies are kept in boxes because a mysterious woman is clearly the one who started this infection again and she is the one who spreads the resurrection plants across the land. The woman is the Queen.

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