Synopsis Drama Kingdom Season 2 Episode 5 English Subtitles

Synopsis Drama Kingdom Season 2

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Synopsis Drama Kingdom Season 2 Episode 5 English Subtitles

Synopsis Drama Kingdom Season 2 Episode 5

Synopsis Drama Kingdom Season 2 Episode 5 English Subtitles

Beginning Chang asked if there was a group if they were able to continue fighting. While they did so, executions continued in Hanyang on orders from the Queen. Gang Yung arrives at the trial and also spills the whole truth about what Chang did and also how he turned out to be a traitor, who is currently being held at the Military Academy. The Royal Guards came and fired a barrage of arrows towards the building, they found the place completely empty. Immediately realizing it was a trap to lure the soldiers out of the city, while Chang, who was marching towards the Hanyang gate and also with his guards they entered, closed the door behind them.

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Meanwhile, Beom Pal reads the execution report but after seeing the crying faces in front of him, stops the guards and also considers the order. As Chang approaches, Beom Pal informs him, the Royal Commandery is by his side. With the guards now defected and on Chang's orders, the rightful heir to the throne leads the group into the palace. The ministers knelt for forgiveness when Chang ignored their remarks and instead went to greet the Queen herself, who was sitting on the throne with her son.

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He refuses to go and challenges her to kill him. In the dungeon, Seo Bi tries and breaks free from her restraints. He eventually manages this but after escaping his cell, the zombies rise and chase the guards in the palace. When Hell started to break, Chang looked at the Queen in shock as she played with her hands, it was she who released the zombies and let Hanyang collapse. Seo Bi marches up the stairs informing them, the plague has arrived and they too have to leave now.

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Chang gave orders to rally the ministers to his side to try and thwart the infection before exhausting the palace. A battle inevitably broke out when several battle sequences were carried out, one of which was the battle outside the palace gates. The zombies continued to attack and after destroying the wave of attackers, and with no screams left, the group heaved a sigh of relief as they suspected they had kept the infection under control. But the truth is far more terrifying.

There were so many and a sea of ​​corpses, too many for the group to be able to handle. By the time the sun went down, the group seemed to have no way out.

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