Synopsis Drama Kingdom 2 Episode 3 Subtitles English

The Synopsis Drama Kingdom Season 2

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Synopsis Drama Kingdom 2 Episode 3 Subtitles English

The Synopsis Drama Kingdom 2 Episode 3

Synopsis Drama Kingdom 2 Episode 3 Subtitles English

It started 3 years ago when Hak Joo presented flowers to An Hyun telling him that these flowers can bring dead people back to life. They also conspire together to take advantage of the sick people in Sumang and also turn them into zombies to change the tide of battle tactics. An Hyun explains to him he doesn't want any part of this but after being nearly ambushed by one of the zombies in Hak Joo, seeing the monster in the face is enough to change his mind. After seeing the devastation wrought by this plague, An Hyun vows to fix the mistake in the future.

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Present, Chang tells the other soldiers what happened, Seo Bi revives An-Hyun. Thanks to Dr. Lee as well as the plant samples themselves, Chang gets up telling them he is not after the throne, nor is he trying to deceive them, he wants to stop people from suffering. Now is the time to rise up and do what's right for the country, he told them before asking the soldiers, and Gang Yung to join his cause. As they were delayed inside, they discussed their next move as well as how to save those inside the fortress.

Watching from a distance, Chang and the others fired cannons in hopes, the people running with the food shop in the carriages would arrive at the fort in time. They take advantage of hidden passages to enter and also provide the food they desperately need. For now, the plan seems to be going perfectly. Meanwhile, Seo Bi watches over the bitten Hak Joo, sure he won't turn into a zombie. Beom Pal asks him to try to save his Uncle, prompting him to use it as a way of trying to find an antidote for the zombie bite.

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As the two spoke he realized the Queen might have been using the plants for herself. Making his way out, Moo-Young helps him race with Hak Joo's body as they search for further answers. In pursuit, Young Shin and Lee Chang chase after them while Royal Command is arrested after its investigation, leading him to the Queen's chambers where he barges in and finds nothing. Seo Bi pleads with Moo-Young, to tell the truth about what he is doing right now.

He mentions sandalwood and how pregnant women shouldn't take it, leading him to realize the Queen might lose her baby and he does this to women to snatch one of them, a son to be used as the new Prince. With him using the child as his weapon and puppet. Moo Young can't think for long as he is ambushed by troops who shoot him with a barrage of arrows as Seo Bi tends to his injuries.

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Beom Pal apologizes but asks him to go with him before it's too late, proceeding to admit his Uncle ordered Moo Young to be treated. Seo Bi and others scramble to leave, Chang catches hold of Moo Young in his arms as he tells Chang, something happened in Naesonjae with Queen, who mentions his wife is also pregnant. When he apologized, he died in Chang's arms. Just like him, Moo Young's wife gave birth and it turns out that she just had a son. The same boys are likely to be Princes unless Chang can stop them.

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