Synopsis Drama Kingdom 2 Episode 2 Subtitles English

The Synopsis Drama Kingdom 2

Netgenz - Synopsis | Watch Drama Kingdom Season 2 Episode 2 English Subtitle - If you have trouble watching Korean drama Kingdom Season 2, you can find a live streaming website, please refer to the following reviews, also read Synopsis Drama Kingdom 2 Episode 1 English Subtitles.

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Synopsis Drama Kingdom 2 Episode 2 Subtitles English

The Synopsis Drama Kingdom 2 Episode 2

Synopsis Drama Kingdom 2 Episode 2 English Subtitles

At the base camp, 5 troops with Seo Bi contemplate designing the next plan. In the middle of the night, he slipped out of the tent rushing into the palace, following a group of men as they headed into the palace. At the same time, Prince Chang and the others rushed towards the wall and made their way towards the upper barricade. They continued, Prince Dan Others secretly infiltrated the camp and started killing when Chang walked on purposely. Young Shin notices there are few men and tells them all to be careful as this could be a trap.

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As Hak Joo steps out of the shadows, all but confirms the rebellion. Chang's father and King have turned into zombies. An Hyun alerts the group and as he walks away, Hak Joo orders the troops to shoot him from behind. Gripping the palace door, An Hyun shot several times before he fell. As he does so, Chang appears before the group when he beheads the King and finds himself overcome with grief. When following the death that appeared in court in the final episode, government officials also questioned Naesonjae for clues about the murderous act.

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As they headed out, they found a caravan marching towards the village. It contains many corpses that match the description given by the last episode, as well as more clues as to what the Queen's evil plans are. Chang's actions had severe consequences. He is imprisoned for high treason while Hak Joo is given a chance to rise. But before she did, the Queen went into labor, which was a very good time given the circumstances. It turns out that the Queen is the one who gave the order to kill other women, in an attempt to snatch their child for herself.

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Seo Bi went to see Chang and patched it up, but he accidentally dropped something on the floor with water, obviously scaring him. Young Shin and the others are imprisoned and try to formulate a way to get out of prison, believing that one of them has also become a traitor. In the morning, the prisoners freed themselves and also tried to overcome the troops. Young Shin manages to confiscate their guns and shoots Hak Joo. Only, another soldier blocked and received the shot.

Before Young Shin can be dealt with, An Hyun rises from the dead, prompting the group to watch in horror as the lone zombie troop demands Hak Joo, then the zombie bites his cheek.

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