Synopsis Drama Kingdom 2 Episode 1 English Subtitles

The Synopsis Drama Kingdom 2

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Synopsis Drama Kingdom 2 Episode 1 English Subtitles

The Synopsis Drama Kingdom 2 Episode 1

The Synopsis Drama Kingdom 2 Episode 1 English Subtitles

It started 3 years ago with Hak Joo questioning whether a plant would bring zombies. As he spoke with his council, they contemplated whether to use this to their advantage or not. After a short prologue, we head back to the battlefield as Lee Chang and the others wait for the zombies to come their way. He told them all to prepare their weapons to face the zombies. It wasn't enough and the Zombies had overrun them, forcing them to set up extra defenses.

The number of Zombies was very large because the riders managed to reach Sangju Fort and also informed them that zombies were coming. Back on defense, the cannons proved a bit of help even though they managed to get rid off waves of zombies from the front. As they flooded the wall and also threatened to break through, Lee Chang tried in vain to hold the line before deciding to retreat. Meanwhile, Young Shin leads the group on a raft towards Sangju, which is their only hope.

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They did, Lee Chang and the rest of the group continued to flee as the zombies managed to reach into the stream. The doctor finds out about the secret passage and as they rush to the gate, the group scrambles to unlock it when they find themselves trapped in a siege of zombies. Young Shin helps hold the defense when they finally manage to break through from a swarm of zombies. Although unable to close, Beom Il finds himself bitten so he sacrifices himself to save the others, stabbing a knife into his stomach to grab hold of the door with his own body. 

It gave them precious time to escape and they grabbed this opportunity and ran away from the place. At the same time, Seo Bi keeps climbing as she realizes sunlight is not what zombies fear, it's temperature so high. Realizing the numbers below haven't increased since the night before, Seo Bi decides to climb the mountain and head for Saejae.

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The Queen continues to hide the truth from her father, declaring that when she gives birth to a new Prince, no one will challenge her. The shaman in front of him gave a message and his plans continued to unravel, for the time being, kept in the shadows in his mind. Beom Pal makes it to his Father and also begs him to forgive and also to help him. She looks at him disdainfully and explains to him that Beom Il is dead. Seo BI kept coming back, listening to the game before admitting she was a doctor. This immediately sparked his interest and when he looked at him he told them to make sure he had suitable accommodation and was very good. 

At the fort, the group rations their food when An Hyun mentions her illness. Lee Chang catches this wind and Moo Young is by his side, they discuss the implications. One of the Government clerks stepped forward admitting he was the one who started the fire as he just wanted to feed his child but he accidentally dropped a lamp to do so. At Mungyeong Saejae, Seo Bi sees a plant and tries to formulate a plan to reverse a disease that damages the body. Encouraged to try and save those in the fort, he continues to work until Hak Joo catches him using a plant.

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Realizing he knows about the resurrection, he decides to take him with him to Hanyang to meet the Prince in the future, starting their work is far from over. Lee Chang decides to go to Saejae, a dangerous journey requires a very long journey. With the zombies distracted by the guards on the walls dropping blood below, Prince Chang returns through the tunnel after delivering a timely delivery for their fallen friend. With the torches out, they prepare for the next chapter when Chang swears that Hak Joo will be killed by his sword.

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