Synopsis Drama The Guest Episode 2 Part 1 English Subtitles

Synopsis Drama The Guest Episode 2 Part 1

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Synopsis Drama The Guest Episode 2 Part 1 English Subtitles

Synopsis Drama The Guest Episode 2 part 1

Synopsis Drama The Guest Episode 2 part 1 English Subtitles

Hwa Pyung cares that the man who appears while joking around on the backside is Young Soo who is fighting at the wheel rehal. Young Soo runs fast, Hwa Pyung and Gil Young follow. The chase scene through the scales and the fronds of the hall was unavoidable. Young Soo walked away, he was able to break through the small window antecedent of the opposite hall which was too high for the crowd. Hwa Pyung and Gil Young disperse briefly before Hwa Pyung's trail mix the scales.

Hwa Pyung combines Young Soo who will run and explore the hall. He grazed the man's elements but instead, his body was blown away. Hwa Pyung falls, Young Soo strangles him and waves the tucked-in umbrella. Gil Young was born close to his time. He continued to crush the Young Soo element when the umbrella fell.

Young Soo raises the hall to be hit, Gil Young spawns dodge. Gil Young gets wet, Young Soo strangles him, but some time later Gil Young's art of physical support can knock him down.
 Gil Young hastily handed over the articulation of the neck, Hwa Pyung practically went to Young Soo's tail - just limp and dark moving. “I thought I wouldn't have the engagement to catch you,” Gil Young's voice panted.

"What do you think you do with your daughter?", Hwa Pyung talks.
 Young Soo just came to the crowd, he slumped to speak, "I don't know..what..." Young Soo is unconscious, Hwa Pyung and Gil Young are using the locking trick, standing in front of them packing their breaths looking for a way that is still uncertain. Young Soo suddenly realized, he was pretending 

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again but his body stopped colliding, "He was lying on the ground.."

"..And I stabbed him with an umbrella"

"Did you kill him? Your wife too?", reproached Gil Young.

"Yes, I stabbed the over-reasoning old fart..."

"..and that guy too.."

"...That bastard has a soft palate..."

“...The knife pierced through his skin with ease.”

"..She wept and worshiped life, and I closed her mouth.."

"..He fainted, and died"

Gil Young can't stand it, he holds his face

"Wake up! Since you confessed, you will take you to the office, Wake up!!"

Young Soo merely collects her lips and becomes more indistinct.

"What are you doing? I woke up a lot!"

“My feet… you…

Gil Young who is locked on the roof

Gil Young who is locked on the roof

Hwa Pyung talks that Young Soo is not upas going.

"What do you mean?"

"He's not upas going now, the crew will take him to the car"

Gil Young makes the child gobang proof plus cloth. While Hwa Pyung poked Young Soo.

Arriving at the gaba gaba pouring roof scale, Hwa Young even interrupts Gil Young. Gil Young stuttered while slamming words to suggest that it be opened.

Hwa Pyung recommends Young Soo to his best friend's work container. Yook Gwang stopped him from entering, "I told you not to recommend this kind of spirit recovery.."

"..No! You're not upas! I'm telling you to shower now, you bastard**k!"

Yook Gwang activates the Hwa Pyung component.

"I found it. Sohn supposedly came..."

“..She was scared because of Park Il Do..”

"..Quickly we have to practice expulsion!"

Hwa Pyung steps in, the resourceful Yook Gwang blocks his way, “No wait!! I don't have enough crew!.."

“…Park Il Do or something. It's a strong juxtaposition..."

“…We will have no hope against him”

Yook Gwang rolled on the ground, “My body hurts…”

"..I didn't up to do it, what was the birth?.."

"...Don't! Step over my corpse first!"

Hwa Pyung wants to surpass his friend's side. Yook Gwang has Hwa Pyung's part, "Listen to Hwa Pyung.."

"...I'm trying to find the best sense of the creek you're suggesting someone here..."

“..I'm a bit out of my life trying it”

“Then what should we do?!”

Yook Gwang stood up, "Only the holy sons of Adam can practice this kind of perjuz"

“We don't have time! This guy kinda lost his previous body!…”

“...We have to practice expulsion!”

Hwa Pyung lays shriveled eggs.

"He's driving me crazy. He won't listen."

"..Hya, you are aware of this birth, it seems that you have picked up many strong families", Yook Gwang groaned with more determination.

Yoon and Priest Han were seen holding the church, "Should we go to the shaman's building?"
"Of course.."

“..If someone is possessed, we have to be quiet”, said Priest Han.

Hwa Pyung monitors Young Soo who has been laid down. He later turned around, "Let's see how respectful you guys are."

“..One who holds power”

Yook Gwang rebuked, "Don't be rude and call assembling like that .."

"..I'm sorry tiktok"

"I don't remember who assembled it..."

"..All you have to do is assemble Sohn together."

“..I'm in a hurry – uber look let's make it”

Print Han looks up, he asks for Young Soo's motive, "Did you do it?"

"No. A spy works crazy when he understands this man shot his family."

"Looks like he's not ahead..."

"...Are you looking at the symptoms?"

"Well, patik looked at everything. He thought he was possessed."

Yoon replied, "You really looked at him, did he really panic?"

“He shot his own family!..”

"..He doesn't do reasoning or play properly.."

"..But he was just walking away from me.."

",, I told you he was possessed!"

"Are you also a shaman?"

“I'm a taxi driver. Taxi driver. Understand ?!

"Then wait outside! You're bothering us"

Hwa Pyung snorts, he confirms Yoon's threshold if he is storing more ups and downs than assembling.
"Even though Patik doesn't hold too much joy and sorrow..."

"..But Patik understands the procedure with respect.."

"...We have to see if he really panicked first."

“..and we don't have to rush”

"He meets pass if it's late!", blurted Hwa Pyung.

Young Soo slowly got up, York Gwang in front first. Priest Han approached, “Are you just being respectful?”

Young Soo keeps strangling him. The flashlights are flashing.

Young Soo smelled Pyung act like wrapping Young Soo's arm while the rest give the devil's return wish. Priest Han, “You smell really bad, don't you?”

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Yook Gwang and Hwa

want to do an expulsion ritual

want to do an expulsion ritual

Yoon exterminates Priest Han plus finds a way of not believing in forgiveness before performing the exorcism.

"We don't have a choice. We don't save time."

“..Let's step on”

Yoon takes Hwa Pyung and Yook Gwang blushes outside.

"No! I will hand the equipment to him”

"No, you accept upas possessed"

"Worry yourself! Isn't this your first exorcism?"

Yoon irritated, "You scatter like you've been possessed"

"What did you say? You bastard**k!”

Hwa Pyung is about to hit, Yook Gwang alienates him already pushing him out.

Yoon pours the holy solution onto the elements and Yoong Soo's parts. Priest Han presented a recess, the referral flashlight flashing. Young Soo's muttering made Priest Han stunned.

"He picked up his wife's round .."

"..He clashed - looked at his daughter .."

"..And he stepped on horny"

Yoon gabak rioted his mentor. Priest Han made a recess but his focus was easily distracted.
"I'll take care of this beeswax..."

"..But he was caught by his step-Abu.."

“…He was beaten…”

“..And abused..”

“..When he was flaring up because of cancer..”

"..He went to meet her at the sick office.."

“..He's happy!!!!”

Priest Han drought equality of arms. Yoon caught him, he was already holding onto Priest Han's cross-reaching part before satisfying his conviction.
"Wait a moment.."

"..Are you there?"

Yoon turned. He trades and ignores but struggles, for a moment his eyes are against Young Soo's blindness.
"Am I right?.."

"...You were there.."

"...that's where you're hiding.."

"..That's you isn't it?.."

“..I know it's you!!!!”

Priest Han took his body as a city barrier, "Don't look at him!..."

"..Go out..."

“..Get out this time Mateo!!”

Yoon complied.
Hwa Pyung is amazing at scanning open doors. Yoon pours out that Priest Han will do the exorcism alone.


"Why did he do that part alone?", interrogated Yook Gwang. Yoon didn't answer.

The sound of galanga's thumping made Yook Gwang startled.

Hwa Pyung bursts into reading who is coming.

Hwa Pyung's eyes widen at the gate. Gil Young keeps clutching at his clothes.

"Hey, where is he?"

"Wait! Listen to me first!."

“..A ceremony is being performed at this time”

"Mo?? Who are these people? Is he in there?”

Gil Young trades his way through, Hwa Pyung and Yook Gwang prevent.
"Perhaps the supernatural is believed .."

"..But that man was grumpy and wanted to be expelled"

Gil Young considers it empty borax. He then suggested a taser (electric weapon, which is fast-watching action dramas must be familiar).

Not a period later, Priest Han came out. His face was pale, "All caps are over"

The two smarts left, leaving Yoon was chased to see Hwa Pyung who also threw the spotlight on him.
Gil Young finishes confining Young Soo to the passenger seat of his car.

"I'll ask to add a description of the order"

"I'm not beautiful plus everything you bring!!"

"He's really possessed..."

"..You must be principled giving to me"

"You're crazy, suggesting a model response.

Hwa Pyung is centrally listening to Young Soo's wild activities.

"You the amount you have to eat.."

“..Buy this extra drink”

"No !"

"Mom will scold me!"

Hwa Pyung thinks of what Young Soo's slave said to him.

Hwa Pyung panicked. He approached the southern tuning model for the steering wheel before correcting Gil Young so that his conscience would add to his eyes.

Gil Young drives the car, ignoring him.

Hwa Pyung froze. Yook Gwang approached, “Why?”

“I thought we failed”


Hwa Pyung paused, “It's over. stop"

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