Synopsis Drama The Guest Episode 1 Part 4 English Subtitles

Synopsis Drama The Guest Episode 1 Part 4 

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Synopsis Drama The Guest Episode 1 Part 4 English Subtitles

Synopsis Drama The Guest Episode 1 Part 4

Synopsis Drama The Guest Episode 1 Part 4 English Subtitles

Before leaving, Hwa Pyung ignored the warning that if Young Soo stepped on a supernatural act he told his wife to hurry up contacting him. Hwa Pyung tore the paper, "This is my number" "What? What do you mean?"

"Aa. Maybe he'll step on a different kind of acting up..."

"..You must be late in contacting me.."

"...Not the unit if you call me in the night room..."

"You understand?"

The awe nodded in agreement before his tail clogs the gates. I monitored a teenage thinker who had just returned from school. He used horror to ask, "Who are you?" Hwa Pyung at the gates thought for a moment, "Aaa. I just spoke like your old man.."

"..I'm from a social consortium"

The girl didn't ask anymore, she proceeded to descend the barrier to fly. "You didn't come in?"

"I have to continue my life and make a child course .."

“..But not the target to enter”

"Why? Did you freak out in front of your father?"

Young Soo's daughter blushed loudly because Hwa Pyung was up to find out. "I'm aware of articles like this..."

“..Don't worry, his condition will improve”

The girl was delusional because her brain was lined up so that her father's draft would not be able to recover. "But even though he was injured, he acted out the magic of these influences..." "What does that mean?"

"He's like a different kind"

Hwa Pyung who is very good at not only caressed Yuana Young Soo's body, "Are you monitoring something?"

The girl was scared, she pushed Hwa Pyung's body away, "I have to go to class" Hwa Pyung caught her mistake, she gave her capital to book a performance on the street. Young Soo's daughter disobeys with cynicism because she will grab the unit later. Hwa Pyung protects his head on the driver's seat. Suddenly he flinched as someone slammed his taxi mirror, "Oh my God, what's wrong?!"

Hwa Pyung breaks his glass, "I didn't want to take you because I was resting" Gil Young asked him to come down. After all, he's from the police.

"Why? Can't you park here?..."

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“..On TV, the guards showed their ticket stamps..”

"...Are you a patrol base?"

Gil Young snorted, he had to show his badge, "You left for the Nakmak Reservoir this morning, right?"

Hwa Pyung tries to cover up, “Really? Taxis go to many places”

Hwa Pyung's cell phone rings, he is based on an online customer, "Can we leave now?"

Without demanding an answer, he made the child of the mirror gate again. Gil Young suddenly clogs the pottery.

Hwa Pyung panicked, "Aa. Your hand... You upas hurt. You're kind of in the wrong"

"You got an intel on Naduk Nakmak.."

“..And in Shiil Service..”

".. That's your kadim!", demanded Gil Young.

The atmosphere at the police station

The atmosphere at the police station

Hwa Pyung simply stretches out his breath. Policeman Sangyong Gil Young investigated Hwa Pyung's torso clues, "You don't hold any criminal criticism.." "...SSI Yun Hwa Pyung... What did you do there so early?"

“I'm just passing by, smack a taxi driver” Gil Young isn't sure since it's a remote container.

"Yeah, we're not greedy and I have to figure out the dwarfs on the street ..."

"...Please forgive patik once again"

"Have you also just finished at the victim's area?" Hwa Pyung added a cool head to confirm, he would later change the subject after glaring at the man beside him whose face was battered. The man looks at Hwa Pyung and Gil Young in turn. Hwa Pyung realizes that he is not poisoned to understand Gil Young's etiquette, "You're still poisoned to do it now?" Gil Young exploded, “Hya. Do you need us to subdue you too? Answer my question!" Hwa Hyung didn't get scolded because he was just a witness, "Oh my God, are you allowed to do this?"


"Isn't that suspicious? what you did" Hwa Pyung was annoyed, "Want to tell the truth?"

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Hwa Pyung approaches, Gil Young sticks out his ear, "Listen. Maybe it sounds weird.."

“…But patik has a special gift. What do you have to say huh?”

“…I overresearched things. It started with a dwarf bug…”

"...Last night, suddenly we were researching the swindler leaving his hand on the riol"

(krikrikkrik) "Are you kidding?" Hwa Pyung is frustrated, he's completely sure this will happen. Det Go suddenly appeared, he reported that the effects of the prime khatam understanding were out. They were in a hurry to leave. Hwa Pyung langsai, “What about me? I have a crisis situation.” Gil Young added a little bit to ask for a crisis situation like what he meant.

"You won't believe me"

"Wait here!"

Det Go walking side by side with Gil Young in the police hallway

Det Go walking side by side with Gil Young in the police hallway

Hwa Pyung, who was reflexively present, raised his voice even more, although none of them paid any attention because Gil Young seemed to be in the process of playing. Det Go, who is in the process of helping Gil Young add in the police corridor, challenges her female lead before suspecting that Hwa Pyung will reconcile.

Gil Young thinks the weight of coming hesitated, "He visited the victim's income.."

"..And the opinion of the injured worker.."

"What for? It's very strange”, said Det Go

Gil Young asks what's in the CEO Shiil Service section.

"Salt. Body wet with bay solution. Isn't that weird?"

“…Is there a bay solution in that ditch? There is 14 stable pus…”

“…The location is random. Crazy bastard

"Either because he's crazy or hates.."

“…I think we should reconsider the opinion of the injured worker.”

They end up huddled in the corridor, "You don't think he can process or comment better" Gil Young doubts that this tambourine has anything to do with the growing family because the corrupt squandered his corpse on Riol, "And those white sneakers..." Det Go was surprised, “White sneakers ?” Gil Young nodded his head mysteriously.

Young Soo's wife, who had just finished destroying the pen data, said goodbye before work. He left the dirty topo mat. Suddenly she was surprised because she checked her husband's white sneakers covered in mud, "Why do you look like this?"

He doesn't talk too deep because Young Soo is challenging the solution. "Why is there always destroying these results?"

“..I will not refer to hanging in the morning”

The tuber wanted to thrust into the interior of the small pottery. Young Soo struggles.



"Mo?", the lady finally understood. He told Young Soo to take a slow sip.

The lady was worried because she accidentally checked the pus in her husband's elemental site, "What happened?"

"Let's die. Let's die..."

"Honey..what's wrong with you?", the lady stepped on and shuddered, "what happened to your hand?"

Young Soo didn't answer, he was spying on the wretch while muttering again, "Let's die!" The lady suddenly removed her hand, her voice cracked, her demeanor was rather worried, "Honey. I'm going to work." Instead of blushing, the mistress of assembling contacted Hwa Pyung randomly. Suddenly he burst out laughing after catching Young Soo commenting, remembering the words without bats and adding a terrible spirit, "Why? You're going to follow the foot?"

Young Soo's wife turned her head, her body shaking, "Honey..."

"...You're up to talk?"

Young Soo suddenly appeared, his body seemed to move. His wife's eyes widened, she didn't parse practically but pursed her mouth in surprise. Hwa Pyung is still in police custody. His eyes were guarded but his mind was drifting. In his vision, this hole he examined the Zurich embark, someone who was destroying the Zurich in his hand, and the look of the boy Young Soo who had just sailed rooted into the interior of the pen data suddenly dumbfounded by something.

Hwa Pyung is ahead but he's in a daze. Det Go approached, "You come as comfortable as in your own pendapa..."

"..You kadim tight here.."

"..You're so tired now.."

“..we checked your dashboard shot and found nothing suspicious”

Hwa Pyung guessed his steps.

"Hey, at least please live first!!"

Gil Young is more advanced, he hits Young Soo's Gaba. Gil Young changes direction for a moment after catching the whims of closed cars. Hwa Pyung runs, not stopping for a period of time before reaching Gil Young's container. Gil Young asks what brought him here but is ignored. Hwa Pyung sits on the unlocked button of the Gaba-gaba button, suddenly he discards the notion of worry. Gil Young shrugged his shoulders before limiting his roots. He also leads.

Gil Young tries to push the button but the light doesn't turn on, looks like he has to use a small flashlight. The trail of talented subordinates is there, struggling to follow him. Two ain lay centered near the section of Ms. Young Soo. Gil Young mumbles, “His body is wet again” Hwa Pyung wonders, one other light bulb flashes through another porch.

"Hey, what are you doing there?!"

"Husband and great-grandmother are not found in the pendapa"

"Her daughter?"

Hwa Pyung pushes aside Young Soo's newfound pitcher.

Gil Young is even angry, he's been bullying Hwa Pyung since the crime scene now. The battle that resulted in Hwa Pyung's hanging was pushed to pieces from the very beginning. Hwa Pyung makes his hand a sign of surrender. Suddenly the flashlight of the veil came on. Hwa Pyung looked around, "What's wrong?" Young Soo couldn't help but stand firm while babbling.

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