Synopsis Drama The Guest Episode 1 Part 3 English Subtitles

Synopsis of Drama The Guest Episode 1 Part 3 

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Synopsis of Drama The Guest Episode 1 Part 3

Synopsis of Drama The Guest Episode 1 Part 3 

Synopsis of Drama The Guest Episode 1 Part 3 English Subtitles

Hwa Pyung makes his drunk passenger's mobile phone child. Now he seems to be grazing the tears of the wife's followers, "Get up and drown the car.."

".. you close home.."

"...This is your house right?" The woman who materialized in a pinch hastily activated Hwa Pyung, "Who do you think it is?.."

“..I need to go on a date with him and you screwed it up, trash..”

“..Hey, patio doesn't mean to redeem the taxi donation!”

Hwa Pyung protests, but is ignored. When he was about to leave, he vaguely matched Sang Hyun's reflection. Hwa Pyung sharpened his eyes, suddenly a wife slapped the shoulder of a mysterious reflection,

"Oppa, liberation keeps you waiting.."

"Does not matter"

"Really? We have too much time. Want to make a living?"

"How about using a fried rooster?"

Hwa Pyung didn't bother to keep his eyes open, the two residents were hooked on finding the right way to sneak in and understanding. He referred to his early circles before looking at the seeds of friends he was currently looking for. Hwa Pyung sighed as he wasn't able to match anyone. In another instance, Yoon appears to rise through the jungle of darkness, it's his turn to accidentally notice a quirk similar to his brother's use. He took off the helmet of the sleeping beggar "Sorry I'm the wrong citizen"

The homeless man kept his hand, "I used to be a believer.."

"..Please charge patik esa euro so that patik upas order alcohol" Yoon received an understanding that he didn't care, he used the party to graze his arm before weeding his grip. Hwa Pyung knocks on the head of the middleman's office with a bang. Yook Gwang burst into tears, "You are a tall man with eyes.."

"...Which is filled with sexual acumen..."

"..You will leave your life like a free citizen.."

“…With alcohol, wives, and gambling…”

"..When it's old, it will die on the streets" Hwa Pyung ignores it without caring. He squirmed before continuing to enter.

"Hey, what are you doing in this ditch of my former job?"

Hwa Pyung ignores, he considers the former to be his personal stage, he currently chimes in slowly feeling the food is quite overdone while continuing the conversation, "Did you hear the news?" m"About the possessed citizens?..."

“...Don't fuss over the horrible verses on beeswax today...”

" news"

"Hya. You were seen here before marrying the article or before making a living?"

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“Both. You haven't heard from the other shamans yet?.”

“...Including Buddhist church and temple”

"Not many people are possessed by powerful ghosts" Hwa Pyung quipped, "Maybe they think you're not great anymore.."

Hwa Pyung is eating while chatting

Hwa Pyung is eating while chatting

“Hey, impolite lying slave. I'm Yook Gwang.."

“...Six flashes of light!” Hwa Pyung is present while his friend's temporary demeanor compliments his nagging, "Then it's depressed.."

“...Try playing the role of a shaman. You're possessed too!"

"It's been a long time. I'm not uniform anymore."

Yook Gwang asked about the condition of Yun's wearing. "Yes, you call him sometimes"

“What's his name, Pastor Choi (Sang Hyun)? Stop following him."

"...We didn't break the grip..."

“...Did the intimates look in the mirror? look at your mess."

“…Why does a young person like you act as if there is no tomorrow?” Even though he doesn't answer, it seems Hwa Pyung is getting more and more eager to link Sang Hyun. Hwa Pyung repeated, he said the game started from the plastic pocket. The camera's beam of announcements contained various obituaries that he found odd.

“The whole Family Dies as Part of Fire in Sangyong City” “The whole Family Killed”

"The strata hall mother in her 40s passed away after rubbing her eyes" Hwa Pyung fell asleep tidying up the mint candy donation to his mother. He terraced then took a breath, "Is the tuber here? .."

“…I hate that your watch is so small…”

"...But right now you're pretending you're still trying to check the spirits..."

"...If you wake up checking the bulbs..." Hwa Pyung stopped talking, he reached into his wallet to pick up Sang Hyun's picture, "..I'll catch him.."

“..I will catch him no matter what”

Hwa Pyung later picked up and wailed the one sweet that he was most troubled by in a small cage. Hwa Pyung's vision is dim, walking away without a man. Hwa Pyung has succeeded since his daydream, he hastened to do research on his laptop which is still on.

"Reservoir" Hwa Pyung before carefully and later clicked on the reflection of 1 Nakmak which was similar to what he saw in his vision. Hwa Pyung guessed suddenly. He propped his head against the top of the water canal.

A man who wandered off to marry what he made. Hwa Pyung asks him to fight the police. The stubborn man later snuggled up, "You link the substance there?" The boy's library stares in brackets in front of Hwa Pyung's vision. The police stepped in to investigate the cases. Gil Young is just getting started with the car.

Det Ko, who has just started, is accompanied by a male expert. He's cute because he uses a new program that he automatically buys to enjoy the holiday, "I agree that I will take my daughter to the water page"

"Water park? Forget it.."

"..we're overproducing and it's a homicide right now" Det Senior is getting ready to smoke a cigarette, he doesn't just check on Gil Young, "Look who's here.."

"...What is he doing here?" Det Go called. Gil Young snuggles closer while still gripping the snack. Senior Det was annoyed, “Is that how you name your crew? Is your neck stiff?”

"..Aaa..There's research to give you a disciplinary role.."

“ must be destroyed in the office”

Gil Young seems to be closed tofu, he thinks it's slow because the results haven't come yet.

“Who told him?! You?!”, pointing at Senior at Go

Det Go changed the topic, "Why do you live at the crime scene?" Gil Young even gave up on the light game you left behind. Det Go reflexively accepted, but soon he realized, "Oh my. Think about the past before acting" Senior Det immediately rebuked, "The man who you tortured the mind wants to sue you..."

"...Was waking up a gangster?"

"He's not the accused but the criminal."

"..besides he was presumed convicted of sexual harassment three times..."

“..He deserves to be beaten by a dead hook”

Det Senior tells him to shut up, he requires Det Go to re-carry Gil Young. Of course Gil Young doesn't heed it. He continued to enter the scene after the Senior Det. of the location. Det Go called for another snack.

"Did he close the identification?"

"The CEO of Shiil Service, his ID card, cellphone, and wallet are here..."

“..Looks like he died from bleeding after being stabbed right?..”

“..He was stabbed at least 15 times,” Gil Young says that the principles of the firefly were transferred here after discovering reason passed away. Det Go agrees, "He had to get to his knees inside the car before being moved here..."

“..The car is near”

"Is that true?" Detox nodded. Gil Young thinks it's weird.

"All these conditions are strange..."

"...Riol (exhaust canal) is dry, but arms are wet..."

".. does the water culminate from 1?", interrogated Det Go

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"...That's why you didn't trace anything"

Det Ko and senior det who just came out of the sewer

Det Ko and senior det who just came out of the sewer

Gil Young doesn't answer, he asks where the car is. Det Go inspects cars examined by forensic components. The fissures are visible on the ferry carriage. “Strange bastard”

"Who? Murder?"

"Why did he leave his car here and his body for real?"

"..He's poison to both the car and his body if he wants to..."

“..There seems to be a sign that he allowed his body to be retrieved”, thought Gil Young. Det Go denies that he didn't get rid of the killer's poison. A spy ran forward trying. Det Go continues to ask whether he is funny commenting using the post lifter. "Yes. But he's lacking he's not the first family to put the corpse in."

“…A man is found first.”

“..The taxi driver who came, hugged the errand boy (the dispatcher)”

"Taxi driver?" Det Go

Gil Young rushes to the Shiil Service ward.

"Why do you need a beta CEO puff?" "He was involved in a criminal incident..."

“…Did you guys get rid of possessions too?”

officer confirmed.

"Are you trying to get rid of the Nakmak Reservoir?" “About that….About two months ago”

"Something was born there isn't it?" “One of the beta workers injured”

"Wound?" The employee stood up, he argued that it was natural because eliminating the plantation world was a dangerous preoccupation, "Beta clients... force..."

“..So beta workers are taking ketimbis seriously”

"Did he put the CEO off?"

"He's just a temporary worker, it looks like the customer is pressing on, what kind of poison do we do?"

“..It seems that this fairy is too much of the family who has been reduced to this scandal.”

Gil Young realizes that another family has come here. The taxi driver appears and the invitation scores phone Kim Young Soo

"Did he come here?"

Hwa Pyung smiled and gave him a gift.

"By the way, where did it come from?"

“Aa… I see… Our organization was just founded…”

"..We are investigating instances where workers were treated unfairly"

Hwa Pyung looks up, he puts Young Soo coming impractical on the wheel.

"He is suitable for mara to die of weakness .."

"..It causes brain destruction.."

"..He's not poisoned anymore moving or commenting in a suit"


The voice of the admiration accompanies her husband's busyness and accompanies the real riol.

"Heavy rain..."

"..and trying to force him to continue to eliminate"

Flashback End

"The CEO behind the back is responsible..."

"..They are workers of the agreement do not apply for compensation.."

"..Draft companies that put in their efforts to keep busy are stuck."

Hwa Pyung points out, he follows the picture of the brother too temporarily amazed Young Soo still comments, "They blamed my husband" Hwa Pyung ordered the company commander to be cruel, "If I may..."

“..I need to comment with your husband Everywhere”

Wife permission. Hwa Pyung approached, "Hello sir, beta some of your cases.."

"...Do you know what I said?" Young Soo doesn't budge, renewing Hwa Pyung rushing to give Sang Hyun a picture, "You're following this guy?.."

“…Is he sticking around here?” Young Soo turned his head, his eyes suddenly froze hanging from his mouth. The were who followed her husband hysterically wore Hwa Pyung's invitation drawing closer and further away.

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