Synopsis Drama Birth of Beauty Episode 1 – 21 English Subtitles [END]

Synopsis Birth of  Beauty Episode 1 – 21 [END]

Synopsis Drama Birth of Beauty Episode 1 – 21 English Subtitles [END] [END]

Synopsis Drama Birth of Beauty Episode 1 – 21 [END]

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This time there is one Korean drama that has a romantic comedy genre, directed by Lee Chang Min, which tells the story of a woman who was reborn in a beautiful state, and her body shape is very perfect. This Korean premiere was on November 1, 2014, on the SBS channel last year, which is still very popular today

It's no wonder because the Korean drama entitled "Birth of a Beauty" invites the audience to be amazed and spontaneous, especially the content of the story provides some very important advice and contains good morals, especially for a man who does not only look at a woman from the outside but see from the side of his heart and also the nature of the woman

The Korean drama series Birth of a Beauty stars a beautiful and popular female actress Han Ye Seul who plays Sa Geum Ran or after surgery who is better known as Sara and handsome actor Joo San Wook who plays Han Tae Hee. With a play duration of 20 episodes, the story of which was written by Yoon Young-Mi, curious about the story of this popular Korean drama, here's a complete synopsis of Birth of a Beauty.

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Synopsis Drama Brith of a Beauty

The story of the Korean drama "Birth of a Beauty" begins with a character Geum Ran who was originally played by someone Ha Jae-suk who really wants beauty by losing weight with exercise. He followed a television show to change his face through the operation but finally canceled it. After a few days, Geum Ran was told that there was a suicide case by falling into a river.

A few months later Geum Ran was reborn in the world again with a very perfect and beautiful body shape. He also changed his own name to Sara, played by Han Ye-Seul. While the person who helps get a perfect ideal body is Han Tae Hee, played by Joo Sang Wook. He is the heir to the biggest company and suffers from broken heart syndrome due to the psychological shock he has suffered for a long time.

Han Tae Hee wants back the woman he loves so much, but the woman prefers Geum Ran's husband, Lee Gang Joon, played by Jung Gyo-Woon and finally, both Sara and Tae Hee work together to reclaim what they want but after a lapse of time some time Han Tae Hee fell in love with Sa Geum-Ran / Sar'. Mimin also offers good Korean drama, and also the action is so stunning. Namely Taxi Drive Korean Drama.

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Trailer Drama Birth of Beauty

Details About Drama:

  • Title: Birth of a Beauty
  • Other Title: Minyeoui Tansaeng
  • Genre: Comedy, Romance
  • Episodes: 21 (twenty-one)
  • Director: Lee Chang-Min
  • Screenwriter: Yoon Young-Mi
  • Channel Station: SBS
  • Aired on: November 01, 2014 – January 11, 2015, Saturday and Sunday at 22.00
  • Indonesian Channel : RCTI
  • Broadcast in Indonesia: January 11, 2016, at 14.30 WI

Birth of a Beauty cast:

  • Jin Ye Sol as Lee Min Young
  • Kim Yong-Rim as Madame Park
  • Shim Yi-Young as Eun Gyung-Joo
  • Kim Cheong as Son Ji-Sook
  • In Gyo-Jin as Gyo Ji-Hoon
  • Lee Jong-Nam as Sim Yeo-Ok
  • Seo Geun-Woo as Min-Hyeok's secretary
  • Kwon Hwa-Woon as Team Leader Choi
  • Choi Jong-Hwan as Director Kim
  • Kim Hyun-Bin as Han Tae-Hee (young)
  • Seo Kwang-Jae as doctor
  • Kim Young-Ok as foul-mouthed grandma (cameo)
  • Ahn Hye-Kyeong as weathercaster (cameo)
  • Lee Won-Jong as a taxi driver (cameo)
  • Kim Byung-Ok as fortune-teller (cameo)
  • Park Seul-ki as underwear store clerk (cameo)
  • Lee Sol-Gu as company employee (cameo)
  • Bae Myung-Jin
  • Park Ji-Yeon



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