3 Recommended Hats for climbing to the best Mountain

Netgenz - Fashion | Hello my friends, on this occasion we will discuss the Hiking topic, which is about 4 Recommended Hats for climbing to the best Mountain. A hat is one of the necessary equipment when climbing the mountain. In addition to keeping the head from the possibility of injury and also avoiding the sun. Hats for climbing to the mountain are usually designed with special advantages, such as waterproof. What are the hats for mountain climbing? Let's see together!

Here are 3 Recommended Hats for climbing to the best Mountain

1. Jungle Hat

Jungle Hat

Jungle Hat

CONSINA issued this product to support mobility for people who like to climb mountains. When the wind blows hard, the risk of the hat will fall off your head. However, with this hat product, you no longer have to bother holding the hat while climbing. For those of you who want to buy a jungle hat that doesn't come off easily when exposed to the wind. You just need to adjust the adjuster on the chin strap, the jungle hat will be installed so perfectly. To remind you, this hat does not provide settings to tighten the size of the head circumference, so you choose a hat with a size that fits when worn.

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2. Cool head Cachalot hat

Cool head Cachalot hat

Cool head Cachalot hat

You want to have a hat with quality materials that can be used on hot or rainy days. There are many advantages of this hat. Some of the advantages of this hat are UV protection and when exposed to rain, the hat will not get wet. In addition, there is also ventilation that can prevent you from being hot when climbing the mountain. This hat is also equipped with a material that can reduce the temperature when the hat is exposed to your sweat. If you combine it with the style of mountaineer clothes, your appearance is guaranteed to be perfect.

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3. Men's Outdoor Beanie Cap Ctnz NU 502

Men's Outdoor Beanie Cap Ctnz NU 502

Men's Outdoor Beanie Cap Ctnz NU 502

For those of you who are very sensitive to cold weather or sun exposure, use this hat. When you climb, usually your skin that is not covered with a cloth will burn easily, for example on the neck and also on the arms. If not anticipated in advance, burns will leave a stinging sensation when exposed to water or accidentally touching your friend. Therefore, in addition to using sunscreen cream, use a hat that can protect your neck like this hat. Using polar fleece will also keep your head warm at night. If you use this hat with the outfit, it's good to go hiking to Mount Merapi.

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