3 Inspirational Korean-style Clothes that can be used at Home

Netgenz - Fashion | Hello my friends, on this occasion we will discuss the Korean topic, which is about 3 Inspirational Korean-style Clothes that can be used at home. Appearance is still important even if you are only at home. During the Covid-19 pandemic, you can fill your time by being creative in wearing outfits. So that you don't die in style, create a stylish outfit by combining existing outfits. You can also wear these outfits during online meetings. As inspiration, netgenz friends can try simple and stylish Korean mix-and-matches. This fashion style is easy to apply and very comfortable when you wear it. What are the styles of clothes during a Korean-style pandemic? Come on, let's see!

Here are 3 Inspirational Korean-style Clothes that can be used at Home

1. Long Shorts Style

Long Shorts Style

Long Shorts Style

Loose silhouette shorts are indeed very comfortable when worn at home. These pants are also very suitable to be combined with just about anything. Such as t-shirts, shirts, hoodies, or bomber jackets. You can wear this style of clothing outdoors, and you can add extra accessories like a hat to make your look even cooler. When leaving the house, don't forget to wear a mask and also bring hand sanitizer. This style is widely used among Koreans and Indonesians also wear this style.

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2. Style Camisole Dress

Style Camisole Dress

Style Camisole Dress

Homemade t-shirts can also be enhanced by mixing and matching with a camisole dress. Use the dress as an outer like the artist Suzy did. This style can also be applied outside the home, for example, a walk with your partner or to go to a casual event with your friends. If you want your appearance to be more perfect, you can add accessories or you can also add a small bag. Guaranteed your appearance will be more perfect and stylish.

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3. Style Wide-Legged Pants

Style Wide-Legged Pants

Style Wide-Legged Pants

Next up, there are wide-legged pants. If you don't feel comfortable wearing shorts, you can wear loose-fitting trousers with a silhouette. Sweatpants are very comfortable when worn at home with a baggy t-shirt. If we want it to be more stylish you can add accessories such as a headband and you can add white sneakers. This style is also suitable outside the home, such as going with your friends to a cafe or going to a restaurant.

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Okay, I think the discussion is over, thank you for visiting our blog. And an article about 3 Korean Inspirational Clothing that can be used at home. Hopefully, it will be useful for Indonesian netizens, especially Netizen +1 who are confused about looking for Korean-style clothing during the pandemic to stay at home. Or you are confused to find a Korean dress style that makes you more stylish, you can check here. Also, check here for those of you who are still confused about looking for Korean artist-style shoes. Next for the full article on our blog, please click Korean.

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